>He didn't buy MCO

It's already beginning. Only crypto debit card not effected by recent wavecrest shut down. Only company that is already officially visa program manager. Over 55,000 cards ordered. Global roll out. Still not in top 100 coins yet. Undervalued af.


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user, as soon as I saw the Binance partnership and realised Monaco is going to rival Coinbase as an on ramp as well as providing crypto card and credit services similar to salt I went balls deep.

The only problem with these tokens. Monaco, Pay etc... Visa MasterCard can immediately shut them down whenever they feel like it.
You're basically a corporate bitch indefinitely.
Eventually and hopefully when crypto goes Mainstream. We won't need these services.

So personally, I don't think they're that good an investment in the long run.

They are using the same company alibaba and Apple are using. Look up wirecard.

I agree Monaco will be huge

hmm, I see your concerns

Advcash has worked flawless

nevertheless would be cool to have a card you can directly use, instead of going through all the bank shit

>buy this coin that reneged on their card promises in the past you won't lose your money like everyone did the first time around


STK (Stack) is a better concept with a proven 5 year exclusive partnership with MasterCard.

someone buy CAG. My bags are getting heavy

> insecure magnetic strip
> no monero support announced
> exchanges partnership, seems like yet another scam for traders
> no open source plans

From what I see this is yet another shit product like any bank could pull.
Made by guys in suit for clueless people.

They did that to keep on trading on exchanges breh, whereas non fintech savvy tokens like tenx and tokencard got delisted.

This tin got massacred and now it trades in shitters. Why? Because they didn’t have the suits around.

useless when coinbase releases a card soon

Enjoy notifying the IRS on every purchase you do retard

They were also unaffected by wavecrest, so far it looks like they're one step ahead of everyone in this game.

o wait
it's already here

Beats the shit out of lightning network.

What about litepay?

Coin to coin transactions is a meme being pushed by a few companies that want to see you their shitty coin tracking software. The whole thing is a giant fucking lie. The IRS isn't going to force people to track every transaction, its not even possible.

anyhow so far Monaco is targeting the Asian market first, don't know where the IRS fits in the picture.

isnt every company going to make a card LOLOL
worthless shit took forever to come out and now its comes out at the worst time

Yeah exactly, its stupid on so many levels. The entire IRS meme is just FUD.