What's the story here?

What's the story here?

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Palm beach

the bogs back it up

pay $20,000 to use cryptoball on twitter

It was undervalued anyway

Full story:

yeah it got a Teeka Pajeeti pump but only to what it was before the great dippening

it has always been horrendously undervalued and ~2 cents will be its floor for a while

the main reason it was undervalued is the team decided to do fuck all for marketing until literally RIGHT NOW THIS QUARTER, they were focused on the developement of a working product before any major marketing started, so expect this shit to continue to rise unironically to the top 20 coins or so

I tried to make threads and tell you faggots but few listened

PBC call & awareness of use case aka cheat sheet

Biz, do i fomo in?

an actual PND but as other anons said it's been undervalued. It went down after but don't expect it to stay down.

fresh wave of enthusiasm this morning.
gonna hit 30 cents within an hour or two

I sold it the day before it got pumped and I missed out on a 14000% ROI and I want to kill myself.

They have an actual working product....Their bots works quite good. It makes you moneeeeeyzzzzz.

are you memeing or not? should I hold some of this crap to make me money?
how do i do that

Nah men...read the PBC report....Wait...let me upload it somwhere...couple of secs..

Check this pdf file:


No idea but it padded all my losses from the crash, bought in at 12 cents.

I sold it yesterday when it was at the top.

seriously this was a godsend. If teeka is ever in town dinners on me
thanks. after reading this i might not sell... I'll just use it.

Did you actually pay for the pbc sub?

Teeki taki. No, seriously pay close attention to the candles

theres a pbc leaks telegram


whales selling at 26 ct be quick now for profit

Hell no...Teeka is my father.

Teeka called $5 by year end and $20 in 2-3 years. Big agains ahead faggots.

9,256 @ 1714 sats. D-did i do good?

looks like you did....i also bought in that range but sold @ 1944......dont think ill be joining back....but if btc moons or crashes and in both cases it will fuck alts pretty bad i will be loading my bags with cnd....

I sold at .2 cents, along with TNB

Isn't this kind of pointless? Will the information you get from holding the cindicator tokens not be leaked instantly, just like palm beach is?

I've got my finger on the trigger on binance but that's just ruining it for me.


The most valuable information is only at its most profitable for a short period of time.

And even though PBC gets leaked, Teeka is still making bank from it.

I think I would have made about double on this play if I had a PBC subscription rather than waiting 15 minutes to a day for someone to leak it

Put a 100 in even if you don't believe in it. There is easily another 2x gain guaranteed.

I suspect this will be the next Tron with all the hype. Except it actually does something with an easy to understand concept. The guy has never been wrong and he's comparing this to ether@$7.