Get into tether now or regret it

get into tether now or regret it.
bitcoin looking to dip as low as 7k

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Bitcoin will surge (I dumped my stack in hopes it would go lower and got priced out). Why would anyone sell now?

you are missing the big picture
we have only done 2 waves. this is the bounce

Never trust someone who thinks facebook jokes are funny

>get into tether
That's a great way to lose all of your money.

Thank you for your sacrifice user. God Bless.


every time i think something is going to crash like it should it hovers in green. Idk what the fuck is going on desu

this is the final bull trap... dont be fooled. The normie are buying in

> get into tether
No matter waht happens, Im never touching Tether
BTC can crash to 5k and Im not touching it, cos if there is am even half serious crash, it is going down faster than anything else.

then how do you stay on binance

i hold fiat in coinbase atm. my bet is huge crash. i hope im right, gonna rebuy after holocaust

I have been locked in tether got 16hrs waiting for the storm and shit keeps going up, I know I could make the market go down hard right now, by jumping back in. I have that power

95% in LINK, man
Not even joking

Look up BitUSD if you're paranoid. It's ingenious and super reliable.

no one does

just take out your principle and buy back in during major dips

i dont think that is da way
i have been watching bitcoin for 14 hours straight now. It looks good right now but this is most likely one line of a series of waves. Multiple sources show me may very well go to 8k. People are comfy right now but just wait... the fear will come back as fast as it left

Me too I posses the power to cause this entire thing to crash. All I need to do is buy in. But if I remain in tether you guys will be able to drink endlessly from my teets.

> da way
Go back to 9gag, u filthy normie
Im gonna bathe in ur tears, when Tether fucks you up

No their not, spoke to my brother yesterday. He has cash, we talked crypto. He isn't investing till it stabilizes somewhat and believes it's inflated. He is on the sidelines waiting, as are all people I know who aren't in crypto yet.

I spit on you

Tried to convince him, sorry brah.

If tether dies, the entire exchange dies. It would basically crash the market so hard it would take a year to recover.

I guess that is inevitable then
Still better to have smt that will recover instead of worthless Tether

the uganda meme was funny before facebook retards saw it and every fucking guy makes a video about it now.
VRchat was fun once now its fucking overran by retards
conclusion: normies ruin everything

You're an absolute retard if you think it's going to 7k, it didn't even go lower then 9k when normies thought that crypto was over. Enjoy staying behind in your scam token.

Not just an exchange, but the largest exchange by bitcoin volume

yeah i think the same thing but its not. Its just stay still. MAybe everyone is expecting thats its not moving

Your meme coin won't recover in the event of a total market collapse..

I don't particularly like this meme (it's stupid, like ayy lmao and dat boi), but it looks like you dislike this meme purely because a large group of people enjoys it.

I cant wait until normies have a meltdown about the Lolita army! "OMG CHILD PORN!!!!"

nah the meme was a fun joke at first
it was just a silly video of 3 people playing a fucked up knuckles and talking in funny uganda accent
just your normal vrchat fuckery
then every single fucking youtuber made a video about it and you can imagine what happened next
go on download fucking vrchat (you dont need vr headset) and see for yourself its fucking cancer now lmao

i like it in the same way that i like pickle rick

tell them to put 10% in. if it moons tey'll love u. if it halvens they barely lost shit

I shorted to it's most likely going to break the resistance any minute now and fuck me in the ass
nanobots, I tell ya, it always does the exact opposite of what I think it will do

Looks like textbook bull trap, don't be disillusioned into thinking 'we're recovering', the tether pumps will only be effective until a certain point.

Will definitely be interesting to see how this plays out.

> No their not
> their

YOU are the normie you fuckwad

I got in touch with Bigdoggg, because he has been 100% right so far. Exposure of the Tether scam will bring BTC down to 1K within the next few weeks. Get into FIAT, not Tether and don't buy back in until it's over, unless you want to daytrade with stoploss. Ignore me if u want, just trying to help

feel better? Get your little soyboy rage boner satisfied?


>Exposure of the Tether scam will bring BTC down to 1K within the next few weeks
Seems too good to be true, not gonna happen

i need to be able to get into ICX and VEN

Are you able to pinpoint a date when shit will go down? I expect it to happen on the 6th of February as that's when a community driven USD external audit will happen. Also, if you are not able to cash out to fiat directly alternative decentralized pegs like bitUSD exist to protect you against a crypto market crash.

If there is a huge crash then coinbase will be the first to go insolvent. That Fiat you hold there will no longer exist.

who the hell is bigdoggg

>the normies are buying in

Look at Facebook trends “should I sell my bitcoin” is the highest trending it’s ever been and “how to buy bitcoin” has completely fell off a cliff

> mfw FUN go up when BTC goes down

I still have fun in vr chat


thats what makes me shit my pants, im considering sending it to my bank. ill wait for a crash signal, if i see this shit will hit rock bottom ill send all to bank.

Important question, would that involve the insolvency/exit of bitfinex? Does avoiding tether constitute staying off bitfinex too?

The coordinated dump and short would have to be executed on bitfinex, but the exposure of tether would probably result in the closure of that exchange?

worst meme line ever, what the fuck is that?

Short it on Bitmex. Bitfinex will go up in flames along with Tether. Other exchanges that accept Tether (Polo, Bittrex, Binance) will go tits up as well. Do not leave any crypto on any centralized exchange.

How can you be so stupid that you think tether will actually work? A first year Econ student could tell you that it
is a fucking scam.

There it is guys. This will implode VR chat eventually. Just imagine full drop VR too. Endless orgies most likely. The normies will be BTFO and society will hang itself on a noose.

you are all morons. if bittrex wasn't using tether, I would be inclined to believe this nonsense, but consider the following:

bittrex is US based, and they make millions every day from fees. if there was even a slightest risk about tether, would they allow it? sec and irs would fuck them up. is it worth it?

>if there was even a slightest risk about tether, would they allow it? sec and irs would fuck them up. is it worth it?

Please don't impose the argument that people wouldn't do something stupid based on the fact that it would be a stupid thing to do.

>if there was even a slightest risk about tether,
nigger when you are on top you feel untouchable and push the shit just to see what you can get away with

>btc drops from 9k to 6k
>btc goes up to 20k
Radio silence
>Drops from 20k to 11k
Remember kids, be greedy when others are fearful

yes, sell now

They are registered in the US but all their banking is done in Taiwan lol.
Now why the fuck would a US company hold their reserves in Taiwan if their activity was legit?

A Tether exit scam would be a death blow for BTC at least. But if it was exposed as a scam and there WASN'T a crash then it would be even worse, because it would mean that people are treating USDT as actual fiat tender that isn't intrinsically worthless, claiming that it is a substitute for the USD would mean that it is a literal case of counterfeiting at which point the federal government will have to get involved.

Can you tell me more about the community audit? Is it a co-ordinated effort to redeem USDT for USD and see if it amounts to a run on the bank?

> calls someone an autist
> watches BTC for 14 hours straight
> not an autist...?

If Bittrex is dealing in tether and us based, they might be a lot more stupid that you think.

Read carefully.

I bet you that there is more than a few 3 letter government agencies that use cryptocurrency for their own "operations" and they simply don't care about USDT.

Can the conspiracy shit. Governments don't like people issuing private money for the sole purpose of laundering and tax evasion, which is what tether basically is. Even if the 1:1 claim was true Tether would still be a huge risk.

>Even if the 1:1 claim was true Tether would still be a huge risk.

Tether is a fucking giant disaster but, but you gotta admit that the crypto stuff is probably really popular with your NSA / CIA types.

Bitcoin is almost ten years old. The idea that governments are still swooning over this new and revolutionary tech is quaint at best.

>Can you tell me more about the community audit? Is it a co-ordinated effort to redeem USDT for USD and see if it amounts to a run on the bank?
From what I've gathered the plan is to sell USDT for cryptos, then sell those cryptos for fiat as a way to stress test the major exchanges.

The TA of a pajeet lmao.