Who /masternode/ here

Finally accumulated 10k today

Wish I could afford 10k for the master node

Same, it hurts knowing something valuable that's out of reach.

Only got 100 ven. Will we make it, user?

42k ven, and 12k usd ready to buy in on a dip.
Feels good man.
Sadly not good enough for the next node level.

That's 100k eoy

i could get 10k. currently have 0. what's the benefit? i would sell if it reached $60. so i dont see the point

Yes you will, sell the thor you stake for ven

Keep it till it pumps stupid high like gas did a few times, then sell it all for a promising moonmission shitcoin, or just more ven.

Ven is easily 10-15x from right now by early next year. I’d say 20x is possible if the Chinese government goes all in on it like they’re indicating they will. Rip waltcucks

if their mainnet goes well it could be worth 100bn, seriously.

pfffft 100k?? thats such a lowball

100 ven is atleast 1 trillion eom

1 trillion btc

and I mean 100bn a piece

>100 ven is atleast 1 trillion eom
Holy shit user you must be joking. 1 ven will be atleast 10 trillion end of day

thanks, just bought a trillion ven

I'm at 270 and looking to throw another ~500 VEN in. We'll make it, but on a relative scale.

yes, 500$ in ven, or 500 more ven?

Think we’ll get back to 43-55k sats?

43-45k sats

500 more VEN. I'm gonna start the slow climb to 1k, then 2k etc. Incremental steps.

Yes, do that. You will make it.
The most important dates are the rebranding end of feb, and then mainnet in june.
But there are big news every few days, the 2 I mentioned are just the 2 biggest moonshots imo.

Oh and the pwc facebook live in 5 days might be important too.

For sure Feb 25th and the mainnet are the two big ones. As for the announcements, the joke of "VEN could partner with God himself and only rise 5%" is painfully true. Again, having these heavyweight partners is good in the long term, and not in the short term. But this isn't a short term coin, no way.

Facebook thing is DNV not PwC. PBOC is happening but the digital currency of China won't be on it.

Oh, right. Sorry. Mixed that up.
PwC visited them, that kills the fud about the fake partnerships.
PBoC is 99% sure true, but might take 6 months or more to be announced.

Just wait a bit, till the circulation drops more.
Less and less people are selling.
The price will go up.
People want nodes, and they are still accumulating.

It is a meme, but 50% true. If this was just some shitcoin no one would go through alll the hassle of controlling the price for months with tens of millions of dollars.

For sure, it's clearly being manipulated, and there's a good reason for doing so. It's just tantalizing seeing it slowly unfold in front of you, but unable to take full advantage of it.

>he doesnt know about the nodes

At 2k VEN right now. Trying to get to 3.

Is it safe to keep my VEN on Binance? How are you guys storing your VEN?

binance and kucoin

all in with 68 VEN
Yeah Im poor

God I wish I had 10k
>tfw only 1k

Gators bitches better be using jimmies!

It's an ERC20, I have mine in MEW

Biz, perform your voodoo and get this down to 38-43k please. I’ll love you forever lol



in to win with VEN, have some extra funds standing buy for another dip, lets do it!

>Only 700 VeChain

we fucking told you to hold. but no MUHH SWINGG TRADING

Why the fuck is everyone on BIZ so fucking rich.
I have FOURTY FIVE VeChain

I was where you are now 5 months ago. Now I have 44k ven.

I used to have 21k vechain when they were like 20c

why did I sell at 60c


You should be swing trading dude. What's worse case scenario. You lose 5 ven? I started with 44 VEN and am up to 76. I'm still a poor fag but will be slightly less of a poor fag.

Because youre a daytrading retard

i'd say it's more like a penguin


How did you get there?

Any tips for doing this?

Just watch the charts man. When it makes a big jump, it is usually followed by a slight dip. Obviously you should sell at the higher price and rebuy in at a lower price. I have only made 1 "bad" trade and lost 1 VEN. But overall I'm up 32 VEN.

I bought 0.5 BTC of XVG at 50 sats and sold them at 150 sats.

I thought I made the ultimate deal, it wasn't.
Even if it was hard to see that insane grow on XVG, sometimes it just better to HOLD .

buy high, sell low.

after having joined several discords and telegram groups, I have come to the conclusion that 95% of people online are larping when it comes to the size of their holdings

dont compare yourself to other people

I mean yeah you are legit poor as fuck and probably shouldn't be gambling with crypto if like 200 bucks is a big deal to you, but don't believe everything you see here.

i bought xvg at 70 sats sold at 140 thinking i can buy back when it goes back to 90, it went to 2000. i kms since

Because I bought them for 0.4$ in early December.

200 isn't a huge deal to me, and VeChain isn't all I have. I've got about 500 dollars of crypto in total, thinking of putting in more. I got about 7000 dollars of savings in total. So I'm poor, but not literally begging in the street.

did you know a female peacock is called a peahen

actually no, i got about 10k dollars, didn't do the conversion properly

are you swingtrading right now? how the fuck do you swingtrade such small drops and profit?

Great work, let everybody on Veeky Forums know how money you have. It is totally safe. Do you know hackers can track you through your ID, 12lpLwI1? Right?

ok man...look...if you've got a job and dont have debt, then why the fuck is all of your money in a savings account, instead of working for you in crypto or traditional investment?

you won't make shit with this dipping your toe in approach

its your money and life, but money in a bank account is a waste

hacking him now

im on it boss

you are a fucking idiot and should no be giving anyone advice. this market could literally come crashing down at any moment and this user could lose everything. the "dont invest more than you can afford to lose" meme is real. it just doesn't seem that way because overall, things have been dandy.

don't ever offer anyone advice. you are not equipped for it.

Have 55 ven... me feeling rich...

Not currently swing trading because it isn't a great time. The highs aren't that high compared to the lows. They are only dropping by a small percent. If we see another 20-30 percent jump I'll try to sell at the top and watch as it drops to the 10 percent average.

I didn't say all of his savings you imbecile. Stop being such a hostile little asswipe.

He's got 10k in savings, he can afford to bump up his holdings quite a bit before big news happens with coins he likes. You are a total dipshit if you don't think that is reasonable.

The problem with swing trading is manipulation works both ways. You are going to sell your stack at a high next to a wall and they will drop them and then buy out the order book 3X.

Be warned that when the manipulation stops being sell walls and starts being buy walls you are going to lose everything you gained if you are using your whole stack.

Believe me Ik how fucked this coin is in terms of manipulation. I'm just trying to accumulate more before Feb 1. Because I personally think it will be a good month. Plus i dont expect that this manipulation will end before then. Anything after Feb 1 I will be buying with fiat or more bitcoin.

Jan 24th DNV and VeChain are doing a livestream together with big news. Don't sell your stack that day.

The obvious points for the manipulation to end are there, the rebranding and a PBOC announcement.

Getting pretty tired of this constant whining about price manipulation of ven. Sure, there might be some, but there's no way that this can keep down its price consistently. This is the market price, deal with it.

What's with this coin and all the Norse mythology?

37,500 VEN

Am i going to make it biz?

All you need is a 5X to be a millionaire. Yes you will make it. This has a 20X in it by mainnet. More depending on the partnerships they show off.

I could dump every other coin I when except btc and get 10k but I don't know if I wanna put all my eggs in one basket what's the return on a master node?

Anyone trying to buy more Ven should wait until the Chinese New Year dip which will happen prior to rebrand.

drop VEN my wallet is rdy!!!!

When does staking start? Already?

Have 400 looking to put to work

I wouldn't expect it. China isn't as big as part of the marke as it was last year.

At the latest in june. Maybe before. No one knows