Guys I love you

I am a normie and I fell in love with Veeky Forums. Thank you guys for all the calls and tips and tricks. I'm up x25 because of you. Whole time my parents were telling me to stop with cryptos because they thought Im gonna lose all my money. Now I have more money then them and I am mocking them in daily basis. Just told them they can borrow some money from me, but only in Doge.
Stay autistic u fucks. I love you all.

post your folio

Your parents only care about you OP. Grow up.

You don't have anything till you cash out.

Take that from a person that has 1,4 m in assets.

holy shit fuck off normie.

We need a permanent gore thread at the top of biz to turn your type away


Already cashed out 50%

>mfw parents told me i would lose it all and I did

fuck u OP u have bad parents

I know my parents intentions were good and I know they want best for me. The mocking is actually really playful and non-agressive. I am helping them as much as I can and we have very nice relationships. Chill.

>Expecting an older generation to fully grasp and accept an entirely new means of trade and exchange in a matter of a few years
>Insulting your parents for being concerned for your financial well-being

You sound like a genuine cocksucker, I hope you lose it all you normie faggot.

Dude chill. I have nice relationships with them. They mock me sometimes and I mock them sometimes, really playful style tho. They're young parents and we have so much fun.



Yeah I am virgin, no big deal since I'm 14 u faggot niggers.


He won't lose it all. He just won't find happiness with it either


Of course, this money didn't make me happy. I found my happiness in connections with my family, friends and passion for music. So far so good. Wish you all a good luck.

You dont even know how to reply to a post you dumb faggot

Doesnt matter since youre getting banned for years LOL

I'm like you, except I'm not a cunt

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