I'm back with your daily shill of BitBoost. You shilled me PRL, PFR, and BNTY before it went parabolic. I'm going to return the favor.

Take a look at BitBoost, the next coin that is just waiting to explode. Not convinced? Okay, let's look at it a little more.

1 Decentralized. Ebay.

2. Team is led by Harvard graduate who founded the first nanotechnology company to be listed on NASDAQ (Molecular Robotics).

3. Already has a working product. How many vaporware/shitcoins do we see in the top 100 who have nothing to show?

4. This is sitting at an incredibly low 13 million marketcap. Similar coins are 10x-30x times this amount.

The DEVs just confirmed today that this is hitting a major exchange end of month. This is your last chance to get in cheap.

As always, DYOR.

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No brainer. I'm loaded up.

SCAM does nothing new


Sitting on a bit over 300 of these

Comfy as fuck. We are early



Sweet! Any guesses?


Cryptopia is my guess.

Go back to Rabid.

Market Cap is four times higher than reported.
Circulating supply is 2x higher
Zero volume.

Just a shill trying to shift his bags. Nothing to see here.

Market cap has been fixed already. Stop the misinformed FUD.

It should be $40 million you absolute leech. CMC says $10 million:

Devs keeping this hidden. Price keeps dropping. I wonder why?!

Also volume of $4,459 (yes thousand) in the last 24 hours on a coin with a $40 million mcap does not bode well!

Haven't you followed the news at all? The supply was corrected just a short while ago, along with the marketcap. Also they burned half of the total supply recently.

Have a little over 500 of these, still feeling bullish even after the recent dips

He clearly has not been following it. Misinformed FUD.

>you shilled me pay fair
Bit boost was shilled long before pay fair ... wut da fuck u talking about. You've been posting this shit for ages.

I threw 0.1 btc on this shit (1500 bbt). Should I threw more?

Whats the size of your stack op? and guys

I have 4k BBT, bought ton more on the dip.

How many BBT to make it?

It's already been corrected Rasheed.

After the recent market-wide dump, BBT went down too, so even though the circulating supply is now corrected, the marketcap is still around $11m.

Look at the fucking graph you linked to. You can see the blue marketcap line where it jumped up when the circulating supply was adjusted two days ago.

This is the real MC now. Learn to fucking read.

Anyway, very bullish on this considering that it has a fully working platform released already. Just needs a bit more time and a new exchange.

So if all the good things about BBT are true, why is it stagnating so badly?

Because this is YOUR chance

Only available on Cancer Delta and ShitBit. Better exchange end of month.

Happens to loads of moon missions. The smart money gets in early, those who shill it early are dismissed with claims of scam and whatever else, and then one day it suddenly takes hold and there's a massive fomo mission.

I've sat on some sleepers for months before, and then offload my bags at x10 on people who had probably heard about the project when I first did.

A better exchange will help a lot too. Generally, if there are no signs of an impending moon mission, people take the gamble and wait until it's on an exchange where they already have funds as they're too fucking lazy.

Oh my god how fucking dumb are the people on biz? It's only a 11 million cap and the numbers on CMC are correct ffs!

And, one more thing, keep in mind, 95% of the cryptocurrency are bollocks! BBT!! BBT!!!!! BBT!!!!!!