To whoever just shilled this on Biz in the last hour - thank you. Scooped up 50k

To whoever just shilled this on Biz in the last hour - thank you. Scooped up 50k.

- $3m marketcap
- Established company with 1 million active users
- 20% of company profits as dividends

So that's $4000 yearly dividends for me if they reach $40m annual profit. $10,000 dividends if they reach $100m annual profit. And then the eventual moon mission in token value on top.

Yet another effortless x20 added to my portfolio. Thanks user. Shit like this is what Biz is good for.

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Enjoy the -40% loss, then eventual sideways (perhaps with more loss) in the next year. Buy high, sell low.

Why thank yourself, shill?

I honestly couldn't give a fuck about a -40% or even -50% loss on a $3m marketcap token backed by an established company with a million users.

This is how I roll, user. Get into very low marketcap tokens for the eventual x10-x100 where ebbs and flows in the price short-term don't really mean anything.

I've done it plenty of times. Just have to be patient.

Believe me. Don't believe me. Don't really care.

I was just really thinking that I needed to research a few more low cap moon missions and then this drops into my lap out of nowhere.

This is exactly why I fucking love Biz. There are always gems under the 99% of shit if you dyor.


What stops them from not giving the dividends?

In fact, technically my thanks should go to the guy who identified the project and posted it. The faggot who did that retarded roll trips thing or whatever it was didn't even say it in the end.

Nothing at all. But it's the risk/reward balance. Nothing in any crypto is guaranteed.

You can go on their four job websites right now and see the tens of thousands of job postings from established businesses where they're paying 99-199 euros per job post. The company checks out 100%.

>can be bought on random shit exchange
no thanks

you have just received an award for the cringiest user

This is where you find the moon missions. The more obscure, the better. It means there are more people like you ready to buy my bags at x10 when the token hits bigger exchanges.

Do people not get this?

We'll why don't they have a trustless smart contract to distribute dividends?? That seems a basic fuckong requirement especially in current year. It's not even that much to ask.

It's paid out in fiat you pajeet. Why would they take dollar profits from a real company and buy crypto to pay dividends with that?

Will they pay out? Who knows. It's a risk I'm certainly willing to take though, because if they do, this is going x100.

rofl you gotta love how this pajeet talks the EXACT SAME WAY the other pajeet did

are you honestly this retarded? atleast FUCKING TRY

It offends me that you think I'm the kind of guy who would do that retarded "muh roll trips and I'll tell you" gimmick.

To be fair though, you don't know who I am user, so I don't blame you. Biz is full of extreme paranoia.

Anyway, I'll post about this again in a couple of months and see where we're at. Good luck in your trades, gentlemen.

What do you guys think of this coin? I think Pylon is a great investment right now.

What other coins do you recommend dude?


Maybe TAU. Not sure on it yet but I rolled the dice with it anyway.

As always, DYOR.

oh come on are you telling me you bought over 10k worth of some absolute shitcoin on some absolute shit exchange?

also if they distribute dividends then it is a security

You have me listening user but I have two questions.

First what did you think of the exchange? Was it easy to use.

Secondly why did the price pump to $2? Was it victim of a pump and dump

And finally what are you serious price expectations you think?


TAU needs to some serious fucking marketing and they need to stop being childish on their telegram. They need to move their asses and get it on an exchange, if not the project could die.

looking at the website
>founder is pajeet
>the only information on the whole webpage is why you should invest for huge returns and some stupid slider to see how much muh dividends you can get

whole thing seems like a steaming pile of shit

It's a very small slice of my portfolio.

It's much less risk than you think. This coin is actually on ED and IDEX (like any ERC20). The random as fuck exchange just had more sells (first time I've used it and it was quite good, actually).

Shit exchanges are where the best gems can be found.

And, as I mentioned before, this is backed by a real company with one million active users. Ya know, real world business, where companies buy and sell things with cash.

At $4m marketcap, you can't really go wrong. You just have to be patient.

Is the random exchange better or worse than IDEX?

Fucking awesome actually. ED has always been HORRIBLE. Then I used IDEX (another decentralised exchange) and it seemed far better. This was even faster still.

You can use metamask, so there's zero risk.

The price pump is just due to volume. Someone bought into one of the higher sell orders.

As for price expectations, if this does issue dividends, it should soar past $30m pretty easily.

Growth from there depends on how well their job recruitment company does. But they have four country-specific sites at the moment in Europe (with thousands of listings) and have just launched a global one.

An easy $100m+ if the dividends keep coming and their company expands well.

There are risks with these low cap gems though, so I'd only ever recommend a small part of your portfolio. When you do that, the risk/reward balance is perfect.


Thanks user bought 300

Be patient though. This wouldn't be the first project like this to take a while for the moon to happen.

Although it depends on your strategy. If you're just interested in a x2, that might come a lot quicker.

Good luck, user.

I'm interested in waiting 20 years then retiring on the backs of all these shitty ICO/post-ICO-small-caps projects I'm throwing my cash into the oven for

yeah but cmon, how do you arrive at these profit numbers? How many tokens did you buy for these massive profit numbers?

their public names dummy

its better than ED but worse than IDEX because IDEX actually has fees therefore can actually afford to pay rent

kek, the project is dead, they hired REMOTE devs to create the blockchain tech of the future
they will pass that easily with some good hype tho so its a good gamble if you like gambling
(disclaimer: sold mine 10x after ico)

>tfw sold my TAU at 70% post ico after going all in
>went on to lose 66% of my portfolio the next day margin trading XLM right before the dump
it still hurts


Cant wait until the fudders get BTFO once we reach 20million

They literally whitewashed their pajeet ceo

See you at 20mill user

Kek, have you seen their job listings? Most of their sites have 1-2 every day. Now go look at Indeed and then drop your bags.

does indeed offer dividends?