Teeka called buy up to CND 30 cents. Currently 20 cents. Still got room to grow. Get in before its too late

Teeka called buy up to CND 30 cents. Currently 20 cents. Still got room to grow. Get in before its too late.

5 dollars end of year? FUCKING LOVE YOU TEEKA GET IN NOW

nice just bought 100k

thx, bought 100k

He thinks it be 5 dollars by the eoy

Easy money flipping CND yesterday

today it's going to 3k+ sats easy

This is gonna be a sweet 100x

poorfag here, only have 1k

>tfw not enough to make it

>Normie friendly price per token
>small market cap still
>great project
>Teeka's 5$ by year's end blessings

The fuck you waiting for

delete i haven't got 1 million yet

sell xrb or trx for CND?

Don't bother, Veeky Forums has apparently decided that they want to stay poor and will ignore this extremely undervalued token with an actual use case. They like their TRX scams more

I can see why, great events lined up and team looks promising, I haven't bought in yet but I read a PDF leak earlier. Was too crazy when it came out. Might pick up some now.

same, gainz are gainz tho

>had 89k
>sold them for nothing

1k x 100 = 100k

buy back in obviously, its going to $5 so pretty much all in it.

the fact that teeka called it at .30 means there will be people dumping it before it hits .30

.20 is getting risky now


>its going to 5 bucks because teeka said so

Yea that is not happening.

going down at 26ct massive ,whales got in early

He also called factum up to $50 like I months ago.

It just reached 50

let's go let's go

quick mafs


go go go

Currently being PnD by two groups I'm in. DO NOT BUY.

The reason why cindicator was so successful on its predictions last and this month is so obvious. All the coins on the market went up ten fold I don't understand how that is impressive.

people is jsut FOMOing hard, this will come back at 16 cents in a few hours

read the teeka paper, it also predicted some small cap stocks before they mooned.

Everything mooned, no matter its marketcap or if its a shitcoin, 100% winrate this december and january.

do you know what a stock is? stocks...and coins... are different assets in different markets, user.