Get off your high horse and get on ETHORSE! x10 potential

Hello fellow Veeky Forumstards. Did you miss out on Lamden? Did you miss out on BNTY? Did you miss out on PRL? You probably did, but fear not I have a new gem.

It's called ETHORSE. Ticker is HORSE. You're probably sceptical about the name but who gives a fuck. I'll keep it short. What it's all about: ethorse is a betting DAPP, you can bet on a coin like with horse racing. HORSE is a dividend token and holding is incentivized, low cap, only on DEX but there are plans for other exchanges, good team (although anonymous) and mainnet release soonTM.

Testnet is live at: try it to get a feel of the DAPP. They have a first mover advantage as it's the first betting DAPP that uses the horse racing system (pari mutuel betting). The house takeout is 5% and you'll get an amount of the takeout proportional to the amount of tokens you own in %. So for example if you have a daily betting volume for $1mil 5% will go to the house which is 50000 in this case. If you own 1% of the tokens (which is 1.25m) you'll receive 1% of the 5% which is 50000 * 0.01 = $500daily. Sounds too good to be true but the math doesn't lie. It's a bit of a guess how many users they will attract but I'm sure that it won't be a problem. They are planning to marketing towards other continents as well.

There's a huge meme potential with the coin too. The ticker is HORSE. Who doesn't want to own some HORSE? It's just like FUN or Lamden and those two mooned quite a bit.

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This is how the betting process would look like

This is how the roadmap looks

ICO price was 1 ETH = 25000 horse = 0.00004 eth per horse.

You can get it on IDEX or ED: or

If you're interested and want to read in about it I highly recommend you to just check out the whitepaper and read the abstract. If that piques your interest even further you could read the whole whitepaper.

Links: (scroll down for twitter, github, telegram and discord)

I hope you've made up your mind about HORSE now and if you have any questions please do ask. If I can't answer them I'll ask the devs about it.

Calculations from:

There will be 100M tokens total in the public sales, 125M total. If you put in 1 ETH and get 20,000 HORSE tokens in the round 1 public sale that means you have a 0.016 percent stake of the 5% house take.

If you assume there are $1M worth of bets per day then that's $50k take for the house and 0.016% of that is $8 per day. Therefore over a year of such volume, your 1 ETH investment will net you earnings of $2920. At ETH/USD=1000 today that's a nice return even ignoring any appreciation of HORSE tokens that might occur. With predictable earnings like that everyone will want to buy in driving the price of the HORSE token up considerably. As volumes on Ethorse increase so will the price (compare to bond market prices relating to the interest they earn).

Can Ethorse get $1M of bets per day? Well, for comparison just look at Coinmarketcap data and you'll see there are 450 coins/tokens each with over $1M volume today. Over the last 24 hours the combined market volume was $46 billion. As we know the cryptocurrency markets are highly speculative - many people are essentially betting on them. It seems reasonable that people will be making similar "bets" as literal bets on Ethorse. They might even use it as a hedging mechanism.

So even if we imagined only 1/1000th of that total $46B daily volume moving to betting on Ethorse that is actually more like tens of millions per day, not just one million. Can you imagine the price of a HORSE if there was even $10M per day?

At the ICO Public sale 1 price they are selling HORSE for about $0.05 each. (1ETH=$1000 and 20,000 HORSE). As I calculated above 1ETH worth would net you $2920 per year per $1M of daily betting volume. So at $10M daily volume we are talking $29,200 per year. I would say that easily means 1 HORSE is worth 29200/20000 or $1.46. More realistically I think people seeing it as a predictable income would actually price it at multiples of that since at $1.46 price you're getting at 100% return after one year. People would KILL for such a guaranteed return elsewhere. In the crypto market people are more greedy and because there is risk expect higher returns but something between 2 to 5x that amount representing 20 to 50% annual return might be more realistic.

Even at $1M daily volume you're still talking a price of $0.146 or multiples thereof - so I reckon this ICO will quickly give a 10x to 100x return for early investors. At $100K daily volume that is $0.0146 earnings per HORSE per year or 29% of the initial price.

I wonder if the creators have ever wondered about using Ethorse to bet on the price of HORSE itself? That is pretty meta but I guess might have a destabilizing effect on HORSE pricing. Only time will tell I guess.

As ever, only invest as much as you can afford to lose! Aside from that... may the best horse win!

It's supposed to be 25k instead of 20k but I'm too lazy to change it right now. They changed the ico price to match the ETH price increase

It can be considered equivalent to Futures or even options to some extent, but completely decentralized.
With Ethorse, we are not running books. It's parimutuel, not fixed odds. No centralized party taking funds, identifying winner and paying out. All done by publicly available smart contracts. Thanks to Blockchain and Ethereum.

From the ETHORSE discord.

Now if you have any concerns or any questions just ask me about it.

Thanks just bought 100k.

what about the devs? can't find much info on them..

Is this legit? Where will the price go in 2 weeks?

I hope you're serious user. I'm not even kidding about the potential of this project. Yesterday when I made a thread on HORSE it seemed to get a lot of traction. I've been telling you guys about it for a few weeks now but stubborn anons never listen. It kinda dipped from yesterday so this could be a good entry. Once we break through the 20k resistance we should be good. You're still not too late, it's only on decentralized exchanges right now. There's lot of demand on there even. Imagine if it gets on kucoin or some other exchange.

Do they have a telegram group?

When will be listed on good exchanges?

I don't like idex sorry

Why the dev team is so anonymous?

I was kinda worried about that as well. They explain it here:

If you're too lazy to read it, it's basically that gambling is regulated globally and the rules are quite different everywhere so it's very hard to circumvent every rule/law. They've taken an example of etheroll and they explain why they'r e anonymous here:

They also think it's safer in general to be anonymous to prevent any backlash for the retards who loses tonnes of money on this. They don't want to get doxxed or receive any death threats. It makes sense right?

It is legit yeah. I'm spoonfeeding you guys right now but DYOR. If you get in touch with the devs you might feel the same like I do. They are very helpful and responsive.

Yeah it's over at t(dot)me/ethorse. Join if you're interested

No exact date yet but they're working on it. They approached a few but they asked for a pretty retarded listing fee which the devs didn't want to pay in this early stage.

I answered that earlier. Check above

If anyone understands coding and programming and shit check out their github:

dex exchange is the only reason it's cheap right now. you wait for kucoin? expect pay 2x 3x more.

is this a new meme coin?

>posting it here 2 days after crowdsale ended

op just trying to get rich off you guys, literally 0% percent better than LINKfags, don't fall for trap, let him rot with his bags

I agree

Might be, the ticker is HORSE lmao

Fuck off you numbnut I shilled this before the ICO but no one listened. I'll post some of my threads. Don't be sad you're not on the HORSE.

Please tell me what I did wrong here? I already told you guys about it way in advance. It's 5x already but I think it has a lot more potential..

Look at those dudes stocking up on HORSE. They're smart. They want dem dividend profits. I'd do the same but I already have a considerable stack from the ICO.

damn actually sell walls are getting down slowly


So did anyone get in HORSE cuz of my threads?

I went and put 10% of my portfolio, should I put more?

Depends on how much you have in your portfolio. You should calculate with how much HORSE you're happy with later on for the dividends. That's what I did at least

k then I'll put another 10

now this is what I call quality shilling.

if I werent all in with my free funds already then I would do it now

I put in 5% cupple days ago and now its 10% of my portfolio.

Thats how it goes

k3k, followed it pre-ico

Not impressed, nice try pajeet.

Thanks a lot for the compliment. I actually put quite some time in the shilling. Where'd you put your funds in?

Yup HORSE is a majority of my portfolio right now due to the recent surge. Gonna be >50% soon once it hits an exchange or mainnet releases.

What? You're not making any sense

into horse actually, but I see how what I said was misunderstandable

>Did u miss on bitconnect
now it's ur chance to get on another ponzi, but quick,because if you're getting in only now chances are you're the sucker.
The shilling has intesified now that a lot of anons bought in.

How does the dividends work op?

ah I see what you're saying. was a bit confusing but it's great that you're a horse bro.

How do you compare this with bitconnect? Your funds aren't stuck for a period of time. You just stake them. Tell me how you can see a ponzi in this project please. Don't just leave now without responding back.

Pretty sure I explained it above with the calculations and shit there but if you mean how to get dividends you need to put them on a specific wallet/smart contract I believe (dont quote me on that, ill doublecheck with the devs) and you'll receive the payout after every quarter in ETH

Is this a pump and dump

it cannot be, on idex and ed only accumulation is possible before it gets on a 'real' exchange

pump and dump on idex/ed? are people this retard?

Seems like anyone in HORSE is smarter than the average user. I wonder why


So how do I pronounce the name?

>Eth horse?
>E thorse?
>ET horse?
>ETH or se?

Eth horse makes the most sense to me

how do i buy a shit load of horse if i only have coinbase and binance - canadafag here

Buy eth on coinbase with CAD > make IDEX account + wallet > send eth to your IDEX wallet > buy horse on

If you're on binance and have some funds just buy eth on there with whatever you have and send it to your IDEX wallet and buy it on here

Buy it on IDEX.


also when people call other people shills is that bad? or are there good shills actually trying to help people make money?


>anonymous team
fuck off pajeet

redding shilling starts tomorrow according to plan

you better get in now or miss 5x gains

well shilling is generally seen as negative but I'm more like trying to convince you guys to get in. I'm a good shill if you wanna look at it that way. I'm not spreading false claims or facts to get you guys in. I'm just spoonfeeding anons and you should make your own decision based on that.

I will, soon. I'll give you guys some time to accumulate still.

Read the thread please. I explained it already.

ok ty

im capped at 250 cad on coin base so maybe i'll find a localexchange and throw down 2-5k in person

AH alright you think this coin has a lot of potential?

my portfolio is mostly gambling

t. degenerate online gambler

that is hard to say, but it will sure as fuck make you money in february

crypto is gambling anyway, you can lower the odds by doing FA and TA and shet
we're gonna make it brah

what is fa/ta

fundamental analysis/technical analysis. fundamental is just looking into the project and shit and TA is charting stuff, so like looking at resistances/support. You new to crypto?

Any ico buyers wanna fill my order at 17.5k on idex?

fellow ICO buyer reporting in.

Feelssmartman, the public sale was a bloodbath

10eth order is yours?

you did well user

Presale guy I’m eating up this fud. It’s delicious

Bought 1000 of these fucks as soon as it got shilled. Currently about 2x hope it does a lot more cause I kinda fee embarrassed about having a coin called HORSE in my folio lmao

Fuck i was following pre ico but too dumb to understand why it was really a good buy. Can i still make it?

Same. It's always fud that doesn't even make sense.

Embrace the name lmao. Welcome to the group.

Well if you look at the upsides I think they are a lot bigger than the downsides rn. Cap is still low, it's on decentralized exchanges only, team is very active and responsive and mainnet still needs to release. If you're looking at the gains you can get from staking it's also insane. Check the calculations above. I really recommend you guys to read my wall of text it's worth it to get some insight


>potential 100x within a month
>has doubled so far
>"Can i still make it?"
Nah man, don't waste your time on this 50x

well I hope you know what you are doing. It feels like you're buying HORSE just based on my shilling and that's never a good sign.

Do your own research, keep your skin in the game, there will be times where a lot of alts will skyrocket but yours wont so dont fomo. your time will come. Never take any shilling as good advice as there are always people taking advantage of you. Read about it and form your own conclusion.

100x is maybe a bit too optimistic as that would be a 2b cap but 10x is very realistic right now. Would place us at 200m and considering all the other projects that are placed at 200m and higher without any product we can easily make it.

read about shill posts and form your own conclusion* Most of the times they help me with idenfitifying potential coins but I do my own research as well

thank you

np bro. good luck on your journey

Don't care if this is an obvious pajeet scamcoin, I'm sure it'll go up enough from its current price when it's shilled more and I can dip out with a profit still when they dump.

I like the shillability of HORSE. i literally bought 100k of it

Dump it.


So the thought is either cryptopia or kucoin?

yup highly probable

im bout to dump on all of you guys

ITT: people pretending that ETH has a future as a professional business currency that will be used to exchange valuable goods and services worldwide.

whatchu mean?

who this

Lol dump it then. No one cares about your 20k horse

I got in the presale too
This shit is buying my new house

So have you sold your 20k yet?

Where are you guys trading?

Idex babyyyy

yes did you notice it

at ur mums

I'm in

gj user, now buy another 100k

But I already have 150k


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my mum is an exchange?


You weren't very clear in your wording on the dividends.
I'm confused as well.

Funny name. Actually decent coin. Working product. They update the github very often. I'll bite the red pill.


user I have to say that's pretty fucking cool.
Make sure to post again when it hist major exchanges.

I know I like it too. I will. I really can't wait for mainnet to launch.

Also, when are we gonna break 20k gwei boys? We've been going sideways ever since

If you have for example 100,000 ETHORSE, you will gain $1k/day, if the daily volume is $250,000


stupid question but will the dividends be paid in form of horse tokens?

that's not true lmao you'll only get $10 per day then. 100000/125m = 0.0008. 5% from $250.000 = 12.500 so 0.0008 * 12500 = $10
still quite a lot tho. yearly you'd be looking at 365 * $10 = $3650 if my math is correct

no it will be paid in form of ETH

Check the link, I'm not clear on the maths here, but the principle is there.
A part of the rake gets redistributed to token holders.

Sweet so can i keep HORSE on metamask and get paid?