Cryptocurrency is worthless if the electrical grid was ever destroyed

>cryptocurrency is worthless if the electrical grid was ever destroyed

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Explain to me how it would be worth shit without just quoting me and posting a plush pepe.


If you really cared about that future you would have an apocalypse shelter

>user, it's a bubble

You may have bigger problems. Like if someone solves SHA256.

If everyone lost their hands dollar bills would be useless since we couldn't use them to pay.

Because satellites, generators, and hard wallets don't exist. Okay Mr. Plush faggot. GTFO.

This should be a movie. The HAndpocalypse. The most awkward end of humanity ever.

Try swiping your Visa card when the grid goes down.

If that ever happened, it would be the greatest thing ever. People would band together and fight for resources, it would end quickly with only white people surviving (minus the cucks who fought for the nogs). Then we’d start over with precious metals building a traditional society free of electronically-administered (((propaganda))).

hi pol

he's right tho.

>cryptocurrency is worthless
its worthless once people stop inflating the bubble. People are literally printing digital currency to sell for real money.

Digital fiat for fiat, muh blockchain, muh lambo.

Keep the party going till the last idiot is holding shit.

haha epic XD

>Neckbeard thinks he's got mad survival skillz because his basement is filled with camping gear crap from Walmart

Not really, white people are the dumbest of the successful races on earth. Just smart enough to invent things. Just dumb enough to try all kinds of random shit. And also just dumb enough to think we don't actually need to be competing with other races for shit. Its like the perfect storm of stupid and smart. If we do something cool then the smarter races will just copy it. If we do something stupid then we drag ourselves down.

solar panel roofs. clear solar panel windows in every home. battery in basement of every home.

have people not connected to any power grid, but instead, have solar panels etc. to harness renewable energy, and change their homes "basement batteries" with it.

everyone is energy independent. no danger of power grid going down, because there no longer is one

The words of a true cuck.

jokes on you i continuously print out the entire blockchain

i'd be more concerned about how I was going to eat my neighbours tbqh senpai


Steam engine powered CPU and GPU’s

White people ARE cucks. We bridge the gap between greater apes and Asians.

Niggers would die out on this continent. Hard to run EBT without the E.

with quantum computing this could be a big problem for crypto in 20 years

Money in general would be. Stock up on ammo and Spam.

Asians are insectoids desu no individual thought capability, personality or empathy.

It’s why we had to retreat from Vietnam. We killed hundreds of thousands but they don’t value individual life. Like ants in an antfarm

Underage b&

solar flash wouldn't want to destroy those panels now

Yeah and our defining characteristic is fucking empathy. Cucked at birth by our own DNA.

Your a definitely a 12 year old cuck from reddit. Stop drinking soy, stop pretending to be a girl, stop being a limp wrist moral fag, and start hitting the gym.

We are going below 9k

you don't understand the picture you posted.

You're a stupid jewish cockroach and even in your best attempt to discredit your enemy you still reveal your deeper envy.

But real money is printed from nothing as well

All currency is fucked

/pol/ seems like a fun place. You guys are all busy sucking Sargon's dick right?

Except I do

Dumb b8

Lmao you’re retarded and definitely not white. White people conquered the world and we can do it again if we wanted. Only thing keeping minorities around is compassion

i will not buy stupid shit from my crypto money but build a passive house with geothermic energy(where i live there are a lot of 40-70 C "springs" if you drill deep enough) and with solar panels. byebye cucks enjoy your dependency on your shithole providers

I am an EE, please explain how the whole energy grid could possibly be destroyed? Try again

White people invented political correctness. That's testimony to how cucked we are. By default. We ended slavery too.

Yes you dumb fuck...

Generators for an entire city...

Youre a virgin nigger with no survival skills, you cant refute this skeleton boy.

What... Like 20 years ago where business's used to copy card details onto paper?

Because banks and cash don't be exist?

Holy fuck you complete retard. You realise instant visa payments is something that our parents didn't have when they were young, yeah?

>Not having a 10kw 3 Phase generator on your basement

Also all (good)datacenters have more than one emergency power backup.

how fucking behind the times are you

>>>(((white people)))

How old are you? Visa has been around a lot longer than you think.

Nah man we'd just replace nodes with people every 50 meters with loudspeakers yelling the last trade they've heard go through and write em all down

Oh you guys moved on to Styx Hexen Hammer now right? Move to the right of the spectrum for those extra cool points.

Nukes in the ionosphere

>cryptocurrency is worthless


He’s more insightful than faggots like you

Not really, the btc algorithm is so simple we can continue the blockchain with pen and paper

I like Styx man fuck off. am just making fun of you luddite /pol/ tards afraid of the future. Styx and Sargon are fucking Luddites. Both of them refuse to make steemit accounts because crypto currency is super scary.

Meanwhile they would fucking be millionaires if they did a few months ago lol.

/pol/ is nothing but a bunch of luddite morons.

What a faggy plebbit reply. Have a (You).

Styx is like "Steemits not for me" meanwhile that David pakman guy shows up a couple months ago and starts rolling in money. Then he catches the rise in value of steem from 2 dollars to 8 lol

/pol/ got blown out by fucking David Pakman HAHAHAHA

Oh waddup Mongoloid. Asians will always be inferior because of small penises and their field of vision is less. Think about it user.

The only thing your people did is create cartoons that people jagoff too.

Fucking kek'd


sadly, Asians have faster reaction times. So they are better at pvp gaming...

So is that just 1 out of 256?

All of that was pretty damn confusing to me.


>the world would collapse if the electrical grid was destroyed


I sense your rage. I can smell it. David Pakman still talks about the Russian scandal like its the only reason Trump is president. Even to this fucking day.


i just finished with your wife, you are allowed back in your house now

At least I didn't take it in the ass from David Pakman.

literally who?

>Bitcoin wouldnt exist anymore if the creator of bitcoin unplugged the power cord from his pc

Where can I buy one of these (with crypto)?

Bitcoin is not money its a store of value!!! REEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Just bought 100k.

>white people are the dumbest of the successful races on earth.

God what a fucking imbecile you are.

SHA512 coin

Looks like they're sold on amazon for 28 fucking dollars per piece. That's some absolute jew shit going on.

Wow.. you are a delusional retard. Keep drinking that soy kool aide you 'progressive' fuck. If you had a single functional neuron in your simpleton brain you might take a second and reflect on what you just said:

>If we do something cool then the smarter races will just copy it. If we do something stupid then we drag ourselves down.

Really..? Is that why Africa, Central and South America, the Middle East and most of Asia is so "advanced"? The vast majority of those places don't even have reliable electrical grids much less paved roads you ignorant twat.

My point was that there's more serious shit that would be affected than e-Bison bucks.

>Explain to me how it would be worth shit without just quoting me and posting a plush pepe.

Does the poor bastard who created pepe even get a small share from it?

obviously impractical and dumb compared to fiat but because you asked.

EMP Strike the mining farms

They do state that it is a licensed toy by Matt Furie so i suppose he gets something for it.
I mean he totally deserves the money, that thing looks so fucking good.

>this is going to be the next raiblocks

Imo the greatest thing about PlushPepe is the facial expression. It's just so versatile.

>He's gone from Boy's Club comics to Internet sensation to unwitting icon of the alt-right (wtf?). This frog deserves a break! Reclaim Pepe as the chill dude he really is.
The description reeks of SJW

>the comfydo difference

I thought Trump was supposed to be impeached by now faggot

Gold was used to barter across all country lines since antiquity. Crypto is a scam if we go post-apocalyptic. Gold is the true store of value, not fiat or crypto.

>wypipo invented social institutions, philosophy, modern law, technology!!
>except they didn't actually, I didn't go to college, and I am genuinely retarded
Many societies throughout Asia and the Middle East created profound philosophies and social systems, from which various technologies were made. Civilization started in Mesopotamia. Think they were white, you dumb faggot?