Asian girl

I want to ask out the asian girl in my economics class. I have never spoken to her before. What do i say?

>hey bb, want to grab some food with me tonight? i can show you my links!

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Start talking to her for a little bit before you make a move don't be a 4chin autist

what the fuck could i talk about?

WTFFFFFFF. Go and talk your shits, if she interest you, you win, if she doesnt, go and talk to another girl. ... wtf is not that hard bro

show her how much money you make with your shitcoins

did you wink at me mate?

just say hi
she will say hi back
then you go : "boy this professor, how do you think about this professor"
she will say a one word answer
look around at her accessories: purse, computer, phone, etc.
"hey i see you have *this accessory*. that's really neat."
she will say one word answer
"are you in any study groups"
she will say yes or no
if yes, ask if they have room for you to join
if no, ask if she wants to "join" your study group
just set up some time you know will be free and tell her to meet your "group" at the library
and then when she gets there, tell her that everyone else had things to do
there is your date

Gonna give you a bold strategy...

walk up and say "Hey, i'm (insert name here), I was wondering if you wanted to grab lunch"

Go ask out a white girl and stop being a cuck

Just this OP you fucking retard

Why am i not afraid to show my yellow fever on biz, but im afraid to do it in irl?

it really is this hard for these autists bro

these seem good. but. theres a quiz literally today. its very easy quiz. i was thinking of asking her how quiz went

This. If by some remote chance you do get together your kids will be fucked up. They will think that their dad is a beta faggot who couldn't get a White woman and that their mum is a whore

>Why am i not afraid to show my yellow fever on biz, but im afraid to do it in irl?

Dont know, but stop being like that. Its absoluty not hard, you are making it hard .

how is op white?

You can just tell

i need proofs

>Yellow fever
Implicit white identity

Well don't ask me, ask OP for pic of hand with timestamp

post pics, and I'll tell you, if not then gtfo

I am white with blonde hair

ok, that's spelled out about right there
maybe op doesn't know how to tell when women are interested in him


Just a reminder that weakling faggots like OP are earning from the crypto bubble right now.

Honestly OP, I feel for you. I too had yellow fever, turns out it was just a porn induced fetish and it WILL go away if you stop watching porn. Think of your kids, you don't want them to be fucked in the head and resent you for racemixing.

You already have a No for answer, so don't get nervous and try to change it to a yes.
If she is smarter than you, then ask her about studies first.
>How did your last test go?
>the teacher is a cunt
>Can I borrow you your notes from the day I was absent?
And remember, don't ask her if they eat dogs, personal experience


Asian girl who does economics is most likely very materialistic. You need at least 10 BTC to have her as your gf.

i havent watched porn for over a week and dont plan on ever again. I dont like fapping to people who dont love you. AND, i havent watched JAV porn in 2 and a half years now. ive strayed away from jav so the real thing is more pleasurable

she does seem pretty smart... but i havent talked to her once.

>she does seem pretty smart... but i havent talked to her once.
Then start with study related topics. Ask for notes and then treat her to a coffee as a token of gratitude

but i dont even need notes. wouldnt it be a pain if she had to take it out of her back pack for me?

You're not OP
And if you are OP, the notes thing is an excuse to start a conversation with her

She probably has a boyfriend. Do your social media DD first.

>She probably has a boyfriend
>Asian girl that seems smart
Chances are she doesn't have one yet, but still, better DYOR first

>wanting an average white girl when a 10/10 asian girl will go for a 6/10 white man, and she has a rich family who will give you money for a house and wedding and a nice mercedes

You're ugly Varappi that's the unfortunate truth

If you manage to make it to your 20s with virginity intact you're either gay, ugly, or paralyzed from the waist down.
Think about it, women are more promiscuous than ever and yet you're still missing out?

Take some of those crypto gains and call Dr. Yaremchuk.

but what if she doesnt want to take out notes
i dont know her name

Just say hello OP, and then see what happens. Don't overthink it retard

Fuck your mother if you want to fuck
Usually works
Damn user dont be sperg
Its already set no matter what you talk about
There was a fag larping with chad profile pic on tinder texting outrageous shit and girls were thirsty for his dick anyway

so. its a matter of if shes into medium built blonde boys with a nice sweater?

Take it slowly and get slim Veeky Forums. Asians don't usually like big muscles

Everything involving social interaction is hard when you have autism.

Probably nothing because youre not interesting and you shouldnt be asking girls out

Do you go to Ucsb?

>the "interesting" meme

Kill yourself stupid faggot. Nobody is ((("""interesting"""))). That's a meme invented by roasties to make themselves seem less vapid when they dump someone because they think he's too ugly

What's the spiciest thing you've done in your crypto life that nobody knows? What is some extraordinary crypto insider info you have and are itching to share?


...really? arent every single male model in the world have relatively big muscles?
i like talking about crypto

Asian vagina is the best.
I've plunged dozens of them and it never gets boring.

Male models nowadays, especially the high fashion ones, are actually pretty skinny... like they haven't hit puberty yet.

But you gotta make sure you don't use a condom.
Asian pussy wraps white dick very delicately.

>nobody in the world is interesting
Veeky Forums these shit coins are getting to your brains