VEN, ICX or REQ? Which will have the biggest growth in the next 4-8 weeks?

VEN, ICX or REQ? Which will have the biggest growth in the next 4-8 weeks?


4-8 weeks? Lol probably XLM

MCO - releasing their product

love me some MCO.

REQ is kinda REQT
ICX might be victim of “sell the news” mainnet launch
VEN is getting fucked by whales. Partnership with Jesus? Yeah enjoy your 5% moon.

You mean xrp
Xrp always moons before stellar and it moons multiple times. Then it dies down and people are like oh yea what about that weird ripple clone? Let's get that too. And it pumps once and corrects 50%


My bet is on REQ.

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lmao so true about VEN, I'm almost all in but it really is fucked by whales



Unironically, LINK

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Pretty much this.





Everyone FUDs it when it's low but that's the time you want to be buying in. Then it's all euphoria when the price rises.

XRP mooned because it had more time for koreans to accumulate it.

If you were smart u would realize theyre more people accumulating Stellar than Ripple

this but unironically


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Short-term: ICX
Mid-term: REQ
Long-term: LINK
Never: VEN

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VEN Obviously - unless u wana stay poor forever!!!

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Under contract to buy at ATH

probly all good but VEN is the best bet, thing is dip resistant as hell

Got 46404 REQ lol. I'll be rich in months.

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buy zcl!

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this too

Req is far from anything, just gonna be carrying bags
ICX- priced in
Ven- grows slowly but handles bitcoin meltdowns well