Who /recovering/ here?

who /recovering/ here?

I'm in DBC, so no, I'm not.

youre going to be filthy rich

I'm in AIX, and fell like the biggest retard seeing all the green elsewhere. KuCoin coins are really fucked.

What was your portfolio value on January 9?

I'm recovering yet FIAT value is still not moving because of that faggot btc

not really, was at ~$95k before the shit hit the fan, didn't sell or do anything, just held through it, bottomed out at about $50k, sitting at $73k now. Not as bad as it could have been but still $20k+ down

Fuck you OP

Feeling comfy as fuck tbf senpai bakka

our day will come insurance bro


I’d rather have NEO than XRB any day - don’t worry user. Give it some time

>VeChain AND Walton

deep brainlets lmao

I’m feeling pretty good these days, diversified my portfolio when the big dip happened

based UFR making a comeback for those sweet 2x gains

>buying that much dbc

you arent going to make it

>Implying it won't pump again in a week.
You people have no patience. That being said, I want off this train.

I am on it.

Good luck, OP. We all are going to make it.

get used to it.

2018 years of the alts bleeding out

I-i'm gonna make it, right guys?

Around 8000€

what is risk management?

>folio full of shitcoins
maybe you'll make a lucky x20 somewhere my guy, you're stupid but safe.

you need xrb and skycoin faggot

Everything I'm in on is rebounding except POLL. Is it time to trade?

when did you buy xrb

shill me DRGN?

Yep, I went in hard on VIBE during the dip.
Normies and nigs are going to be all over this shit.

When did you buy 5k XRB?

April 2017 lmao

Nice portfolio user. Went down to around 82k$ during the dip, 224k$ is my ATH, recovering nicely.