Where my cindibros at...

Where my cindibros at? I know there's a few of you out there that held through the last dip since we spoke in a few other threads last week

How does it feel to be on an actual moon mission guys? FUCK my dick is so hard

last chance, faggots. Teeka pumped us and we've been going up for almost 24hrs now with no dump in sight. Lord knows how high this floor will be

Teeka predicted $5 EOY and we're only at 25 cents now

Get in now while you can still afford an AI trade helper for cheap, or stay poor forever I don't care.

One of the few coins I know with an actual working product

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Holding 350k since mid dec. Bot works nicely, sad i didnt 2x my position to use the expert bot. Happy if this goes to even a dollar EOY.

only 17k here but I bought at less than half a cent

my only regret is getting into crypto so late that I couldn't invest more into shit like this

I feel you, really wish I had expert bot too.

how is the mid bot? I was really close to buying it during the last dip but wanted to keep my portfolio diversified

240k bro, my dick can only get so hard, will go partying hard later, made like 30k in a night

you guys are literally going to fucking make it

enjoy your lambo in 3 years. Congrats on this. Seriously

what else are you guys in right now?

Got 500k in ICO and bought another 500k when it dipped below ICO price (compared to Eth) after the Binance listing.

>mfw I already made it and 5$ CND will make me never have to work again

I held since ED times, at one time had 800k for a week and since it dropped even further made money elsewhere, I'm big in VEN and ICX, thinking about diversifying into REQ or LINK or both, dont know if LINK is a meme tho

I sold at $0.11. Oops.

all in on cindicator

LOL who bought at 20+ it's going back to 16 soon

PBC called it as a long term hold with buy up to price of 0.3 USD and target 5 USD end of year. Others that were called in the same way are Ethereum at 7 USD and Antshares (NEO) at 0.13 USD. But hey, you can stay poor if you really want to bro.

Serious question biz, please

I have 1.5 ETH willing to put on this, right now its worth 7k tokens since CND is at .22

Should i wait a .16 dip or just fuck it and go yolo right now? I don't plan on moving this one for a whole year, so I just want to enter at the best possible time, if I see it getting close to 0.30, im buying asap

Thinking of selling off my AMB stack for this. Now or wait for .16 dip?

you heavily risk a new floor coming, but this is also crypto so wild swings are very very possible

its safer to buy now but you will obviously make more if you wait for a dip

Big on ICX too and have been contemplating jumping on VEN and REQ as well.

I actually held LINK for a bit but damn I really can't tell if its a meme or not either. If its not a meme it really is a fucking moon mission, otherwise its just trash

What bot?


Bought at 21 cents and not even fucking mad. 75k CND. This is a no brainer long term hold.

Damn, I might just go for it

How’s you find out about it so early

Any other new icos you’re in

I look for coins on biz that people barely talk about

so everytime I see a thread on something that isn't spammed 24/7 I get very interested.

One of you fuckers made a CND thread and I researched it a bit, read the white paper, read the website, read and discussion I could online about it.

The biggest giveaway it was a winner was the fact it had a working product. Even if BTC shrivels and dies CND has a future (though obviously not a bright one if that happens). The team worked to make a product before shilling it like a bunch of fucking nutjobs like the rest of the cryptocommunity would which was a breath of fresh air

> buying a coin after it rose 150% in 24h

top kek im actually starting to make money by predicting you fools' movements

I don't know man, pumps don't usually last this long, its kind of insane. I doubt it will drop much from here. It very well could though

>only 1.2k

At least those few thousand USD will serve for future investments.

What's stopping people from publishing the signals the bots give? If someone makes a bit that notifies other people as soon as the cindicator bot a signal then wouldn't cindicator be worth less?



This is PBC's pick of the month, fool