What can realistically 50-100x? Must be a currency, that hasn't been ICO'd, right?

What can realistically 50-100x? Must be a currency, that hasn't been ICO'd, right?


>Veeky Forums
>smart people

kys retard

Exrn. ANN coming on 27th

this lmao
aspies with superiority complex in full damage control

Seriously, TAU

Stu can't even explain his own tech. Fuck this shitty shit.

>he doesnt know

>people keep falling for this bait image over and over posting the exact same quote in the exact same manner using meme lines
>mfw this pleb not only fell for the bait but also uses reddit spacing between quoting a post and then AGAIN after his own greentext
Wew Reddit, how do you keep falling for this bait and letting it get to you over and over again?

INT will 50x. Mark my words.

unironically this

Buy intchain or stay the fuck poor

any of the last 5 signals q9xXVCC

and yes one of them is xtrabytes


>mfw ive accidentally reddit spaced and then drank bleach for my crimes

Where do smart ppl act like smart ppl?
Please tell. These fucking memes are getting old

yahoo comments

What this user said

Shill me the next x10,

To be fair you have to have a high IQ to really understand th ch0n, I say this unironically. Sure there are plenty of low IQ sub human tradesmen on here but there are also engineers and software devs able to speak with no filter and the best ideas rise to the top while the worthless ones dissipate into nothingness.

Smart people acting like smart people don't waste their time posting on the internet

Pretty much


XRP. It will be a few years but it will get there.


>EOS written in WebAssembly
wtf why would you ever write a eth clone in a web browser

>Implying we're not retarded smart people acting like retards

Don't fall for any of this pajeet shit OP, memecoins won't ever go 50x or 100x again, but if you want good gains, instead of asking a bunch of dumb plebs to shill their shitcoins just go and learn how to invest your mom's money. If you don't want to think either just go for the safe option, xrp, btc, xlm, eth, etc.

BAT will 10x (and more)

Swing and miss bud. Veeky Forums and reddit userbases have been the same for about 5 years now, if you still feel superior for using this site you might as well kys.

Sure thing kind stranger! XD

No fslse

if kin becomes #3 it would be a x50. unrealistic tho. I do see in doing an easy x5 or x10 tho

Hahahaha nice one plebbit! Upvote for you!