Buh... buy da dip

buh... buy da dip

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Whats a Sadoshe?

I heard about this ripel thing

mister satoashib!

great day to hodl friend?

thank yu for bags

don forgut to teether up

w-whuz a marky hap?

if i sell for a profit but then buy back higher do i still make money?

We noot saleing

>wojak collection expanding

it down 3% crashing now!!

>tied to USD

It depends.

Srsly I hope anons keep bosting these. Its my fav thread today

>er is jus meme lines!
>meme lines! meme lines!

>weals acumulting

markit cap



>mem lines

maymay limes

uh its uh d... dead cot bounce uhuhuh