How do you guys deal with stress

How do you guys deal with stress.

Can't masturbate, so that's off.

Are you sleeping well?

>Can't masturbate, so that's off.

But you can masturbate you idiot. Kys

For crypto gainz


I hang out with my brothers. I go to the gym. I try and intermittent fast so I can stuff my self two big meals and feel satiated and still meet my calories.

have a bet with a bunch of friends that I won't watch porn or masturbate till the end of 2018.

Started in Q3 of 2017.

Also, if I started now, I won't be able to stop and will be incapable of doing anything else. In addition to the lack of energy that would follow.

i actually stayed awake tonight made 20% on 100$ ITT poorfag, trading BTC to USDT to BTC...

how large is the bet?

>intermittent fast
This is the eating pattern I'm unconsciously gravitating towards.

Digestion clouds the mind.


doesn't matter, op is fgt

>Digestion clouds the mind.

Yup, digestion increases inflammation, which in turn increases "brain fog". Especially bad if you have bad digestion through some disease or just stress.

thats understood but i wanted to do a cost profit analysis. if he's jeopardizing crypto gains by not jacking it for some micky mouse bet then he's not only a faggot but a moron.

My long term reputation.

Drink some booze.
Not alot, just enough to give you a warm happy buzz.

pff lol, good luck with that.
you are going to be a beta faggot no matter the outcome of the bet.

Not really. Will focus on that, thanks.

not fapping doesn't increase T-levels in blood, but does increase the sensitivity of testosterone receptors and thus makes you actually more alpha

Also, not succumbing to easy dopamine fixes makes you spend more energy/time on cryptos = more alpha.

I had serious issues with stress. Now I manage it.

>switch to tea from coffee (there are a lot of strong teas out there which won't rattle the system)
>run once a week
>try to walk places where you can (even tiny amounts of exercise help)

I live in Alaska so if I want to get a start with the market I have to get up at 5. If things look calm I can go to the gym or get ready for the day. If not, then I need to get in or out of positions. I try not to eat until noon, which is a small meal. Dinner is usually pretty big, like 60-70% of my calories.

So long as I count calories the weight comes off like nothing. If I don't the stress will get to me and I start not eating distinct meals.


good job OP
I did 5 months nofap last year

Abstinence literally gives you uberman powers. But I couldnt keep going so I fuck hookers on the regular instead now. Still not fapping

Did regular sex negate nofap powers?

I also rely on substances when shit gets rough.

Low dose kratom
Low dose phenibut

Really activates your almonds. Wont degrade your decision making unless you do too much.

Based genetics.
Retard happy social mom.
Aspergersy dad who doesn't care bout nothin.
I am the perfect storm.

Daily mindfulness meditation. You're welcome

Tea is a great idea. Will do that instantly, thanks.
Doing crossfit thankfully.

Will try doing some bathing sort of deal. Isolation tanks perhaps.

what's that?

hyperborean masterrace here

I need some advice as well, seriously trying to fit in my schedule some exercise in the morning and a cooldown activity at night for better sleep.

Those two have a big impact.

Gonna buy a good jump rope and start with that. And maybe meditation at night or something similar.

I'd say yes. But I only visit hookers twice per months max so I still have the nofap energy but not the compounded effect of months of abstinence.

Also I think its proven real sex releases different hormones than fap. Never get the dull feeling I get after fapping.
Also fucking hookers when unimaginably horny from nofap is great. I just tell them Im gonna go 3 times, pay them a big tip up front

Hookers aren't used to getting overpaid up front it really makes for good service. Make sure they want you as a repeat customer and you'll have a great time.

will try, thanks.

>being what amounts to a sex slave to your nigger friends with no payout

so so beta

Crossfit is shit, please stop

Follow signals on q9xXVCC discord
Be 500% in profit
No stress

masturbating is like deliberately castrating yourself. do what Hitler did and write an extension political treatise on why you hate some particular ethnic group

nofap or not, I think everyone on this thread can agree that this pajeet should GTFO

Making sweet gains while gaining mobility. You should try some.

Thanks I don't need to pay some fagoot 50+ bux per month so I can do reps as fast as possible in the worst possible form.
I prefer actual lifting

talking about masturbation like it's some sort of obligation is akin to sucking dick.

You love both.

Trading is generally a low stress game for me. It wasn't always that way. But I've found a few rules that helped me greatly.

1. Plan for a 90% market drop. If this happened realistically, you need enough assets in other areas to survive . Trust me, if you don't follow this rule, YOU WILL PANIC SELL to try to protect yourself. And you'll lose sleep.
If you keep this rule, you'll sleep soundly knowing that even in the worst case scenario.... you're covered!

2. Stay away from intraday trading. The warren buffett strategy "Buy and hold chainlink" not only provides better returns than chasing pumps, it allows you to do other things in your life, and making money is a passive endeavor.

3. If you don't follow rule 2, at least know what you're doing, or use a small stake. I have 10 years experience in watching charts and have a good valuation model for buying dips or selling overbought assets. If you know neither TA or FA you will end up trading on emotion.

I've been doing crypto fulltime for 4 months and I've only had 1 really stressful moment. That was when I bought litecoin on an arbitrage play, and converted it into a swing play.
I know LTC is one of the fundamentally shittiest coins, so I couldn't sleep at all that night.

I watched it drop from $170 to $130, on my initial arb buy of $145. But I had the experience to know that hyped shit usually bounces back, and I was able to hold it and sell at $165 or so.

That's gold. Thanks.

Intermittant fasting is great, its pretty much the only dieting method I've found great success with.
I'm looking to move to Alaska within the next couple years, only thing I'm not looking forward to is the market opening at 5:30am when I'm used to 8:30.

I don't get stressed. Also stop eating wheat.