What are five great microcap buys under 50M market cap?

So I have 5k sitting around and I'd like to put them into 5 different coins that are micro cap and have a good to great chance of increasing atleast 5x. Currently not feeling it with the large caps. I have my 5k in ETH, Vechain, Icon, Ethos, REQ.

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INT is a good shout. Read through one of the many threads on here. Suppoman shilled it a few days ago saying it was the strongest team he’s seen in crypto.


gambling coin for all the degenerate gamblers in the crypto space


recently on the markets, fresh ico with a lot of potential


10 mil usd cap
60 mil coins circulating supply
there was 3th cap for first 12 hours and after that cap was lifted and 2 mil worth of coins sold out in 17 seconds

(Next Wabi/Walton)

buy on ED as soon as will be listed and easiest 2-3x for you

INTchain fucking faggots.

>inb4 not 50 mill cap

This is the easiest 10x ive ever seen


Ella, ELTCOIN, MyWish & PFR
Exept for PFR, none are being shilled on biz, which is a good sign


INT is traded for 0.9$ on ED. Far far above 50m MC

The Obsidian Platform (ODN). Three apps are currently being developed on it and should all be out by the end of this quarter.

My personal shitcoin flavors of the month are ARY, JET, BLT.
Strategy: x5 and get the fuck out

This. Lamden on ED or idex.

hey guys lets pay for msn

lol fuck off with this shitcoin nobody is buying oyur bags

likelihood of star going x10 is way higher than your overhyped shintchain

check ipl and dtr both on livecoin and knc and icx on binance

Checkout coss

ADST $24M, it was $15M i few weeks ago.

The messaging app's basic features are free. Additionally, it's a platform which will utilize the coins, not just a currency like most cryptos.

unironically this

BCPT has a lot coming up.


BCD will be realeased in 12 days
Super low cap, just 1.8 M

Easiest 10x Q1

BNTY has already working product and still

BNTY, (46M) and BBT (10M)

Need more LUX