Tell me the best coin to invest now on Kucoin

Tell me the best coin to invest now on Kucoin
X2 in a week

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Currently at the bottom.


3 easy ones fagget

No thanks, bought it when come out on kucoin, and i had a ugly bags

not because its the lowest percentage on kucoin means it will 2x

KCS, Its low af right now, people are dropping it because they're getting less dividends in USD value, but that's only cause the market has dropped in usd value. If you think crypto will recover in general, buy KCS.

please don't list ACT with the likes of BNTY, and please don't list BNTY with the likes of DBC, I know you want to dump your brain bags but have a heart

BNTY, still low market cap(46M) with working product


Watch it fuckin skyrocket. You know I'm right faggots.

>took an extreme hit in the crash (people selling the news of a completely priced in rebranding coincided with the crash), currently way undervalued at $105M market cap
>will provide actually safe cloud storage, which is in high demand and will be a great use of blockchain
>on the other hand provides websites with revenue other than adds, while the visitors of these websites will provide an unnoticeable amount of computing power to keep the system running
>very strong dev team
>testnet A coming out this month


KCS because a lot of FUD has been going around letting whales accumulate. In 2-3 days people will realise that it was false and will start bringing their money back to kucoin.

kucoin is congested and shit, died during the last day of the dip and the APIs were frozen.

They're decreasing the dividends though


Get alqo. Not on Kucoin yet but it will be there soon. Easy 10x if you get in now.

All the other coins mentioned have already mooned. You want to get in on Elixir, user

it's the only coin worth getting

Show me the proof or that's complete FUD



best ones!


Canya. Easy 5x when they update cmc

It was congested because they gave 40% of their revenue to shills, they got rid of that now so they have more capital to invest in upgrades. So buy now while it's still cheap.

act is like antshares right now but with better tech

CRED dumbass. Just buy it on ED and watch it x3 on kucoin. 30 million marketcap.

TEL will x10 soon

Elixir and BNTY are at low points and have low market caps. Easy gains without much risk.
Check the "what is the kucoin bonus" question.

I tried to copy the text here, but Veeky Forums gave me a three day ban because apparently it contains "banned text". Fucking bullshit.


thank me later


Thank me later. (1/2)

Kcs is real low right now, would def buy

Shit man, thanks for the heads up. That's scammy as fuck. They completely cancelled the invitation bonus too.

PBL is a shitcoin. I held it too, til I read these.

BNTY, ELIX, SNOV are my picks. They will take a bit of time to take off, but once they do that will be huge. Small cap coins with already well-progressing products.

No problem!
Guess I'll have to use this Japanese VPN now for the next 3 days though because of this bullshit "banned text" of which I still have no idea what it might have been.

If you're looking for an exchange dividend coin with actual potential you might want to try COSS.

The biz mods must be Kucoin devs. I'm got my money on ACT as a dividend coin for the time being, they've got a new exchange listing in the next week so I'll hold onto it until then at least.

then why don't you ? instead you tell others "I would def buy if I were you!" what's wrong, bags too heavy?



AppCoins are on a dip but pretty much guaranteed to bounce back up 2x. Might not fit your week window though, it will take about a month by the look of it but they're a solid coin unlike most.

It didn't win the community vote though?

Cartvertical is hitting binance soon