Just pls dont

>>dont be me
>>quit my wagecuck artjob
>>all in to crypto
>>market crash
>>now im jobless
>>now i spent time recreating Veeky Forums meme

tell me how f***ed my life is?

that wojak is reddit as fuck. stop it

fucked for 1 month

>in grad school for medical field
>no job, just loans
>put in 1k last summer in crypto
>now its 15k
>will have a career in the 1 year with 80k salary
>good to go

Disgusting redditized pink wojak. Sage.

get a new job and ride it out. i dont see why people quit their job for cryptos if they dont have like 100k+ cashed out, its unrealistic


That corporate cartoon network wojak no where near captures the pain and suffering of the original.

for real. that's the worst wojak ive ever seen in my life. kill yourself op and never draw again.

We can pay you for making memes.
How can we contact you?

What were you thinking fella

You cannot cartoon up something that was formed from over 9000 hours in msPaint
It loses its soul

What's more, it's not even well drawn. put some effort into your shit op and read up on perspective
Looks like he whipped it up in 10 minutes

make a blue wojak.

That looks so...generic

>pic related it’s what you should aspire to create


I was jus tabout to post that
My fucking eyes sage this

>>>market crash

Find a good TA discord and no crash will hurt you q9xXVCC

This. Reddit in a nutshell. The only times they show interest or like stuff over there is if it complies with current subconscious public opinion somehow. If not it's either "cringy, edgy, cheesy or embarrassing"

ffs there are plenty of freelance assignments for artists on the web. Go work at home and design company logo's or something.

thank you for your kind words user,
this is why i love Veeky Forums
such motivating

ps, i hate leddit

ill try to create a new one,
thanks user

youre shit. never draw again. im serious. dont fucking spread your bullshit ever again. i fucking hope you die. you piece of shit cant even make money in the greatest bull market of all time. fucking die.

fucking kek

screened cap user.
thank you for the motivation

>my memes

neck yourself

post your blockfolio OP
or at least tell us what shitcoins you went all in on

Where the fuck do you get paid to draw if you draw shittily like this?

It's the "appstore drawing" style that lots of people seem to like.

probably freelance work for indie app developers.

I have no formal training in art and i did this in Paintbrush (shitty free mac version of ms paint)

This is now a pink wojak OC thread

i drew lewd stuff before,
but i got bored.
thanks for such constructive criticism.

It lacks raw emotion in the expression. Where's the pure anguish and insanity? This one just looks moderately pissed at something. The original isn't looking at anything, his only point of focus is pain.

Haha ebin meme my friend you could make a killing with bzc

Nah I like that drawing OP. What are you holding and what are your plans for the future?

maybe this isnt my thing,
i got bored doing this shits

shit coins,
it actually grew,
problem its just small amount,
maybe im too play safe kinda guy,
thats why im doing balls deep on my next batch of trade,

>>i just feel really tired working.
im tired really

If you're going to try to make a 'better' version of something, and still half-ass it, expect to get absolutely blasted. Either make a ms paint edit or put in real effort.

>can't draw for shit
>can't make money for shit in crypto
>degenerate piece of shit.

get the fuck off this board now

Make one for pepe


Draw a merchant we can give you more feedback

you should twist and corrupt that wojac beyond the realms of what is possible and not make him smooth and sterile

pls op i believe in you

no way this faggot can draw a good merchant. he probably finds it offensive like the little bitch he is

I like it. It has a quirky style to it.

kek, legit like it more than the OP
looks somewhat shocked

>When TRX starts going back up

reate my wojak

that one is actually good

good call, work on BAT memes for free BAT

I tried to make a wojack once but this piece of shit was the best I could do.

this is unironically better than OP's because it's actually conveying the shock. OP's wojack is like he's bleeding out of his eyes for no apparent reason and he just watched somebody skip ahead in line in the grocery store.

>when NEO was supposed to go up and it goes down below what you bought it at

I like it, and you got dubs


>my memes


wtf is that abomination? this is NOT a true pinkie


I came to this thread to find out why you posted such a shit wojak


>Walt Disney memes

This is pretty good

Pink wojak is reddit now. I'm deleting my wojak folder.


my attempt


Are you sure you weren't fired? That's an absolute eyesore. I mean, every single one of the low effort wojaks are better.

Literally all better than OP's. Jesus

Better than wage cucking. Just ask for unemployment.

he's not wrong

>Death Grips Wojac

objectively the shittest artwork on the planet.

wait why the fuck doesn't wojak have ears

why didn't I notice this before

what the fuck is that


Pls no bully

>not art major
>still make a better wojak on phone

There's a reason they're called "starving artists" kek

Your drawing was really well made, so I thought you just saved it from reddit.
Sorry... To try to fix my rudeness, I will save your OC and post it every once in a while.
I'm a piece of shit.

sometimes i just love this sub

These are pretty good. The Wojack was just too cartoony and not MSpaint enough but this is fappable.

To be honest stop being a redditfag and learn to draw manga style

please dont

Your wojak is too corporate looking, it's like a bad Facebook game


dont you ever dream of posting that piece of shit ever again. leave this board now you do not belong here

brb making Wojack Jump for iPhone


Your wojak fails to convey any emotion, it should evoke impotent rage and desperation. Yours look like a dumbfounded half beaver man




worst bait ano 2018.

Fuck off with your reddit cartoon shit

soyboy version

sorry but that pretty damn aweful



bretty gud

>hey guys i redrew pink wojak in the basic bitch reddit webcomic style it even has the tilted mouth lol so quirky!

what an awful image

>wagecuck artjob
You never had a chance anyways. And that wojack is so fucking tryhard and reddit