How far has crypto penetrated into mainstream culture?

How far has crypto penetrated into mainstream culture?

How many people do you know who trade crypto?

How many people do you know who know about crypto other than "Yeah I've heard of that Bitcoins thing"?

Please state which country you're in.

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It's in our newspapers daily, no exception. Has a permanent slot in the financial sectors of almost all papers. But they're very much mainstream in their opinion with headlines such as: "Tron - The new BTC?"

Few friends do it, all lose money and look at me like I'm some oracle. My close circle knows a lot about crypto, but I'm convinced that it's below 0.1% that knows a substantial amount since even the IT crowd I know, knows jack shit.

the world is clueless

work as software engineer in SVK
Everyone at work talks about either Blockchain tech or crypto.

Younger ones are almost all in it.

Normies all know about only Bitcoin, biggest opinion is that is a bubble/ponzi, the few who do think its legit know next to nothing about how it works.

Biz vastly overestimates the amount of mainstream awareness bitcoin has. They think that just because some "normies" heard about it on the news they think that they're dropping 100k each into random shitcoins which is just not true.

The truth is that outside of being vaguely aware of Crypto most regular 40 year old housewives and tradesman don't give two fucks about this bitcoin scam they've all heard about on the news. Most people on this board can't even use ED for fuck sake what makes people think that "normie" bogeymen are getting into crypto by the millions, the simple fact is that most normies that look into crypto are almost immediately put off by the system of transfer/storage and not being a tangible thing they can wrap their heads around full of technobabble and marketing buzzwords.

Normies are the biggest scapegoat on this board and what started as ironic shitposting has turned into regular shitposting by clueless retards that got here more recently

I dunno but my grandma asked me how to solve the oracle problem


I'm enrolled at the biggest business/econ faculty and in the last month there was a lot of hype around it. Various lectures, seminars and such. Only one other friend of mine owns some crypto on Coinbase, the rest know less than the basic stuff. The general public is in the "heard about the bitcoins" phase because there was much media coverage on national television and newspaper. People still get their info from most mainstream media and respond as expected to the FUD. Last week my friend asked why I didn't sell because the owner of bitcoin(.com) sold all of his bitcoin.

Denmark too
I have seen Borsen publishing articles and maybe Finans, but I have never seen the headline "Tron - The new BTC", and tabloids like EkstraBladet and such never has any articles besides mentioning the increase or decrease in price of Bitcoin. Could you explain?

In Australia, I'm 18 and study finance/economics so most people in my circles have at least a vague understanding of bitcoin.
It is all over the news but probably just enough to make your average person curious but not enough to spur action.
Admittedly I do know a solid 10 people that trade beyond the typical bitcoin/ether/ripple.

it's all over news and youtube
friends, sister, sister's bf, uncle, grandfather all do
everyone knows now
it's over

How many people do you know who talk about actively trading regular stocks though? Most people will never get involved on any sort of active level. The only question is when do index funds and passive investments become available?

Normies know about it. Any normie who was going to dump money into crypto already has. If an instahoe I follow is talking about bitcoin in her story then we are def mainstream

I work in cargo operations at the sydney airport.

Most of my co workers which are 23-40 aged males know about crypto, less than 10 out of 300 currently invest, many where constantly asking about it during christmas bull run, 1 of them got scammed by WASSUP WASSU WASSUPPPP BITCONECCCCT, he lost 5K [or so he says, his older brother lost 60K and younger brother 20k, the whole family got scammed. another coworker who got into ''a bot that gives u 6% daily dividends for trading ur btc'' got scammed out of 16k as well. I warned them both, anyways.. Now nobody even talks about crypto.
scams will ruin this market.

Pretty deep I would say, everyone who thinks we are still in the early adoptoper phase is delusional

I read MetroExpress and EB mostly. The last 4 weeks EB posts about it daily and MetroExpress has a slot reserved for it every day. Tron - The New BTC was from MetroExpress a few days after it went into top 10.

It might just have been me that happened to spot them often though.

I didn't know about MetroExpress actually, I have only seen news from Borsen and DR, but I rarely read anything besides what comes up on my FB profile, so your insight is probably more accurate than mine. Borsen made an interview with a fellow dane who is one of the developers on the IOTA team, quite interesting actually, but the guy from Coinify is a fucking jew. I do agree it has risen in popularity, but it only seems to be either BTC, XRP, IOTA and Tron

Lots of people know about it now, the only people using it are Veeky Forums and reddit autists mostly. Every normie thinks it’s a scam with CNN constantly telling them it’s a bubble. It will take a few NEETs cashing out and buying BMW’s to catch normal fags attention enough for them to actually invest. Honestly who knows the whole charade could be over in 6 months I just got in 2 weeks ago so I’m praying I have at least a year to make a few thousand dollars.

Also, I'm pretty sure we are getting fucked because of algos every time we click on an article related to crypto, they want to make sure we read their next article as well.

All my ads on internet are crypto-related, it's insane.

Mine too, it's because we search for crypto stuff.

Obviously, it goes for anything we search for on the internet: clothes, mobile phones, [insert any product]. I'm not invested yet, and I fucking regret missing out on the ICO, but I really want Bitclave to succeed.

i work as consultant a fortune global 500 company.

most of people know about bitcoin but they are not really interested, there are about 5-8 people that i know that invested between 500 and 2k.

only one persone invested heavier and spend time looking for new information like me.

i think the awareness is increasing exponentially, but the people who actually put money in are really few and they are not really commited.

there are quite a lot of people that asked me how to invest some money into crypto but 90% but they give up at the first stage of registration on most sites.

most of them are not willing to put the time even to learn to do the basic things like using an exchange and transfer money.

I was getting a lot of Facebook ads for ICOs even before I got into crypto. I guess they made a model of my mind and know my moves

For work, I shoot corporate videos for a big software company... last month I had to interview a lot of employees for an end of the year video. Before I interview people I break the ice and chit chat a little bit... the past few months my goto topic was Crypto. Usually people have no idea or I can tell they know very little, I’ve always been waiting for somebody to bust out blockfolio or something but that’s never happened. Anyways, I have to interview 25 IT people, programmers, software engineers, etc.

Not one fucking person had any idea about crypto trading, of course they’ve all heard of bitcoin but not a single person could name more the 3 crypto currency’s. It really blew my mind that and videographer (me) knew more about Blockchain than professional computer science majors.

What country? I find that hard to believe.

This is my point thank you.

Maybe 10-20% of new people that hear about it will invest.

Maybe 10-20% of those people will even move their cash to an exchange.

MAYBE 10-20% of those people will even make a profit and not just sell at a loss before declaring it a scam. I know people know about it. My siblings and parents do but know nothing concrete about it other than it exists and that it recently hit a big high.

All the people claiming that everyone in their workplace/university/home knows and invests in crypto are larping or outliers unless you're working or studing in Finance/IT which is not the majority of the population.

>try to find satoshi nakamoto
>google unusual phrases he used
>every result is a different person talking about bitcoin


Some millennials very open to it, many are skeptical and are not invested at all.

Almost everyone has heard of bitcoin by now, but they don't know anything about it.

Software engineer in USA

Younger co-workers are almost 100% all-in. Older co-workers are skeptical but still interested in the tech behind blockchain rather than the currency aspect.

No, scams will save us from going mainstream for just a little longer

Out all people that i know, only 1 person that invest in crypto (and it's semi mainstream crypto like xlm, ltc, xrp)
Most people don't know about crypto (some of them might hiding their power level) they only know bitcoin in name only but they don't know how much it's worth or what is bitcoin. they only know it used to be cheap and now it's expensive.

Almost old folks that i met said bitcoin is a scam, they're tricking you by increasing it's worth to make you invest more money and run away with it or something along that line.
South East Asia here

its penetrating further every day

ive got a cousin who just a year ago was telling me about how im gonna lose all my money and these bitcorns sound like a big scam

just yesterday he texted me asking about my opinion on ripple and if he should buy some


we are growing all the time

>they made a model of my mind and know my moves

We'll be having a crypto-themed party in brazilian carnival

So, guess

USA, CA bay area in one of the smaller cities.

Zero presence in media, zero cases of me overhearing conversation about it. Might as well not exist.

>tfw they design a roller coaster with rises and drops too steep and the government has to step in and shut it down

At the moment people call the whole thing 'bitcoin', even if you buy neo or xlm they class it as 'bitcoin'.

I go along with it because if you don't they expect you to be able to explain it all to them in about 5 minutes and ask about a million questions.

i work in hospo and i constantly hear cunts talking about it when i walk past tables etc. Not only that but i see it in comment sections of random unrelated shit. BUY X Y Z. I hear people talking about "ITS THE NEW BITCOIN". Australia news daily has a report about the prices of btc/ltc/eth

My friends have heard about crypto only because I've mentioned it. Never mentioned I buy/trade/own it only that it exists. I live in South Africa

to add, i see cunts on the train switching between centrelink and their portfolios. I see people on average looking at their portfolio.

>How far has crypto penetrated into mainstream culture?
Everyone has heard it by now
>How many people do you know who trade crypto?
>How many people do you know who know about crypto other than "Yeah I've heard of that Bitcoins thing"?
Idk, most young guys know a bit more than "it's that internet money" but only give dudebro knowledge and act like they COULD be millionaires if they wanted to


I member when the news was spouting off about "muh world wide web", hardly anyone had a fucking computer, let alone an online connection or an email address. manually typing website addresses because there was no decent search engine past Yahoo!
a pain in the ass. and mostly shit content that you couldn't imagine a norman being that interested in
....yet it was all over the news

USA (New York)

Most people have have heard of it, my little cousins told me the kids talk about it a lot at school. I have overheard people talking about it more frequently on the train and at restaurants.

That said, very few people I actually know personally hold or have held any crypto.

I regularly overhear conversations about it at the gym, barber, redstaurants, etc.
Not sure why it's common here but no one seems to know what they're talking about, only that bitcoins use some mysterious technology called the blockchain

I live in Florida too and have overheard some people talking about it. Then again I live in a university town.

about 2 people I work with are into crypto. A couple of friends outside of work also. But generally most people I know have heard about it and don't really care

Is that chabuddy gains?

ctrl+f "India": 0 result


>New York City/New Jersey metro area

I never hear anyone talking about it. If I mention it to people they all say it's a scam and it's gonna crash so I just keep my mouth shut now because I'm sick of peoples ignorance. I know people that created an ICO and surprisingly none of them actually own any coins except maybe the two guys in charge of the project. I know two other people that have coins. One bought some ETH at 280 and one guy bought Ripple at over $2 without realizing what was going on with it. He got JUSTd but i don't like him so I just laugh to myself.

Yes it is.


When I ask,
-Do you know what Blockchains are?
No one does.
-Do you know what cryptocurrency is?
No one does.
-Do you know what Bitcoin is?
10 out of 10, Ah that, the money that criminals are using on something called "The Dark Web"

Except in the meetings groups of course, where we are only with a max of 30 people.

>10 out of 10, Ah that, the money that criminals are using on something called "The Dark Web"
This is why cryptos will never catch on

What's the spiciest thing you've done in your crypto life that nobody knows? What is some extraordinary crypto insider info you have and are itching to share?


Serbia, IT job.
Most know about it and most think it's a scam, I'm the only one that invested.



Bitcoin or crypto conversations came up on a couple family meetings over the holiday season. I'm talking about older people (65+) having heard of it.
I was really surprised that the topic came up and there were a lot of misconceptions but I kept my mouth shut anyways.

My father is pretty succesful and is in a "rich old white guys club." He knows someone who made millions off of bitcoin (got in early) but pretty much everyone else that's investing in it (like 5 people out of 400) put their money in ethereum and won't look at it again for another 5 years. I'm getting him to invest in some other coins that I believe in (namely REQ and ethereum).

I'm a uni student and go to a top engineering college and practically no one knows anything about crypto. I'm sure there are a few people who never leave their room that have invested, but overall, nerdy computer kids don't really know anything either.


1. Most people only know about Bitcoin, a little less know about Ethereum
2. The most common opinions are "It's in a bubble" or "It's a Ponzi scheme"
3. I think of my brothers as intelligent people, but my brother still insists Crypto is a ponzi scheme. I think there are a lot of smart people that refuse to acknowledge the technology behind blockchain and only see the money-grubbing side of Crypto.

Maybe the hid their power level to normies like the thought your were

Thats what i do

those are called Tracker Ads my man. Google and Facebook are tracking your web history and selling your personal information, which third parties are using to target you with ads.

Look into Brave browser. Yeah I'm shilling, but Brave will legitimately get rid of tracker ads and won't let Google or Facebook creep on you

Singapore. Overheard a few conversations about it - normies in the gym talking about ripple and verge, saw one guy in my class of around 200 ppl trading on binance. Seems like most people are aware of Bitcoin in general, but haven't bothered to look into it. Trying to get some friends into it, but they're too lazy/risk-averse.

What's the corellation between Brave browser and BAT?

I told my 1 close friend I was invested in crypto. He watched some Suppoman videos and just invests in whatever Suppoman shills. He literally doesn't know what blockchain is and when I call him out on it he just says "Just follow the hype man". Now he is literally telling everyone he knows to invest in crypto and that they will all be rich. I really regret telling him.

He honestly irritates me a lot because it doesn't matter how little he knows about a subject, he instantly feels confident enough to talk about it like he is some kind of expert

Austria Europe, Start Up Circle and Early Adopter

Even in my circle everyone knows about it, but maybe 1 of 10 invested. In my city the guys who are making regular blockchain meetings since a year even did not invest, but they are making public talks about it.

So there is a really huge gap between
>"heard about it"
>"i am very interested in the technology and read every day but did not invest"
>"yes i invested"

We are still in the early adopter when we talk about investing.

Brave browser uses BAT as a token currency.

That currency is automatically generated and consequently distributed back to the content creators you frequent (websites, YouTubers, Twitch streamers). Eventually they will allow Brave users to transfer money from their automatically generated BAT wallet.

I work at a university. I have a PhD, and pretty much all of my colleagues do as well. They have heard about Bitcoin, but they don't know anything about it with any depth. They are educated, but the space is still foreign to them. My coworker's husband is an engineer for Yahoo, and he's the only person that I know that's invested, but the majority of their investments are in traditional stocks, which is not exactly a bad thing in the current market.

The majority of normies have not gotten into it, and the majority will get scammed (my coworkers are smart enough that if they did get into it that they wouldn't fall for shit like BitConnect) or panic sell. It's easy to shout memes like "HODL" when things are going well, but you know the majority invested more than they could afford, and they couldn't handle all that red from the recent correction and cut their losses.

Austria, top 1 engineering university:

Fellow students are mostly very curious, I know a few people who bought in last spring during ETHs mega bullrun, most bought in before Christmas probably. Iota and xrp are still the normie altcoin gateways, getting shilled on them when I usually try to hide my powerlevel

>Work in finance
>Hundreds of people I've spoken to wants to get into crypto, but still haven't taken the step
>Friends and family speaks about wanting to get into crypto, but still haven't taken the step
>Only know 4 people who went into BTC

And this is why I believe the surge of normies we saw last year is nothing compared to what's coming. The vast majority of normies are sitting on the fence.