Easy 10x ICO


LiveEdu is focused on the online education market, and is on a trajectory to become #1.
There is no project learning platform which teaches college students and professionals who have passed the beginner stage how to build complete products.
Targeting the huge $306.9 billion global professional development market.

-An actual working product ( Shock, HORROR! )
-Great team of AUTISTS, including WOLFRAM FOUNDER
-BINANCE, Bittrex and Hoibi listings soon after launch
-Only 10M hard cap. ONLY TEN (6mil raised so far)


This is the closest thing you'll ever get to a guarantee of massive profits.

Check it out:

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worth it you think?

i think yes

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it doesn't say how long until it's out of the ICO on the road map. Once they hit their 10M cap? otherwise the bonus countdown is still going to fo until mid Feb.

Their social looks ok. Shit this IS tempting.

from their telegram:
until feb 10 or if hardcap is reached

At current rate it will be completed in 2-3 days

Why would I lock funds into this I'd exchanges aren't until Feb or March?

Also, binance listing with a 10m hardcap is dumb, it won't happen, binance listing is expensive

Tokens are released immediately after ICO ends, they already set up EtherDelta, etherdelta.com/#EDU-ETH so can be traded straight away and will also be available on Bancor Network and IDEX as soon as ICO is over. Yeah those are shitty exchanges at the moment but shows they actually have been in contact and are able to get onto exchanges pretty smoothly and quickly

Thanks, I'm in

Cheers to us

Thanks bought 100k

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Ok pajeet coiner

Btw tokens not released till after ICO

I always miss out on mooning icos but when I see one never fucking interested in investing because most projects look shit

Thanks I bought 10k

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Holy shit! Y-Combinator backed? I'm all in!


>Holy shit! Y-Combinator backed? I'm all in!
Yeah, but drop the ref link faggio

Not a lending platform like bitconnect? Then im not interested


whats max supply/?

100mil I'd assume

just throw 100 bucks in guys tokensale.liveedu.tv/ref/B4x7Zipp534mooY1

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>Just throw 100 bucks out guys

Please show me any evidence this scamcoin is YC backed. They don't even have their own content, just currently ripping free content from available websites. Amazing scam material. A company with $0 value literally lying to your faces and you have just given them $7MM of your dollars. L-O-Fucking-L.

How can you trust an education marketplace where 90% of their website is blasting their ICO in your face, 9% is a bunch of buttons which lead to "sorry we don't have content for this", and 1% is free content you could put on a website on yourself RIGHT NOW?

I knew biz was retarded but this is a new level.


ctrl F liveedu

I sense FUD, you still collecting pennies to invest while scared you can't accumulate in time? Fucking pajeettard

Cant work out whether people spreading FUD just to be spiteful bastards

2015 means they're long gone from YC yet have not been able to build a company. So basically you just confirmed this is a last ditch effort to raise funds for a dying company. Thanks.

They've had an operating business before the ICO you tard

I made a whole post about why I genuinely believe this is a bogus project. I'm not going to keep coming to these threads anymore after this, though. Because I work in the space and know with 100% certainty this isn't a valid investment opportunity, I genuinely feel bad for anyone getting in who thinks it is.

I don't mind the folks who KNOW it's a scam and just want to try to flip for a quick buck. I get that. But I've seen people here who think this is going to be like the next big thing, and I don't want those people getting burned. It's already done at this point, which seems to be why they're having this ICO to begin with.

I can form an LLC right now and say I have an operating business too. Having an operating business and making money are two separate things.

You think they'd be asking for your money if they could raise from a notable VC, or if they were profitable, or even had any runway left? They're already fucking toast. You're just playing weekend at bernies with them by dumping your cash in.

Exactly. But it's failing because the target audience is ridiculously narrow. That's why they're trying to surf on the success of crypto/icos and do one last cashgrab before they crash and burn.

>made a post post
>Says it isn't YC backed.
>It is YC backed


*was YC backed. Being a current YC incubator project with a promising future, and a 2 year old graduate who never got to profitability and are now on your last legs are two VERY different things.

Why so much concern for internet strangers?

I'll say this one more time:
I knew about this shit hole back when it was advertised as livecoding.tv. Even then everything was behind a paywall and the content was absolute shit.

Why would this be a better opportunity than Lynda coin which is already on exchanges? Neither even NEED to fucking use blockchain. It is just a pajeet money grab.

(I am invested in neither)

People here pay tousands of dollars for pictures of kitties or frog hats in a shitty browser game.
This one is a fuckin WORKING educational platform yet this is the pajeet coin

Because, as I said, I work in the space. I have an emotional attachment to people who, like me, believe in supporting the future of education. If there are people here with that goal - who think "oh, this is a great idea, I'll support it" - I would like to at least inform those folks they're putting money into what is essentially a scam. They ran a business into the ground and saw an easy way to take money from people to try to create additional runway (or maybe even just do a big payout to the people still left, who knows), but have no actual product value or roadmap which indicates any chance at success.

I don't want garbage like this polluting the space I work in. If it was a viable opportunity I'd be strongly encouraging people instead.

There is no normie hype about this, though. Only one reddit post 6 days ago, other than that complete radio silence. Not to mention the use case is as limited and narrow as it can be, this is specialized for "intermediates and experts" according to their own website, that's how they want to differenciate themselves from the competition. Seriously.

Also the fact that they compare themselves to two dead education content providers shows they don't even understand the space they're in.

Lynda got bought by LinkedIn for $1B and LinkedIn has 95% dropped support for the product. They no longer develop content for it. It just sits there. Bad purchase, essentially.

The other one, I can't even remember the name now.

And you're right, there are zero legitimate blockchain use cases here. It's the most obvious cash grab I've ever seen.

I don't think this will revolutionize education or anything, but I do think it will make me some money. Lots of projects out there that are trying to force blockchain tech in a space where it's not needed, but have still managed to make a killing on the market. Thanks for your expertise; nice to hear the side from someone in the industry.

They put a market size on their website which looks impressive, then claim they're going to specialize in 1% of what the market is.

Almost every continuing ed student is taking a beginners class because the majority of the class use cases are for beginners. Those who are taking intermediate/advanced are most often returning to the school/website they took the beginners classes on.

Focusing on the intermediate/advanced segment of the market is actually the most idiotic business plan I've ever heard, and believe me even at my company we've come up with some pretty dumbshit ideas - but none as dumb as that. If you know anything about the market, you know that's such an insignificant piece of the pie. So either these guys know nothing about the market, in which case they're totally fucked... or they're betting on that you don't know anything about the market, in which case you're totally fucked. Either way, you're totally fucked.

Can you please elaborate on why this is a scam coin? Genuinely interested here

Yea, I hear you there. A lot of good flips to be had, I won't say this won't be one of them, especially judging by the general shilling I see in these threads. As long as the goal is a flip for profit I see no harm, you know the risks you're taking.

Absolutely. By the way, not to sound like I'm tooting my own horn over here, but... I brought these issues up in Telegram, I was very civil and explained why I'm concerned and asked how they want to compete with other educational platforms. Guess what? I got banned.

I've been outlining this in a number of posts, but the general idea is:

1) Since I know this market very well, I know what it takes to be successful & generally what students want and need. I don't see the company exhibiting ANY of those qualities or ideas at this point.

2) They have been around for a while and I've never heard of them, plus they have almost zero actual content on their site which shows me they've tried and failed. Considering how incredibly competitive this space is now, their chances of miraculously pulling themselves into relevancy I'd say are basically 0%

3) They have no legitimate use case for the blockchain. Legitimate use cases DO exist in the ed-tech space, but none of the ones outlined by this company are legitimate.

4) I think it's the most obvious "Oh no, we ran out of money and since we failed as a business we can't raise - what do we do? Start an ICO before they become regulated and steal money from people who don't know any better!" thing I've ever seen. Their ENTIRE website is currently being dedicated to raising money for their ICO. Look at ANY known edutech marketplace - notice anything different? Like, I don't know, that they're actually more focused on selling your classes than anything else?

This company has buried their class content, and has no reasonable method of even searching or finding what you want/need. There's a reason for that - it mostly doesn't exist.

Did you mention Veeky Forums? Literally all I see the moment someone mentions Veeky Forums shilling or calling them pajeets is kicked

over 10k members by now, they can't let everyone in the chat just spam shit otherwise it'll get messy

I mentioned it once in relation to the lack of marketing ("I found out about it on Veeky Forums"), there was no problem with that. Posted several other messages afterwards with no problem. Then I started asking about the competition, the last message I saw was the CEO himself who told me to go read the whitepaper and suddenly I don't have access to the tg channel.

One of my first ICOs as I’ve been interested in them for awhile, going to put $50 in to learn how it works as this looks like one of the best of a shit pile right now, want to know what to expect in anticipation for CoinMetro

Admittedly I'm just here to flip, but I don't think it's as bad as you're making it out to be honestly.

As a developer I actually like the idea of a 100% project focused learning platform. It's the best way to get a deep dive into a particular language and the relevant tech surrounding it, while avoiding all of the redundant beginner shit contained in most intro courses. As for them having a 0% chance of gaining relevance, I'd agree, except fort the the blockchain element. While it may ultimately be unnecessary to the product, we've already seen the share prices of companies that add "blockchain" to their name spike massively.

What price do you consider selling at?

This project is shit because they plan to make revenue through bulk subscriptions for a glorified you tube and don't have a purpose for the value of these coins to do anything. Professional libraries already have efficient systems for research and learning that is shared world wide.

There are so many good online learning platforms out there atm how does blockchain make it any better???

3x is safe, 5x is ambitious.

It could go to 10x honestly but I'm not going to be waiting around that long, unless it moons there overnight which is highly unlikely.

>It could go to 10x honestly
I wouldn't bother holding that long

I normally sell half at 2-3x then keep the rest till 5-10x

20k eddie comfortable

Such a faggot token name

Blockchain makes EVERYTHING better

>tells people to invest
>calls token name faggoted

>shit website design
>team consists of complete nobodies

i'll pass. thanks.

Obvious scam is obvious.

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When will it be on normie exchange

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So wait, sale limit is $10m USD, and the token rate is locked at $1 USD = 10 EDU, but the price of ETH/BTC will be averaged across the investment period for the ICO.

Does this mean that if I invest 1 ETH when ETH = $1,000, and the average is determined to be 1 ETH = $1200 for the ICO period, that I will receive 12,000 EDU instead of 10000?

At the current price when you purchased it, I assume they sell the eth straight away to get as accurate as a price as possible

You also get 16% bonus

but the other got 50% and want to dump on me with sell walls :I

explain? What 50%?

Jaxx wallet is dogshit

Metamask works

You can use metamask? I just read their retarded guides

Yea as long as its not from an exchange youre good

Easy 20x with the MGXL ICO
>10,000,000 supply
>$0.30 per coin
>June Binance listing

Throw 2 ETH in and forget for a few months. Come back and be 20x richer.

This 100%. No referral spam either.

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>pre-ico until march
lol no thanks.
I'll buy this at ico in april.

Can just wait a few months till you're closer to release and then purchase it so you can actually make money on other coins


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