A more detailed shill for (INT) Internet Node Token

Hi Veeky Forums, it’s me again. You shilled me XRB at $1 which I sold at $25, now I’m going to give back. If you like money keep reading.

So far:
> INT is just listed one week, Private ICO, during the correction the price barely even budged but they are very low key due to Chinese regulations
> It’s basically the Chinese iOTA with a phenomenal team with a dozen IoT industry experts from academia, Huawei, Ruff
> They are already testing their beta network, build from the ground up to be functional on low performance hardware, hybrid PoW and PoS coin with offchain capabilities, privacy (zero-knowledge proof algorithm), smartcontracts and more (Whitepaper P1-5)
> 90M marketcap which is about 1/100 of iOTA, this project is at ground zero, only on Chinese exchanges (OkEx/CoinEgg)
> a lot of attention in the Chinese crypto scene, this coin has only been shilled for a few days on Veeky Forums but mostly goes under the radar outside of china so far.

To come:
> Updated whitepaper this week with roadmap and possibly staking details, mainnet will go live end of the month, will list on bigger exchanges in the next few weeks.
> Already 2 massive parties with preliminary agreements: Ruff and Zheizang University. Imminemt partnerships but undisclosed: IBM, Hauwei and Microsoft Research.

Some coins are worth shilling to death, this shit has early Ethereum, Antshares and Walton potentional all over it, the team will release more info this week if you’d like to be more certain. But this coin has been steadily hitting ATHs for days!

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> muh 150M circulating supply and 1 billion max supply
> muh pump and dump
> muh chink scamcoin

FUD Rebuttal:
> Stellar, VeChain, Walton all have skewed circ/max supply ratio’s, when a token is relatively new these tokens are released slowly into the network without inflating the price to incentivize the PoW / PoS mechanisms. Personally, I speculate that once the whitepaper is released masternodes staking will be in there which will cause the price to go nuts.
> Since it’s listing this coin has grown organically, currently it sits at #191 on CMC but the volume is #49, calling this a pump and dump is retarded: coinmarketcap.com/currencies/internet-node-token/
> Look at the resumes of these developers and the connections that they have, this aint no confido exit scam tier shit

More sources (these guys called Walton and Neo when it was pennies)
Suppoman shill: youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1197&v=67ofGxOnzks
CryptoFuture shill: youtube.com/watch?v=79NcKmSWz44
Whitepaper: intchain.io/whitepaper/INT-whitepaper-release-EN.pdf
Twitter: twitter.com/INTCHAIN/status/954184311418138624


What's up with india today. fuck.

It's the horsecock logo. They salivate over it.

> Some use cases described in the whitepaper

> Progress update from the team today

Dont worry user, you can FOMO onto this rocketship once we're already 10x

Looks good user. How much you in?

How do I know if this isn’t another PnD scam?

Just read the second post it's right there


fuck, time to sell.

Thought this will last for a bit, but the shilling is too intense.

>wew, I'm so glad i got out of antshares early, the shilling was getting too intense.

Is it easy to withdrawal on those exchanges? Some chink exchanges are annoying with that shit.

Holders : I'd GTFO of this is I were you. Coordinated "its me, I gave you ____" shills to the max. Got my 100% and am out.

I didn't even say this.

except NEO is a good project and this is just another copycat of existing shit (shit that has already hit the normies hard).

Low tier fud lul
So comfi with my stack rn

op, stop shilling this. i am still accumulating it. i can only transfer £2,700 out of cryptopia a day.. i need another 10 days to fill my bag.. lets keep this gem secret for another 10 days ok?

I’ve read into this and this looks very promising though. I like the fact they are having working products and developing hard. Also barely any marketing so this can’t be a scam coin. Imma buy a couple of K’s just in case.

Thanks for the shill

>i know better than a dozen top IoT industry experts from academia, Huawei, etc

gonna make it
You can register on OkEx and deposit and trade, but you have to confirm email, 2FA, admin password to withdraw. It's easy.

I’m from the US but I don’t see US in the drop down menu on coinegg?

Lol I wanna buy that plush doll

just reg on coinegg under UK/China nationality and use your hamburger drivers license, gets confirmed in 12 hours


>mfw normies cant recognize a descent shill. I’m holding

WTF I can't even transfer funds to coinegg, keeps telling me to enter a valid address and I'm copy pasting exact. WHY IS THIS SO FUCKING HARD

you mean withdraw?

Hory sheit i went through the team and whitepaper and this coin is solid, im upping my stack right now

Not a scam

Clearly a new fag

Glad you guys are catching on. I love helping biz, hold onto this for 5$ by mid to end of February. Maybe sooner


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The only one that gives intchain shillers any butterflies in his belly, as well as internal damage.

I can't withdraw from any of the sites that I have my btc or ether on because the addresses that coinegg is generating come up as not valid addresses. I've never seen this happen before and always assumed you could just send shit to any old collection of numbers and letters and if it was off then you just lost your money. But I've never seen the sites you HAVE money on tell you you can't withdrawl because the address you're trying to send shit to isn't valid.

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Because it has tonnes of volume for a week straight and it hasn't pumped nor dumped. When the market was crashing, this token was actually growing organically.
Plus, mainnet is going to be released in the next few days.
I know this is being shilled heavily on /biz but so was Raiblocks, so was REQ at 5c, so was ETH at 5$, etc... This is actually a good project, with a good team and 0 marketing.
Expect this to ship a working product ahead of most coins in the space (looking at you Tron). This will be a top30 mcap soon.

You finished defending yourself? Put more effort so that everyone will be absolutely certain your not a fag.

I am not sure if I have to sell my DBC bags(80% of portfolio) for it. Guys?

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What are yalls thoughts on hpb

what is hpb

If you dont have INT coins, consider necking yourself.
Easiest 10x right now.

das riteDBC is a long term bet. dont get emotionally attached to bags, INT will yield much better returns in the short term (and long term)

Eh it's okay I guess ;)