Burgers selling as usual

kys you fat brainlets. stay forever poor.

itt: yurobrahs make fun of burgers

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>pays taxes on crypto


Their fat hands are too full holding their food to hold anything else.

>t. Achmed



it's funny even your writing reminds me of a big gulp

can you smell the autism, Veeky Forums?

Those old fat bitches are probably loaded. This is America, after all.

Me on the right

The guy fucking his cousin?


what a sad picture

a good old american family raising his kids teaching them to consume more than what they produce....fucking brainlets

>Hating dumb money
They're literally my income

allright Freedom Burger here
>been hodling since 2014
>regularly giving free IOTA and PRL here for dubs and trips
>have all the right to say all of you huge faggots and will not make it

Honestly its that disgusting little girl with no manners that makes it so offensive. If it was just the parents and boy I would think they're just a dorky family.

add some otaku useless shit and you get the point of how ugly and stupid you look like

Just good goy things

Poor kids

Over weight
Brainwashed consumers
and before even hitting 10 years of age,


they have been literally my incom...before retirement, greed is for those faggots

>Meanwhile this on the main
Fcking islamo cucked street shitting eurofags never change


>be european
>dont pay my 85 percent taxation to the despot of the week, in my balkanized shithole
>on way to re-assignment factory, owned by nikeā„¢
>wow thank goodness for this part and parcel, now i can keep half of my XMR
>new halal despot wants more crypto investments in new nation, peace be upon his name
>only have to give 80 percent to new govt...WOW
>spend next 30 years "making it" off 20 percent crypto gains *lol*
>finally cash out with enough new euro bux, to rent a studio flat in ghana
>negros rape my b hole until i die at 56

that absolute state of non americans

what makes me more sad is that those generations will inevitably be the stronger one as soon as things will get worse. Those brainwashed generations will lead change in the next years unless we get stucked in a big brother society...it's fucking scary in both ways


>an american shitposting about taxes
dont forget to cashout your link before april

>at war?
>still a first world country

>tfw held long term, and only ARE SUPPOSED to pay 10 percent on capital gains

even chechens are better than you

thats for you frenchie

its actually 20% now for you, also i dont pay any gains tax here in Austria, also get paid to go to university and breaking my leg wont bankrupt me.

>Austrian trying to tell me about my taxes
wrooong, my deductions and bracket actually bring my capital gains to 0% pay

also i can literally go to the doctor missing a limb, be seen in under an hour, and pay less than 100 dollars for everything...im not a dirty hippy and i have great insurance

do they teach you how to be a real australian in austrian Uni??

so that makes me $100 richer, good to know...


Austria these days mostly medival shithole pretending to be advanced.
>these useless faggots never manufactured or developed shit in past 2000 years, pretty much all they did was gave up their land to germans for WW2 and spent all that gold that they stole from Prussian Wars.
>yfw these faggots give you advice on how to be a world technologically superior superpower

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