My wife just found out about my stack


these fucking women


how fucked are you?

Tell her it's a small amount of doge you got as a joke. Done.

say you had 200k in bitconnect

She's going crazy.
pleas help me out bros

Post more so I can laugh at you.


god what a cuck you are op.

Nice larp, I like the part where 200K is "rich"

Just ditch her. She's cracy and self centered.

She seems like scum

this, tell her you actually have 200k doge and that it was all a misunderstanding

you're fucked now, boy

she's going to demand expensive gifts and shit and if you won 't budge she'll divorce and take half your stack

jesus christ please dump that bitch

wow - what a fucking cuck

Leave her and use your money to buy a mail order bride.

beta faggot

That last text you sent was fucking retarded. You really fucked up OP, you admitted to it and didn't correct her.


Tell her you have 200k doge coins

Better move it all to monero or prepare to lose half your stack in the divorce

You have to be cute with her. Tell her you want to kiss her cheeks.

you sound like a beta faggot, afraid of his wife

Why does Oliver know how big your stack is. Fuck Oliver and fuck yourself for running your mouth.

She wants your money obviously, get fuck out or lose your gains

Fake and gay

this has to be larp lol

please stop with these retarded larps, I'm tired of this bs. Every day there's "hur dur my gf found about my money look at these fake conversation".
The first 2 times it was funny, but not right now.

This. Im embarrassed for you. Fucking pathetic. And whos this oliver cunt. Probably her bull.

tell her you own bitconnect and its all tanked

Just tell her to fuck off please.

i just once want one of these to be real... is that too much to fucking ask?

Please keep this conversation going OP, this is entertaining as fuck. Fucking women lol.


You can tell by her tone and OP's tone that he's used to constantly being on the defensive. I bet 90% of their conversations are like this. Fuck that's sad.

tell her you moved it into bitconnect and panic sold when it tanked

>it's different
>woman who think they have a say on how you manage your money

this is the type of woman one should avoid. not all of them show their true faces until you've made fucktons of money. look at this bitch, she isn't happy about 110usd meal whilst its 1/4th of a somali's yearly income. tell her to shut the fuck up

Why would you keep it from your wife anyway? I post wojacks to my wife all the time

What a fucking bitch if this isn’t a LARP

>I know how stocks work
My fucking sides

what a bitch

Lmao the absolute state of this relationship. GET OUT SENPAI

id go no contact on any slut reacting like this. are you fucking braindead op? do you have any balls at all?

this must be trolling. i felt for it didnt i

just sending her quotes about humility and the virtues of being frugal, it'll be hilarious

It is great wealth to a soul to live frugally with a contented mind.- Lucretius

“Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.” —James W. Frick

“If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting.” —Benjamin Franklin

Really wouldn't worry to much. "Oops I lost my keys, all gone."

"just married"

keyword: just

>he fell for the women meme

GG You fucking revealed the amount you have in your investments. You could have just said you had a couple hundred dollars that you saved up from your coffee change that is put in to a few alt coins but theyre at a loss at the moment. You're fucked. You Fucked Up

Tell her you want to become a multi-millionaire.

go beat oliver's head in with a shovel

You're fucked better drop her now.

i know this is a larp, but i'm just gonna pretend because i want the chuckles

damn, that's not bad. get her to pity fuck your best friend and leave you because you're such a pathetic twat. stellar relationship ideas from the incels here on Veeky Forums


Op you just lost 50% of your crypto, money you made working,wealth everything gj thats what you deserve for marrying.

Who's Oliver? He is the rat, bros before hoes, always. Get him op

>is it because we’re married
Another one bites the dust


The absolute state of western women. Why do these cockroaches only care about a man's money?

Also, your wife is probably banging O or at least O wants to bang her. Furthermore, your wife is retarded for thinking that she doesn't have to work because you have 200k before taxes

Damn, Oliver turned out to be a snitch? wtf

>we're married

it's too late op, move everything in monero and "lose" your private key

She's crazy, but I hope that she cheats on you (I'll bet she already is.), because you're acting like a little bitch.

get out of this relationship. you have been warned.

Stop larping.
Too obvious.

>that parasite attitude
I refuse to believe this is real but also remind myself never reveal my gain.

Why the fuck do these kind of conversations even happen online? What kind of shit society is this?
You're fucking husband and wife in case this is not larp, just fucking argue and scream irl.

gg, sorry for your lost brother. Might want to call your lawyer real quick

The real issue here is how Olie is a fucking dog cunt

It's so obvious Oli is sleeping with your wife brah

This has to be a larp, OP.


Holy fucking shit dude, get the fuck out.


- You made a mistake not telling her
- You are honest now, but it's too late
- She seems like scum, cum dumptster who only wants you for your money
- She asks why you didn't go to a better place when you paid a 110$ bill. Fucking ungrateful pig.



fuck OP. looks like you gotta donate it all to charity to prevent this cunt from getting any of it.

if this is a larp accuse her of cheating on you with the olie

ahahaha this must be fake, if not.. dump that bitch

Dump, op. For real. Only gets worst.


God post more pls

My wife knows about my stack since day one (2 years ago).
Her only demand is that I don't spent ALL my time chasing shitcoin PnDs and a new sofa once I cashed out more than $1kk.
Just dump that greedy bitch OP

she doesn't respond anymore.
thinking about just runnning away

this fake message bullshit from gf/wife is old af, seen all the different arguments, fuck off.

Alright that killed it. Made the Larp to obvious. Fuck off OP

Fake and gay, just like OP

Congratz user, you discovered how people work. Oh hey I heard you got money, oh hey you're my best friend now, oh hey can I have something? Nop, oh hey fuck you motherfucker I hope you die, money changed you.

It's time for Oliver to get a beat down.

Cash out 5k for each of her sons, this will keep her quiet for a bit

virgin here, cant tell if this is real or not




This. OP, you are fucked. Just pay for expensive things, think of it like paying taxes. Sorry you had to fall for the scam of marriage.

Which is it?

Tell her that you got hacked, and were too embarrassed to say that you lost the investment early.

if its real and op was dumb enough to marry a woman like this, then he deserves the torment she will deliver upon him

may god have mercy on your soul

Oliver is fucking her on the side.

OP prepared to get rekt.

>thinks not telling her was a mistake

cuck spotted


just dont marry a cunt, user