Someone win already

I had a fucking horrible experience trying to buy some pizza with some crypto change last night. Converted it all to BTC and then sent it through BitPay and BitPay fucked me in the ass. Stay away from them. Stole 99% of the money. Had about 30 cents left after to pay for my pizza. Fucking scamming shits.

This makes me even more excited for a payment platform that's agnostic like REQ to release. Not saying to buy REQ, just excited for the product they will deliver.

Also fuck BTC

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Bitpay had a good product, it's Bitcoin that is no longer usable for payments. REQ is the future, very excited to pay this m'lady with Ethereum gains using the Request Network(TM) app on my Apple iPhone.

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I've been holding REQ for a long time and I am very discouraged today. Now we have to suffer a super long bleedout

Can't wait for this. I hope it stays pretty low key until the big March release.

this happens biweekly, because people pump it up with "super big news" and weak hands buy in.
It's good to accumulate Req, but it's best not to lead people into believing that it'll rocket to 5$ without a product yet. (still doing better than XLM)

Bought 20k REQ at £0.03 sold today at $0.60. Feels good man.

That 'update' kek

>selling req before launch
i hope you buy back in at under a dollar

There was no pump today though. That's the sad part.

>trying to buy some pizza

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Dude paying with Digibyte is literary no hassle...

> not using STK for point of sale transactions

When talking about product or if something is selling you also have to check if it's being talked about. The Reddit for REQ has 30k subscribers and only like 78 comments. That has me mega worried. Fuck, and I'm not good at catching moons. If someone would teach me I'd give them 15% of my earnings everytime

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No one was expecting anything desu. The main net is a few weeks out.

I'm holding my 250K until the product with cross-fiat functionality is out. WIll Sergey deliver his oracles by than time?

Amazing how much REQ, LINK have in common. I just wish I had exposure to ZRX as well. I feel I might regret it later,

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>req is going to basically be ethPay

I bought this shitcoin at 5 cents. This is really getting ridiculous. The only way it goes (from it's ATH) is down.


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No worries mate. Bitpay will switch to actual bitcoin (BCH) in february. Thats already confirmed.

You will buy your pizza with instant 0conf Bitcoin transactions for 1 cent fees as satoshi intended.

Also: bad LARP, bitpay limited segwit shitcoin payments to invoices of 100$+ weeks ago.

Req and Chainlink may end up working with each other:

"We have several ideas we will be working on, but are still unsure about which one will be the best. However, we are confident that one of these solutions will turn out as the best one in the future.

Solution 1:
A dev finds the solution and deploys it on Chainlink. We plug the oracle into Request. See this article."


article mentioned:

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The coin never really mooned. I don't think anyone was actually anticipating something big.


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They're also considering the following.
Solution 2: OmiseGo
Solution 3: Banks
Solution 4: Bankin, Mint, or Sofort
Solution 5: partnership with credit card

Their main concern is for a product that delivers no matter what solution they have to use.


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Big blockers so delusional they think Bch 8mb blocks that can only do 3-4million transactions/day is actually a meaningful scaling solution and won’t get slow and expensive at full blocks.



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