Should I sell my TRON (50% loss) and FUN (-23%) loss and buy vechain? I have ~£375

Should I sell my TRON (50% loss) and FUN (-23%) loss and buy vechain? I have ~£375.

>inb4 brainlet
Yes, I am a newbie.

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>should I sell my pump FOMO'd bags to FOMO into another pump?

i used to be like you. then i stopped chasing pumps.

please, before it's too late, just stop chasing pumps.

All in on ICOs. No one on this board will give a better advice than this one I garentee you this.

This. You have a shit stack and will never make it unless you get really lucky on a good project. You will probably lose it all but then again you never had enough to matter in the first place

Post skin, prove to me you're not a pajeet and this isn't some mind game.


Nice spinner bro.

i think tron still has something going for it. today they released this

>post skin
>actually posted his skin

That’s why I fcking love biz/pol

thought is was a spiked cockring

You bought both ATH thats your fault faggot

>a wild 28 year old phone appears

Should I sell my DBC (75% loss) and move it to literally anything

It's worth like a grand or so now

FOMO and unrealistic optimism got me bad. It comes with being new to this stuff, I think.

wipe down your fucking desk. You disgusting neet

Aren't we all NEETs?

Fuck you, you could be a light skin gook, show dick

Ven is a long term hold...
The rebranding is set to February
It will take time to actually make you some money but at least you’ve learned a lesson by chasing moons because of some pajeet shill...

By the way, ven for 50k? No.
Wait for the 40k sats or 45... 50 is too much and bitcoin will probably bounce a little bit today, so wait for those two options.
If you don’t have 24/7 free time, get out of tron, it’s a bump/dump shithole now and it’ll take time to recover

>european keyboard
>grimy, digusting, dusty ass monitor
>shitty discount glasses frames, implying inferior vision from hours of squinting over foetid pornography
>hand-me-down brick phone from 2006
>seven dollar keyboard
>no callouses on hands
>shitty alibaba fidget spinner
>giving financial advice
>not just killing self

Iam new at this too..

My first invest was in xrp when it was 3.40.. so that was a bit bad start for me but i still didnt give up.. so you guys are saying that we sould go all in on icos?
Plz halp!
here is my blackfolio

His keyboard is actually respectable.
No RGB eyestrain cancer.

Is that a Sony Ericsson? Great brand, I used to have a k700i.

lol yeah I'm actually asian

Poorfag who happens to have a daddy and mommy paying for everything shitting a guy who’s trying to make his life...
Red-dit? Are you a reddshit user? Stay there

I've been waiting on a TRON pump that goes above my initial investment for a while now. I FOMO'd so hard that I'm still seeing negative percentages. Fucksake.

The keyboard costed £120 idiot, its a mechnical keyboard recommended by /g/ keyboard enthusisast

Hold FUN until february
You wont be disappointed

dude... why the fuck are you diversifying with 180 euros? All in one coin. Even so, I really doubt you’ll make it at this point unless you have several thousand laying around

why do you even bother diversifying, at this rate with the amount of money you have in each they can go x100 and you'd still make fuck all, learn to swing trade, learn to take small profits every day instead of waiting for some pump and dump shit just to get justed, when you get to like 2k maybe put 1k in some long term hold, and keep making gains on the other one, when you have enough keep putting in to other long terms, rinse and repeat, it's really not worth it when you have this little

t. poorfag who started with 120$ and up to 210$ right now, and it also took me a while because I was stuck bagholding for about 2 months since I am retarded and went in on link at 30 cents right before it went to 15, I prob would've made some more money trading back then but was too stubborn to sell at a loss

Show your two Libreboot/Coreboot Thinkpads or you're a poser.

only neckbeards have those

You realize coin to coin trade is a taxable event?

you realize I'm not from the US and where I'm from it isn't right? I also have a flat 10% tax in my country. Besides if you ever need it binance and most exchanges let you print out every trade you've made, so it really is a non issue, and also if I make 110k and end up with 99k I'm pretty much set so idc.

B-but user... the tracknipple...