ChainLink realism thread

So, has this just devolved into a swing trade coin for day traders or are we actually going to see anything we were expecting of it?

The volume dropped by two million in the last 48 hours and is now half of what it was on January 13th, relatively just a few days ago.

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>has this just devolved into a swing trade coin for day traders
yeah, just like ANS did.

This is a very mature thread, please post in it.

>Too many HODLers.
Its hard to expect anything because most other coins are in a sideways market right now. If you see the distribution of people who hold the currency, you will notice that the top few hold more than 90%. There is clearly serious concentration. Also a lot of manipulation by whales.I think it is price suppression and accumulation but i feel like we will see real swings in price only when major events take place. Also, the overall crypto activity has dropped since the crash. I guess HODling/accumulating is the best option for now . I feel the max return we could expect would be a 40x. That would technically put it on par with a Mcap equal to NEO which is something similar. So that would imply a price of $25. This is probably my least conservative estimate. my Most conservative estimate would be less than $10. The idiots screaming 1k USD have no clue about shit. As you said, the volume just isnt there atm.

... you mean NEO?

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This a very optimistic post.

Just to get some perspective, how are you viewing the future of BTC then?

The global derivative market is somewhere between $0.6 quadrillion to $1.4 quardrillion big for which the LINK tken will serve as an exchange medium.

Assuming no LINKs are used for nodes or anything and all supply is in circulation but there is no compeditor then the market cap of LINK and the derivativemarket should be equal.

thus 1 LINK will be worth around $3 to $3.5 million

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Very expert analysis

I personally see BTC and cryptos in general as a whole new asset class and not merely a currency.
My reasons include:
>People "value" it like equity
>Trades like a currency
>Returns blow hedge funds out of the water
>Volatility is beyond anything any other asset class has seen

If this is true then most large funds are going to want a piece of the action and they would definitely use it mainly because of its diversification benefits and relatively low correlation with other asset classes.

As for the future, I think it is going to grow. For perspective the global swaps market is 400 Trillion USD as opposed to Cryptos in general which is sub 600B USD.
There is major potential for growth and I still feel like we are in the infant stages of this. I would like to be a value investor in this world of cryptos where everyone is speculating and day trading. I think the best course of action would be to DYOR intelligently and bravely.

The handle for the cup is forming as we speak, volume is supposed to go down.

What are the implications of this?


Google "cup and handle".


Good post.

bouta start calling it a milk and oreo formation. finna stash my oreo on that handle and i be dunkin.



>somewhere between $0.6 quadrillion to $1.4 quardrillion big

$2.00 LINK

That is not weird because Derivatives have 2 counterparties so at any point, the value of the contract is going to swing between the long or the short party. By saying 1.4 to 0.6 he implies that there is a +/- 400 Quad value. Not sure about the accuracy of the numbers though.

>welcome to gamestop

Isn't this getting listed on a Korean exchange tonight?

What will happen to the price

A Chinese one, Huobi.
It's among the biggest by daily volume.

>What will happen to the price
It's been dumping for a few hours now.

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link will die soon

>This is your brain on too much FOMO

This is, indeed, a swing trade coin while there are no milestones in a near time frame. After every little milestone reached there will be a pump, which will stablish a new volume standard and a higher floor.

You can profit in the short term but also in the long term with Chainlink. There is more profitable coins in the short term though, but you risk missing the price singularity.

Need more answers

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More volume more Pump. But wont be a moon mission for sure.


Look at the chart, it's been dumping for about five hours straight.
Apparently getting listed on big exchanges is very bad now.

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Thank you, should i sell 75% now or hold?

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Chainlinks value in order for it to be useful has to be around 1 USD. Sorry linkies, but its true.

Holy shit I love this coin. First everyone ignores that the last commit on their actual code is from November 2017 and now their github is down entirely.

It's an absolute meme by now. Funny thing is that even I hold around 600 of those fuckers just for the lulz.

lol guess what this is a meme coin

Deposits open on Huobi today. Trading will start in 2 days.

Daily volume is about $1.4B. Which is $400M higher than Bittrex.

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It'll cost millions to run a real node. This is unlikely.

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Stupid shit like this dump are exactly why I don't day trade Link.
I just hodl.

Um no sweetie, its called reality.

we'll be on 2 of the top 10 exchanges in volume soon. looking good into the future with conferences, testnet, mainnet and marketing director after mainnet


anyone monitoring wallets to see how much link is being transferred to this gook exchange? currently it's 6th largest exchange by volume.

Are they going to market ChainLink or LINK?

Can you tell me in what way my post is FUD? It's the main chainlink github. There's another one called chainlink-ruby, but also this one has seen no activity at all since November 2017.


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>the top few hold more than 90%
To be fair, this is the case with pretty much every token. Subtract the developers' holdings and the distribution looks better.

Yea i was unaware of this. Like I have seen promoter stake in firms at 50-60% which is a healthy range but 90% is actually seen as a bad thing. Then again, I was comparing this to equity shareholder metrics. I am sure crypto is very different.

how much should i put into this in % realistically ?

As much as you can afford to lose.

If you want an idea of how much LINK will be traded there, look at REQ.

It'll be a nice increase in volume, and will lead to stabilization, but I doubt a moon is coming because of this.


A good amount. It has a decent upside. Finding a reasonable estimate is hard because the implications of it when it takes off are really hard to gauge. If you are brave go 100% because this is not a scamcoin. If you want to be cautious go for something less. But make sure that this is in your top 3 atleast.

> Are they going to market Ethereum or ETH?

>DYOR intelligently and bravely
You heard it guys, acquire BAT!

If you are an impatient cunt with ADHD who needs the devs to shill you on Twitter daily, 0%.

If you understand the importance of patience, 30-60% of your folio.

Where are you getting the exchange volume rankings?
According to this we're already on #2 binance and #4 OKex. Huobi is $6
Forgive me if I am mistaken

They are 2 different things bruv. LINK is the coin and ChainLink is the name of the project including the crypto. What I meant was whether its going to be like TRX where its all about the coin or they are going to market the project that the coin backs.

good image but needs to be bigger

Till what point are you guys going to accumulate? Will you stop accumulating once it crosses 1$?

They will market ChainLink, whats the point of marketing a token?
By marketing CL you're marketing LINK
By marketing LINK (without the product itself) you're a money grabber


mmm yes very erudite and sober analysis sir

I'm done accumulating. 100k LINK was my goal.

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that's reasonable. i imagine huobi and binance have the same customer base, more or less. i think the timing of their listing is curious though; probably in preparation of initial implementation. i think huobi and buyers there will want to accumulate as much as they can before the super conference so i don't expect it to make the price increase much.

>I feel the max return we could expect would be a 40x. That would technically put it on par with a Mcap equal to NEO which is something similar

That alone is proof that /nubiz/ is actually retarded. The fact that nobody has called you out for that is proof.

yes. i'm just praying to satan it stays down for a few more weeks so i can dump all this icx and double my stinky stack

It may take more time till people get a hold of this coin and over that some more time for research and major whales to accumulate. We may have a decent runway boiis.

>praying to satan

And what is your argument exactly big boii?

no. the old way is to ignore stupid shit. responding to every shitpost is new behavior and always has been. comparing chainlink to neo is obvious bait.

Yeah I'm sure it will never ever go up again not even when the mainnet is released and people are staking nodes and it definitely won't go up during the bitcoin superconfrence. Why even buy anymore?

i wouldn't believe you either way

what happens to link's price when the crypto market cap increases from ~600 billion to 1 trillion? 3 trillion? 10 trillion?

this is the preferred method of financial analysis for crypto brainlets. "well tron is worth X so this could easily go to Y" even when the 2 are completely unrelated

>what happens to link's price when the crypto market cap increases from ~600 billion to 1 trillion?

Depends on about a hundred factors. Could be $10, could be $50, could be $100. Anyone who tries to predict the price at this point in time needs a neckshot.

All we know is that the project has extreme potential. Patience is a virtue.

>t. Brainlet
the number of factors that will influence that are more than the number of dads you have.

>meme lines
you do realize TA is basically astrology right?

Sometimes yes, sometimes no.
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> I feel the max return we could expect would be a 40x. That would technically put it on par with a Mcap equal to NEO which is something similar. So that would imply a price of $25. This is probably my least conservative estimate.

putting a ceiling figure like this on link with static figures where nothing changes is dog shit stupid