How the fuck are banks going to use ripple, eth or something that is so volatile?

Won't they just create their own blockchain that can't be traded anywhere and fuck us over?

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Just let the retards learn the hard way.

>something that is so volatile
They need the token and technology, volatile value on auctions doesn't matter.

im a dumbfag.

why does volatility not matter?

Imagine they need to transfer 10k

>buy XRP for 10k in country A
>send XRP to country B
>sell XRP in country B

This whole transaction takes less than 10seconds (actually faster I think)

How far could the price possibly change in that timeframe?

Value isn't stored in the coin it's just a token used to confirm the transfer of whatever you're sending

Just JUST the retards the JUST way.

they wont. Literally 4 monthsd ago the big banks said they would create their own blockchain and NOT use riipple. Its a scam you newfag moron

value is transfered as credit not as the token which means the token is "useless". I think Stellar > ripple

got it

all in eth and xrp

It'll probably lock the value it's at the moment the transaction begins. Is that hard to understand?

That's not how it would be used at all if the bank was involved.

You are absolutely right, they will use ETH or BCH or whatever has liquidity that is not speculative. It's probably gonna be ETH when futures are announced so they can own the underylying and hedge against volatility with futures. It could also possibly be BTC if it's ever fixed and used for non-speculative purposes but I doubt that.

it does, he's the dumbfag

First of all, banks in the US used to issue their own fiat currencies up until 1913 when the Federal Reserve was created. It was inefficient, and the different bank currencies would trade at a discount according to the market's perception of the bank's solvency.

Imagine that we return to this situation today. Bank A has its own blockchain and issues BankCoinA. It wants to send $1 Billion in value to Bank B, which has its own blockchain and issues BankCoinB. They will simply use XRP as the bridge currency.

>Sell BankCoin A -- Buy XRP
>Send XRP
>Sell XRP -- Buy BankCoin B

Read about interledger protocol. Everything of value in the economy is going to be tokenized and put on a blockchain. XRP will trade against all other tokens and blockchains.

>they will use ETH or BCH or whatever has liquidity that is not speculative

The ETH network is being squatted on by digital feral cats like a dilapidated victorian mansion. BCH is less shitty BTC.

Have you ever sent XRP from wallet to wallet? It's a professional business product that takes 4 seconds and costs less than 1/100th of a penny. There have been multiple $1+ Billion transactions with XRP in the past few weeks. Settled in 4 seconds with a cost of less than 1/100th of a penny.


Also why wouldnt they just use something like tether?

maybe thats a stupid question but I have no clue how tether works

That's exactly how it will be used. What are you talking about??


wait a minute.. are you telling me that multinational corporations with trillions in capital can just use a technology that is literally free for everyone without the help of some autismo neets from the internet?

Hmmm yesterday i found an option for XRP FUTURES... BACKED BY CME GROUP!!!

why would they use something that is centralized?


>that is literally free
That's exactly why they'd use it.

Why would they use something that has governance problems and is controlled by chinese miners?

You're ignoring the fact that if they're going to use it they still have to convert to fiat in that scenario, incurring exchange fees and having to deal with a volatile market. Retard.

Banks won't actually be transferring cash through XRP itself, they're going to use it to verify their B2B transfers and burn the small amount of XRP needed.


You're genuinely retarded if you believe this. You're right in that it basically is digital fiat, which is exactly why it won't last as a currency. The entire point of crypto is killing fiat.

The top 10% wealthiest people in the world control a collective $500+ Trillion in wealth.

>They want memecoins and cryptokitties.

>the new fiat will be some retarded shitcoin issued from private scam entity and shilled on vietnamese tard-board by its user-base consisted by normies and cryptoidiots.

Just kill yourself. Life is obviously pain for you.

They will just put the SDR on hyperledger. XRP won't be the new world money...

>centralized bank using decentralization
what kind of dumb fuckery is this. we want to remove the middle man you dumb fucking cunts. you dip cunts are falling for some fancy sound bytes to shill literally worthless coins.

Lol xrp is the SDR but everyone seems to be tooooo retarded to see it


They will NEVER use it and that’s the funniest part. Who is in ripple is being buttcucked. Just go and look how many coins the ceo owns. Maybe that’ll change your mind

friendly reminder that visa and mastercard are working on their own blockchain with tokenized sovereign currencies
shitcoins are about to get BTFO

>SDR issued and controlled by private company.

Why don't you check your head or something?

Friendly reminder that visa and mastercard are somehow ALREADY INVOLVED IN RIPPLE
Please go to die.
Buy a rope and kill urself.

So they can steal their technology and make it better lmao. Ripple is going nowhere. You fucks are getting your dick hard right now for 2-3x gains. I’ll make that off a shit coin in a few hours. You fuckers are making Ford Taurus money with ripple just know that.

Get out of ripple or stay poor faggots

I bet youve told me that already a year ago. LOL sorry for your unrealized profits

>the entire point is to kill the only form of currency that can truly be traded anonymously

lmao top kek

Even friendlier reminder. That they can fork them if they need their shitty technology.

But they obviously do not give a shit. OK?

Maybe it's time for designated suicide street my dear Pajeet? OK?

1 year fast forward
XRP 30$ you are still here and trying to convince others its useless like bitcoin is :)

so edgy soyboy. i bet those ripple bags are getting heavy huh?
are you already your own bank or nah faggot?
Mastercard’s blockchain operates independently of a cryptocurrency, and instead accepts payments in traditional local money.
“We are not using a cryptocurrency, and we are not introducing a new cryptocurrency, because that introduces other challenges—regulatory, legal challenges,” says Justin Pinkham, a senior vice president at Mastercard Labs, who leads the credit card company’s blockchain initiatives. “If you do a payment, then what we can do is move those funds in the way that we do today in fiat currency.”

Friendly reminder you posted no proof
Please post proof
Buy a brain and use it

>1 year fast forward
>XRP 30$ you are still here and trying to convince others its useless like bitcoin is :)
This 2018 prediction made doesn't think so

lmao they can drop cripple anyime now
if they implement blockchian into the mastercard/visa network shitcoins will get rekt so fucking hard that the only argument they will have is
>muuuh decentralization
decentralize my ass


>XRP 30$
Wtf retard even the Bitconnect scam is $35 right now.

lol your IQ is laughable. kys.
here. visa is about to do the same thing.
shitcoins don't stand a chance
what will be their pros? volatility lmao?

Check out this coin.

This is what we need.

Yes, because to publicly announce that they are abandoning the dollar would result in worldwide financial collapse. Instead they disguise the new fiat as a retarded shitcoin issued by a private scam entity shilled on a vietnamese tard-board so that they can gradually transition to it without worldwide financial collapse. The normies and cryptoidiots have more than enough opportunity to buy it when it's cheap, so they have no right to say it's unfair.

You need to get on their level. They're obviously a few steps ahead of you.


Any bank or major credit card company will hire their own gooks and nerds to create and blockchain for them selves where they can control the price and supply + have it especially catered to them if you think they'll adopt ripple you're a fucking idiot. Ripple is just getting shipped to everyday people my sister is a NP in a hospital and they're all talking about ripple because of news thinking they will be rich it's only hype and will eventually fall down.

Wish I dropped my ripple bags at $4.

how many?

>and they're all talking about ripple because of news thinking they will be rich
one reason to have bought in cheap....sell one it hits $3+ again lol

TFW normies ultimately win the cryptogame.


Big misconception. Banks are not using xrp coins..they are using the blockchain with their own private tokens. But, with the success of Japanese banks saving tons in fees last year. Many other banks are looking for their own blockchains.

The masses don't know how to buy these shit coins the most 99% of the money coming into this know how to go on coinbase and buy because it's simple. Transferring to an exchange then trying to buy while looking at candle charts and price fluctuations would make the average person who works hard for a paycheck nervous.

Delusional artists.
Always the same autistic sports here

Tell em how it is bruh

I have bought Ripple at 0.8, but it was very low amount. I didn't want to sell my other coins ATL. Could have made quick 2x. Fuck me.

Hey user I’m a new poor fag and trying to pick some good alts for the year to pay for some family’s surgery coming up next year. Rather than work as a wagecuck and drop out of school. Is this source legit? I’m currently holding some bags of POE,FUN, ADA, TNT,OST, and some heavy Tron bags that I picked up near the ICO... you think it would be wise to get rid of my 300 ripple for some more ADA? Or do you think I should hodl what I have in case some bot starts jacking up XRP randomly?

You don't actually understand what fiat means, do you user

>guise rippl gonna have $3 trillion market cap in a year

Good luck with that

Do you believe that NO CRYPTOCURRENCY can have a $3 Trillion market cap, or just that XRP can't have a $3 Trillion market cap?

I wish I hat time to learn how blockchain transaction speed works.
As of now I can't even tell if a project is spaghetticode or not.

They're not, they're going to use the ripple network and rCurrent. I'd tell you that if you wanted to make money of ripple you should buy stock, not coins, but then it went from 0.9 - 1.6 in a couple of days, so... Buy low, sell high.

>The entire point of crypto is killing fiat.
thinking banks give a shit about this lmao at your life

is it a brand new ford taurus?


This. Furthermore, the various governments of the Western world aren't going to accept taxes paid with Chuck E Cheese tokens, nor will they use such tokens to purchase aircraft carriers for $4 Billion, or fighter planes for $80 million. They're going to use a currency that they design to meet every one of their needs and desires. Everyone knows it's XRP, they're just trying to fight it.

Usually I'd be just as skeptical, but the whole point of Chuk E Cheese tokens is that if people use them it doesn't matter if the government doesn't like it.

If the transactions last mere seconds, sender buys as much as they need sends to the receiver and receiver auto sells back to their fiat.

Or they just lend lend XRP from Ripple. Fixed fee.

Ripple could have their own fiat to xrp exchange with hundreds of pairs

The government makes the laws, not the people. Why do you think your wallet and bank account is full of intrinsically worthless Federal Reserve Notes? Why do people wage-cuck for FRN's, and exchange $Trillions of goods and services for FRNs? Why do people do this when they used to use gold and silver? Because the government said so.

If I had any faith in the modern government being sustainable in its current form I would be investing in index funds, not funny money.

They're not. You're being scammed. Drop this.

It took Rome 500 years to rise and 500 years to fall. The governments of the West are alot more sustainable than they appear.

XRP won't be so funny when they pump $50 Trillion into it and use it as a debt jubilee to save the global financial system and lay the foundation for at least the next 100 years.

> This entire time... it was all for the cryptokitties.

well i hold a bunch of ETH too so if that dumbass post is right i'll be rich anyway

They have no plans to use ripple.

We're not talking about markets here.
Crypto was never about markets, it's an exchange method, it has its own value.

Hell yeah.

ETH and utility tokens are the way of the future.

>Crypto ...has its own value.

Yes. It's value is comparable to the value of any other currency. The value of all paper and electronic central bank currencies is at least $90 Trillion worldwide. I am saying that they will pump XRP until it's value is about $50 Trillion and then use it as the new world reserve currency.

Why would the banks let common people get rich off their coin. Every normie and their mom holds XRP. They would make their own coin that isnt shilled on TV

The banks and corporations are going to get the richest of all. They've been buying it directly from Ripple for years, and in many cases, Ripple has been giving it away to banks and corporations for free. They common people need to make some money off of it too because if they don't have an opportunity to buy it when it's cheap, it will be considered unfair. Whenever a new currency is launched, they always give the common people an opportunity to exchange the old for the new. Furthermore, the banks and corporations would be OK with common people making alot of money off XRP because right now the average person has unsustainable debt and too little disposable income to be of economic use anymore. Dumb people with money is not a threat to the system because they will spend the money in a few years.

There's value in an unregulated market.
I'm not singly talking about XRP.
As said, XRP, being centralized is a utility token. It's not the core of crypto.

>There's value in an unregulated market.

Yes, but how much value?

$90 Trillion - worldwide central bank paper and electronic money
$80 Trillion - worldwide stock markets
$215 Trillion - worldwide bond markets
$215 Trillion - worldwide real estate

All these markets are regulated. So how much value is in your unregulated autistic economic utopia? Even when drug dealers and other black market criminals make money, they move their earnings into REGULATED markets such as real estate, stocks and bonds.

you're a fucking retard. Please keep buying ripple

It's called speculation.
You put resources in something you think will be worth more in the future.
If I knew the exact answer to your question I wouldn't need to look at a single graph for the rest of my life.

The GDP of worldwide black markets is about $20 Trillion.

Would you please explain how you think XRP works. Humor me, imagine a world where banks were forced to use XRP, how would that work out for them?