You like free money user?

You like free money user?

> IOST - Internet Of Services Token
> Next-gen ecosystem for online services
> Launched very recently, under the radar, only 3 days on cmc
> Big inverstors
> Currently only on chink exchanges
> Growing every day, now at 0.04$

As promotion they're doing an airdrop, you can get 68 free tokens here:

> Enter your eth address
> Retweet the tweet as verification
> Get a free 2.5$ worth of IOST

Don't miss out Veeky Forums, it's cheap now, but this might go x10 in a month

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it's not really that cheap but I signed up with ur link because it's a decent project, I bookmarked it for the next dip maybe

Used yours^^ Followed the steps. It's a ponzi but it's early.
This is mine :ttps://

ok fine, I'll post mine too:

Please consider using my referral:

0 referals :(((
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used one of the above - cheerrs

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Help me, have 0 :

3 days on cmc
already x2
most traded coin on huobi, more than btc and eth

I think 0.10 before eom

i put my ETH wallet, did I fucked up? Do I need a specific wallet?


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IOST, an innovative scalable ecosystem for decentralized services, is now available on Huobi, CEX, OKex.
Follow @IOStoken and invite your friends to get 68 IOST for FREE :

protip: make a new eth adress on my etherwallet and a new twitter acc and use your own link for more gains ;)

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