Cardano is about to announce that they are in talks with Barbados to make Cardano their official currency

Cardano is about to announce that they are in talks with Barbados to make Cardano their official currency.

They will hard-fork to give the government of Barbados 5% of the supply vesting over 20 years.

I hope you understand how big of a deal that is.

Comfy +50% in two hours.

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I'm going to laugh my ass off when the news breaks out this afternoon.

Remember my tripcode!

more fake news to boost a failing alt coin

Source plz

Thats some creative fomo right there. Why barbados though? Random country generator? The rest was good.

Source is me faggot, I'm doing this thread for posterity and the pink wojaks when it actually breaks out

So no sources but on the other hand, you will be able to verify it yourself in a couple hours.

honestly, i believe this and hold ada
what would Barbados have to lose?
their money aint worth shit anyways

Hrmmm...I don't know how I feel about this.

I mean...Bardbados has like 0 impact on the world economy.

So this will do what...bump cardano like 10% - then it'll drop 5%.

I dunno mang.

Relax user, I'm sitting very very comfy in ada, just don't wanna fap off to this news only to end up with blueballs

Thanks for the tip user, goin in!

This is probably the dumbest shit I've ever seen on biz

you actually think this is believable?

My family is from Barbados, this is not happening. Neat to see my comfy, irrelevant island homeland mentioned on Veeky Forums though.

I thought this was self-explanatory but being recognized as a national currency of a nation-state (no matter how small) grants you very favorable treatment in terms of financial regulations.

No one gives a fuck about Barbados. It's just a cool hack that Cardano has found to break into mainstream.

pathetic at this point

user here breaking news madagascar is making dogecoin currency, expect big returns
fuk u

Furthermore, if you've actually been to Barbados, you would understand that they do not have anywhere near the infrastructure needed to make this happen.

>Nobody gives a fuck about Barbados
Good, fuck off from my country. You're not making any money with your shitcoin there.

It's a legal play, do you understand that other countries have reciprocity agreements?

>He thinks some people will believe him



Im an official from Barbados and were not adopting a new currency soon.

Don't worry TonyM, I believe you. I think if any crypto has the chance at becoming some type of adoptable coin, it would be ADA. Charles even said himself that it necessarily doesn't have to replace the legacy system, it can just be the monetary system that third world countries and other countries that don't have such a robust financial system as america and europe have.

Im an official from Barbados and we are adopting a new currency soon.


You’re welcome.

im a barbados and what is this

just bought 100k barbados

Holy fucking shit OP. I think you are right. That youtube video confirms it. GUYS WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO.

I am Barbados. We no use shitcoin.

>Going to shake up the entire nation for the small percentage of people who work outside of the country.

Cellular network in Barbados is still very infantile, and most people do not have smart phones if they have one at all. Then there is a large part of the population that is spread throughout rural villages. This would also definitely hurt the tourism industry. New smart phones in Barbados are like $3000, not even memeing. A lot of people still use pre paid flip phones.

You do not know what you're talking about, FUCK OFF, and stay away from my country. Your shitcoin with no product is not being adopted.

Yeah I think you mean 54m1s

You're welcome faggot.

you do not know de way, kangis

>A lot of people still use pre paid flip phones.

Cardano is partly inspired by this:

OP may be on to something. Look at the Twitter profile and some of the recent tweets of the CEO of Bitt (crypto payment platform based in Barbados)

>hardforking to give a government money.
>you think this is cool

It's not gonna do shit untill btc starts moving.

Rihanna will be the face of Cardano. Rihanna has 86 million followers on Twitter. x10000000 incoming.

You're such a massive ignoramus faggot.

The central bank from Barbados just has to create a liquidity pairing Barbados dollar to ADA. Mutliple currencies can co-exist.

Your family will stay pay for their cattle in Barbados dollars for now. On the other end ADA gets automatic international recognition as a currency (not a commodity). That also means people will be able to trade it on traditional FOREX markets.

Do you understand?

Thanks OP you're right, i'm excited for us to make money


Either way just way a couple hours

You will who's right

Are you pajeet shills gonna pnd ada? Can you push it up to 8000 sats so i can get off this shit coin?

OP what is your source by the way? And what is your background/connection to this news?

thanks bought 100k

>he fell for the barbados meme

I was only asking questions. See my post: This might be a legit connection. Buy the rumor, sell the news

kek cardano first mover on forex

bold move, really brilliant if this is real and they pull it off

I wouldn't buy shit based on a goofy rumor like this, but I will laugh my ass off with you OP if its real

beanie babies

Central bank is not going to do that lmao. ADA doesn't even have a working product. You said 50%+ an hour ago. I hope this thread is still up in another hour, so I can call you a retard.

OP give us a crypto address so that if you're right we can give u some coins.

hes probably holding bags from around jan 3rd and desperately trying to pump ada enough to get rid of them. dumbass bought at the all time high.

pajeet tier barbadosing

ADA is a solid buy so whether or not this is true, who cares, anyone holding ADA will make money in 2018

Fake fucking news.
Yes, there is an actual leak behind this fake news but it's actually RaiBlocks and the country is Tibet.
Don't mention this post ever again.

> Too late. Cancel the deal.


Please keep the bullshit lies to shitcoins. This coin actually has a bright future and we don't need pajeets buying into it or fake PnD.

It's disgusts me to see a pajeet scammer try to use my homeland's name for his stupid pump. I agree that ADA could be a good coin. Strong emphasis on could, right now it's still at the ground phase, and to try and imply that a country is going to adopt it as a national currency is fucking ridiculous.

Wait and see faggot

It's most likely bullshit, but anyway a random biz rumor post can't do shit to a 17B market cap coin.

Yo, give us an address to throw you some coin if true.

OP is right can confirm, as he said waint and see
Curious how you got this info tho

Is Barbados your home country? I don't think you've mentioned it yet..

then confirm somehow

50 minutes left boi

LARPing aside, if someone has a rumor they either can't say, or they heard it from someone, or they'd get in trouble from a leaked document. I doubt there's a document, but if anything something so and so said in the company. Thus, there would be no tangible proof.

If true, good. If false, PBC said it's a buy up to 90 cents so long term you're fine either way. If you don't think ADA will re-test $1.00-$1.25 again, you are mistaken.

One hour later, ADA devs announce they are abandoning the project. OP indeed laughs his ass off and shouts


Aight, I'll bite for 1 ETH.

U fucking idiots.. its linked with btc.. and is gonna fucking dump.

Hacked is calling for BTC to fly.

While cnn and bbc are shitting on bitcoin nonstop. We are going to 8k or 7k before any bullrun.

It's linked with BTC. But ADA is mid-long term going to do well anyways.


Im an official from Barbados and I can confirm this

i am a faggot from barbados and i can confirm this


I AM Barbedos

Black people in Barbados can't confirm shit because all they trade is mud, and broom sticks. Barbados is supposed to become a tax-free haven for crypto.

Going to dump to 4600 sats in 50min.. get ready to buy in faggits

Grenada here. Fuck this pajeet shilling

Boborda is going to become a tax-free haven and it's going to be Ada as the official currency, do you not get this yet

They bought in, dump it.

Meh, I believe that it will become or already is a tax-free haven. I don't know what you mean by "official currency" but I could see Barbados adopting it as a currency that is endorsed by Barbados. It would be a good way for Barbados to bring money into their country turning it into a crypto tax haven.

That said, I am more keen in believing that OP is lying, but it's a dumb lie because ADA is a top tier coin endorsed by Teeka Masala to go to 90 cents or above.

LOL, not much volume changed because of this biz page.

c [A] [R] d [A] n [O]
b [A] [R] b [A] d [O] s


>mfw barbados

They also plan to introduce it in Tortuga and Papua New Guinea, can expect x10.

OP, our impatient asses don't see shit yet. Come on mayne, did ya really try to PnD Cardano? You should've done something like Dentacoin ffs. Not a top tier coin.

>50% gains he said

the counter shilling in here is retarded Why call OP out if you have no idea yourselves?



OmiseGo and Cardano partnership confirmed

U got 8 min left to pump it 50% u pussy biotch

Is OP are you just LARPING? Since you made that call Cardano price hasn't fallen, or gone up. What do you gain from a call like this? Did you think you'd make the price go up 5% or some shit? Jesus, how poor are you?

No one called out OP. Just saying if he's going to give false news, why try to effect the price of ADA which won't move unless it actually happens, or if BTC falls.

In other words, he'd have been better off shilling some crap coin like COLX. In other words, OP has nothing to gain from trying to lie to people. If he's right, then great.

OP if you're just larping, you're wasting everyone's time. Do something better with your life if you want to stop working at McDonalds.

OTOH, if you are correct, congrats. That simple.

It wouldn't be the first time someone lies on Veeky Forums.

Tick tock pajeets.. time to put your poo where your loo is.

Thanks just bought 100k

People lie on Veeky Forums? When did this become a thing?

Yup, but there's no downside in throwing money on ADA. It's a solid coin. That's the funny thing.

The downside is the money could make much better gains in other coins.

FUCK YOU OP. Oh wait, thank you. Since I bought, I made 2% gain, and price has remained stable. Hope the troll was worth it, stay poor faggot.

There aren't any good non-shit tier coins that have moved much in the last few hours. Today's been a boring day overall. Either BTC dips, or goes up, and alts move accordingly. Big woop.

bro the nothing-he-gets from larping should indicate that it's true.

look at the buy walls on binance :^)