What did you buy with your shitcoin profits Veeky Forums?

What did you buy with your shitcoin profits Veeky Forums?

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More shitcoins obviously

is there a prostitutecoin yet?

i invest it into real estate, stocks, or more this coins

i don't buy toys because i'm not a retarded manchild


>David Huiskamp
Everytime goddammit


Implying you can cash out crypto

a new exhaust

Nikon D7200

Apparently high end Lego sets are a good 2x investment. You buy and wait for them to go out of production.

Nintendo Switch

More shitcoins. Also a ps4


yeah, but im not looking to double 300 bucks, no offense that is legit pocket change

This. We're just measuring epeen

noice. what glass?

I spent 0.1 BTC on chaturbate tokens a year ago and about half a bitcoin on some steam games.

Buy in bulk retard.

I legit have 20 Lego millennium falcons in my basement.

ITT: Idiots wasting money on stupid shit. I hope you never make it.


Spending money is fun

>swimming pool
>literally feet away from the ocean

theres no sharks or other mad shit in the pool though

Spending money before making it is dumb as fuck.

The dip.

lol, that's so fucking small time

>Soyboy switch
>Spending money on manchild tools


Flipping graphics cards is way easier and gives you returns much faster

How can he go to the moon if he spent his profit buying toys for children?

Sandwiches for days


I bought a gold coin and some silver coins. Cashed a shitload out to USD last year, only bought back in recently with a few hundred bucks.


Same. Tax free crypto gains because gold is CGT exempt!

Is BTC a shitcoin?
Index funds.

>dgw you a land shared with these mongoloids