Reddit is much better for real discussions

You guys are just meming and calling each other niggers and fagoots. 99% of the posts in here are just shilling stuff you hold in case it goes $0.0000001 higher so that you can finally afford that acne creme you need for your infected asshole.

Luckily, reddit exists and people can have normal conversations there.

So go post on Reddit then. Why are you here?

I enjoy watching pajeets shilling you for shit and you buying it.

90% on biz is crap
10% is diamonds
find the diamonds and you make more money than ever reddit normie ever would

/r/cryptocurrency is full of faggots who have no idea what they're talking about but won't acknowledge it. Veeky Forums is full of faggot NEETs who post memes and sluts to have fun. Veeky Forums also knows coins way before Reddit. Veeky Forums shilled me on both ETH and ANS before Reddit even knew what the fuck they were.

This. If I had a shit coin for everytime some pretentious reddit faggot came here shit their opinion that reddit is "where real discussion happens," Id be on the moon.

I find it hilariously ironic that your own post contributes to the lack of discussion which you seem to have issue with here. Fuck off my board you hypocritical, Norman faggot

If you want bag holders are us Reddit is that way you son of a trog. If you want it real come to biz

Today on Veeky Forums airdrops - airdrops - pajeets

It's not your board you neckbearded yeast infected cunt

That second half is directed toward op, I knew he'd read it. He doesn't deserve the you.

Nice ad homenim argument, got anything stronger? Because you are still a pretentious hypocrit, even if I'm a gay.

my dad works for reddit he said Veeky Forums has AT LEAST 19 more IQ points per post

pls upboat my post


how much have you lost on what coins?
i can taste the salt

>Complains about the shills and memes
>Not having an IQ over 180 necessary to read biz posts
>Not making 300% profit within 1 day of reading biz shitposts

Poor little normie, here, I'll give you a tip. Go all in on trtl coin - it's the next ethereum

>You guys are just miming and calling each other niggers and fagoots
ok pal

Fuck off justin

Go back, faggot

>wants to be spoon fed
>cant filter out information by himself
those redditors spoon feeding you also have ulterior motives but they package it in a queer friendly manner. This is why you'll always be poor. Queer.

>OP getting absolutely blow the fuck out of his own /thread.

Keep it up lads, may be he won't come back

Haha yeah abortion is totally the woman’s right, right guys? Fucking Drumpf

> Be that much of a spastic
> Entertaining higher IQ entities by being such spastic
> Think i will pass on free entertainment like that

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>Veeky Forums in a nutshell
Anybody who isn't a newfag knows this

What's wrong buddy, didn't see
Because you are only repeating youself

Hey fuck off you dick sucking nigger faggot ok????

> Can't even reply to my actual post
> Calls me newfag

lmao fucktard

There's no honest discussion on reddit. The truth and uncomfortable opinions for the normies always gets downvoted, because 99.99% of the users are faggots.

>this post is the 10% of the thread that is 90% shit
you proved it yourself kek


yes hello sir me is Rajet from call centre pls buy FUN sir

enjoy your shit memes

I do like the frog doll here a lot. I bought one already

I called you a pretentious hypocrit, not a newfag. I also called you a faggot, which I believe is sound.
Are you still going off about saying it's my board? Do you really think I believe it's mine? Mean while, you are pandering yourself to other when you say
which is even more hypocritical after you accused me of doing the same thing in my other post where I said you were getting absolutely penetrated in your own /thread. Why are you still here?

> Mean while


You know what, i would rather have pajeets on this board than (you) plebbitors. Pajeets shitcoin sometime actually fucking moon, and they do their research before shilling their coins, unlike (you) plebbitors, come here and asking for us spoon feed (you) everything. (You) are like fucking niggers of internet
GTFO of my board you piece of fuck

>my board

My spelling is all you can comment on? That's cool, I'd hate for you to actually face the substance of my post.
I notice your caps lock is on, you getting a little angry big fella? Why don't you coddle you frog doll, faggot.

> coddle you frog doll, faggot.

Too busy fucking your pajeet sister's arse Lmao


> he is gay
> calls me a faggot

When is your stoning scheduled by your village so i can attend?

Pls upvote my post guys. I'm such a good ally and i love diversity. I even encouraged my wife to fuck a refugee while i watch. I hate the patriarchy and those damn nazis. Pls upvote me !!

Haha good one! You got me with that one!

fucking retard alert. At least you tried to type something.

as much as I hate reddit this is true. in literally every other board being anonymous is good, but when you have money involved spamming and shilling is serious problem. when you have money making thousands from pnd you can bet they will pay few shekels to pajeets to shill here

>double replying to my post
>unironically believes I'm actually gay
>yet op has a frog doll
>is actually gay

Deep breaths pal, it's gonna be ok.

> doesn't know what irony means
> believes i actually bought the frog doll
> calls it a frog doll

Seems you are the newest of newfags

>Suicide hotline
>Entire subreddit for BEEEEEEECONNNECCCCC
You need to go back. The wild west crypto market, and this wild west board are not for you.

> there.

ok bye

prove you are not gay suck my dick and i will believe u

Reddit is full of circlejerking faggots posting shit like "just woke up to this moon :) feels nice being part of the insertshitcoin here family :)" who downvote any criticism. Not saying this is much better, but that's the worst.

Shut up and get that limp dick over here you faggot

I never made profit from advices i got from here. Pajeets are all over the place. Come here just for lulz and nothing else.

I'm glad to see your /thread has devolved to the exact thing you came here to complain about. Really great stuff.


Go to reddit
Join ethtrader
Post anything thats not 100% bullish eth fomo lambos, get downvoted to oblivion.
Nice chat, friendly bunch.

>trying to distance yourself from your own reddit admission

Back to plebbit cuck.

fuck off nigger faggot

so many shitty memes
so the next big one is locked in price, is there anything lamer?

does anyone here unironically hate niggers? not the lol nigger type casual hate, but the feel happy when niggers suffer hate. i dunno, i just feel that sudden rush of emotion every now and then, that i have to utter the word nigger. i just blurt it out uncontrollably. luckily this has never happened in public. just some days ago i masturbated to the thought of that nigger shilling bitconnect getting absolutely destroyed by the exit scam. i felt seething rage when i saw it pump up knowing that he profited wildly since his niggerness made him buy extremely low though. i just hope i can make it with 10m and buy myself a nigger that id torture every day. scratch that, i wouldnt torture a nigger. just kill one every now and then. instead of torturing them, i feel like that would make me a better person, one that has values and principles.



and take all the plebbit spacing niglets with you.

>ITT: OP using a ((shitty))master b8 to lure newfags to cry about Reddit.
The absolute state of Veeky Forums. Good job, OP, make those dumb newfags cry with their
>Muh board
>Muh shitcoins
>Muh designated shit street
Pic related, all newfags falling for this.


EDIT: Wow! Thanks for gold random redditor!


how do you edit post

Reddit mods and subreddits are the biggest shills and censors there are bud.

You can't be serious

Reddit is just a bunch of cucks circlejerking.

>have controversial opinion

great discussion!

9 of these skittles are poison
1 is lsd

You should try to take lsd!


I love how every time a "reddit is better!!" thread is posted it gets flooded with comments. I bet OP doesn't even go on reddit


Lol how much of a newfag are you to fall for this b8

I made 2x on Reddit 10x from biz. Reddit sucks because bad ideas have a persistent environment to perpetuate. Here we just get new bad ideas all the time

So new

soooo, go back there and fuck off?

Shit b8 m8 I r8 0/8

like a diamond in the ruff sometimes shilling that which you rebuff

This applies to all boards to be honest family

Go back.

This. I was shilled into XLM at 12c, very comfy hodl. You need a good shitfilter here, but sometimes it's worth it. Am kinda pissed that noone shilled VIBE here, but fortunately I knew someone irl that shilled it to me before the binance masses flowed in. Etherdelta let me get into VIBE at 39c, so, can't complain.

Unironically no, reddit is full of downvote happy cultists that will start autistically screaching the moment you bring up a problem with their product.
The fact you need to start every sentence by underlining you have a good chunk of your portfolio in the coin and you don't want to fud is fucked up.

Link under $100 is a gift from god

Don't know what you're talking about OP, biz is a place for high quality discussion pertaining to business and finance.

Dont Miss out Best coin of 2018 you wanna be rich right we even have a reddit community

Not, it's not OP. What is larping as a retard here is legitimate behavior their, and the cult of HODL'ers is so offensive and repulsive to me that I cannot go. I have been in many arguments with people on there who don't see the value in selling high, and instead insist on holding through and through, without the thoughts of cutting losses, taking profits, swing trading to increase your stack, etc etc ever crossing their mind.

Additionally, the fanboyism fans cult like behavior for their favorite coins is mind boggling.