Telcoin on Kucoin - You have 2 hours until you Fomo Buy at twice the price

Telcoin on Kucoin is eating through the largest sell wall I have ever seen on Kucoin only a few hours ago it was 1,500 Eth now after constant buying it is at 1,100 Eth,

You have two hours to pick up this coin at this price or you will be left behind buying at 50% more than the lucky people.

Good luck

Current Image of the Order book

no way this breaks 0.01c for awhile
I'm in, but not expecting anything for a LONG time.

A long time as in a week, maybe two weeks as it get launched on new exchanges?

how long do ETH take to clear on Kucoin?

10 mins. I went all in on this coin earlier today.

I have been waiting around 30 mins to an hour for a transaction to process usually.

>I went all in on this coin earlier today.
me too, just in the process of buy more now. high hopes fot his coin

So, what chances are that it will 10x in a week?

Thanks... hope I can take a position in time

10x in a week, probably 5% 10x in a month i would put it at 50%

Trading Competition ends on Monday.

The fuck.

Anons, this is the next DBC in terms of multiplier potential. This shit will be 1 cent by the end of the day alone. 5 cents feb EOM.

do you think this could really explode in 6 months say?

got a 80k buy order at 60 sats, thinking btc is going to shit the bed again making this dip abit.

I still have 15k DBC. Finally sell some and put it into this or hold some? ahhhh dunno what to do. Really don't want to sell at it's current cost...

Why not it's a good concept, Think mobile Western union payments.

Plus it is a super low cost coin, same coin total as Tronix, once this hits an exchange like Binance expect it to Rocket.

nice. might hodl then long-term

what is the trading competition?

On Kucoin They give out prizes for whoever buys and sells the most coins between yesterday and monday, some people are into that and think it stagnates the price.

Dont get your hopes up with a marketcap of this this wont go past .50 to 75 cents. Still if you buy in now that is still a 100x roi.

why does it stagnate the price?

This size*

Because people buy to trade and not hold. If people buy and hold it removes those tokens from the supply and the price can go up due to demand.

The buying is still going strong but you still have time, don't miss out at this price.

its glorious and its been doing this for almost 24hours. 140k tel am I gonna make it lads?


It's a good start on the journey to making it, I'm sitting on a cool million coins, which is awesome i started trading around Christmas with 1,000$ now I'm at 9,000$

I love sharing this journey with all you guys. With the ups and the downs.

95% of the time its instant for me but I hear of a few people lagging. might just be lucky
if it keeps this up its got a better chance than anything else on kucoin
I feel ya I had 4k down 15% its the first time Iv sold at a loss in a long time I just cant take the bs anymore. that money is probably going into tel or left in eth.
jesus dude gratz.

This ain't no DENT niggers....they have no working product up on any carrier networks

chart and volume look just like yesterday....if the .000007 wall goes down, that's where you will get dumped on

that's where i got dumped on yesterday.....feels bad man

OP has bags from yesterday

it only dipped because of bitcoin shitting the bed again, like 99% of alts

this wall is getting hammered. will it hold?

This dumped a bit last night due to bitcoin dipping again, not due to the coin.

I don't have enough bags to dump on anyone.

Yes yes yes. Keep buying!

t. Bought during ICO

I'm heading to Lamboland

easiest money anyone will make in the next few weeks.

only dumb fucks are still reading biz instead of buying it

>buy my bags the post

we moonin

someone tell this cuck, that cuckcoin is an exit scam

I posted my bag earlier, I could sell now at a nice 30% profit, but why would I the coin is obviously going up.

20 bil circulating with 100 bil supply at 150m marketcap lmao shits gonna drop back to 0.05

CANYA got dumped after the competition. Why should this one moon?

There seems to by quite a bit of buying pressure,
their ICO capped at 25 million dollars sold out in a day. There is positive upward pressure, and I don't see why it would stop now. Deep Brain Chain, with no product hit a market cap 8 times higher than Tel right now.

Canya coin had a couple issues, Opened right before the Bitcoin Crash, higher initial price and since then has absolutely no volume. The current Daily Volume of Canya Coin is 1 Million USD

Currently Daily Volume of Tel is 18 Million usd.

ya but that volume is being inflated by the competition.

buying pressure because people see $0.01. it's gonna stagnate once all the bags are dropped

Well, I only have spare change on Kucoin so I'll go in. I hope I don't get fucked over.

It could be, I'm watching the Eth Chart and order book for Tel I see probably a ratio of 100:1 for buys to sells, if the volume was due to the Competition you would see a much closer ratio.

Their telegram is filled to the brim with hype kids.
This feels like another Tron mission, know when to exit the rocket.

This thing has been fucking stationary on the ETH exchange, considering selling so I can go spend more shit on Ethercraft

>i would put it at 50%

are you fucking delusional or what

exactly, let the lel reddit kids get burned, sell bit by bit as it moves up and make dat green anons.

I'm not too delusional, Tronix 100xd in a month, these are strange times we live in. If the bitcoin rally continues this coin would have a good chance of going up x10

wall below 100 mil

Bought 100k thanks.

You never know. Retards love cheap coins because they think it'll become the next bitcoin.

Got 27k of these little fuckers. First coin I bought. Let’s make some cash. When do you know when to sell?

No because all volume on this shitcoin is artificial thanks to the chinks and their stupid "contests" with every new crypto. (Contest in chinkspeak is "a handout to only the richest people that can help create fake volume for us.")

This will drop back down to under a sat as soon as the contest period is over. Be sure to dump before then.

Ouch thx for the redpill, but where do you think it can reach centswise or ETH sats by end of week / end of month?

this shit is going to dump as soon as the contest is over and remain stale and stagnant for weeks. there's no reason for such a moon mission right now unless you're riding for the competition, there is literally no reason for this coin to continue on an upward trend afterwards. you must be new to kucoin, everything that gets added proceeds to be pumped and dumped by pajeets, normies, and whales. look at dbc for example lol half the board got left holding those bags

All the Volume is artificial, especially when you just see buys and not sells, they have infinite money and just keep buying for no reason.

I would have to bet not all the volume is due to people trying to win the contest.

Contract announcement in 2.5 hours (rumour)

Well so long as it pumps

ETH sats


How high do you reckon it will go before it dies though?

>All the Volume is artificial, especially when you just see buys and not sells, they have infinite money and just keep buying for no reason.
Ah yes, the infinite money men. Are you retarded user? People are buying this shit right now because it's the cheapest coin anywhere as well as a possible moon mission. Artificial volume would be equal or close to equal number of buyers and sellers. The fact that we have almost all buyers shows that it isn't artificial.

someone wants to give me their kucoin ref, im signing up in 5 minutes

first reply gets

554 eth right now, jesus.



thank you kindly

The memest of folios for the faggiest of tripfags.

I was making a sarcastic remark. Here I just went into excel to show this isn't artificial Volume.

The top 100 people only account for 13% of the volume in this coin, they would be stupid to just be doing this for the contest as the prize is only .75 bitcoins for first place, that person has already paid that much in feed from trading so much.

This fud about the trading competition has to end.

1 ETH to potentially gain 10 or even 100 back? Count me in

Pajeet Patel
You’ve been warned biz.

some big boys buying now

Like I said, rumour.
Take it or leave it
Be in Florida today.

This isn't going to drop is it? It seems like it's not going the way of CanYa at least

Canya has suppressed their comms so no hype around the coin. Very poor communication. Sad!

Unrelated but if a smart person knows, is there a way to update blockfolio so telconnect has a logo? It's so empty and sad.

Only 400 Eth left in that wall, was 1500 when I made this post.

now the next wall that has been up since yesterday
dis gon take a while

Other apps updated the logo.
Maybe clear the cache

below 50 mil

We are going to make it, the pushing doesn't stop.

Eh dunno how to do that, I'll just wait

EXACTLY this thing is a boiler about to explode, people are sick from the dips and want a moon mission and oh look kucoin says its a penny look this things a penny, it is going to irrationally explode like a goddamn nuke get in while you got the chance.

For the first time I can say I bought 100k

how goddamn retarded are you look at the top 100 people by vol its everyone and their mother buying it. not a few dozen whales.

Thanks bought 140k

How much you need to make it, 10k, 100k, 1 m?

Only 261 ETH until we're through

There is a volume competition on Kucoin faggots.
I am in, but what will happen when the competition ends 23th or 24th...


Chart for Volume competition, top 100 people of whom probably only 10 are playing for the competition.

Accounts for 14% of the volume.

the competition is accounting for 12% of the volume go look at the top 100 and stop spreading bs. this is literally everyone and their mum buying in a ticket for the moon.

I’m a Total noob. What is this chart displaying? How do I make sense of it?

This isn't much of a chart it's just the order book showing a bunch of people buying without showing any people selling.

Time is pretty obvious
Price is the price that they bought the coins at and the number on the right is the number of coins they bought.

sure, greens lines are people buying into it and red lines are people selling out of it, so when the book has nothing but 95% green lines it means an overwhelming amount of people are buying up the coin instead of people selling off to bidders.

BTC is going to dip in next few hours, so be preapred that everything else will dip also.

Either buys or sells(whatever green means), the time it happened, and the amount in telc and eth