He didn't buy LINK at .15

>He didn't buy LINK at .15
>He didn't buy LINK at .25
>He didn't buy LINK at .50
>He didn't buy LINK at .82
>He didn't buy LINK at 1
>He didn't buy LINK at 5
>He didn't buy LINK at 25
>He didn't buy LINK at 50
>He didn't buy LINK at 100
>He didn't buy LINK at 250


Why is it dumping so hard?
Been going on for five hours straight now.

it's not dumping, you tardo

>He didn't buy LINK at .15
>tfw you did

Could've fooled me.

The global derivative market is somewhere between $0.6 quadrillion to $1.4 quardrillion big for which the LINK tken will serve as an exchange medium.

Assuming no LINKs are used for nodes or anything and all supply is in circulation but there is no compeditor then the market cap of LINK and the derivativemarket should be equal.

thus 1 LINK will be worth around $3 to $3.5 million

stinky linky

>thus 1 LINK will be worth around $3 to $3.5 million
Being this

>He didn't buy LINK at 5
implying it will reach 5$


>Tfw tried to sell all of that garbage but still have .95 links somehow

It's fun watching it drop when I have nearly nothing at stake, knowing how many fools went all in.

You would have to be a brainlet to think it won't, the question is when.

Everyone's hodling link and 90% of it is locked away by long term hodlers. Its not a good prospect.

Especially with that Jason Pastor bastard launching the shadow fork- LINK -> LNK.



If few people are trading then interest in said coin decreases

That's bullshit.
Lots of people hodling = great demand.
That should be obvious.


Lots of people speculating and hoping others buy in.

Yes, that's one of the reasons why people hodl. And?

We are just now waiting for the mainnet and partnerships. Then we see 20x price increase in couple days

Absolute bullshit. But I'll hold 1 link just in case.

Holy shit, king of the brainlets right here.

When is the next conference?

Theres no glory in being a millionaire when everybodys a billionaire

16th February

I'll still have more money than normies

Screw this, about to sell all my link and buy into my dads ICO

$5 per token would put the market cap at $1.75 Billion. That's higher than NEO, OmiseGo and just below DASH. Also there is still another 350M that will enter in circulation at some point
I'm currently holding but how will this reach $5?

You need to work on your math. Current MC of Link is 250 million. Neo is nearly 10 billion.

So $40 link would put it at the same MC as Neo. Not $5 you dunce.

HOW many decimals does link have?

>He didn't buy LINK at .25

But I did.

cost average > 25c = not gonna make it

But thanks for pumping my bags new fags

Please let him FUD.

How do i stake and is it secure ?

>tfw still holding link that I bought at $.38 during SIBOS

Are you implying nothing else will grow? Think about the market now swinging 300 billion in market cap in 2 months. Imagine the potential next two years when you have mega banks launching their own exchange platforms and others that offer liquidity and fiat pairings to alts even if chain link hobbles the next 2 years it will undoubtedly grow when the average normie no longer has to jump through hoops to buy 100 link. Hence why I used when.

Bought @ 11 cents. Selling: Never.

Tanking for seven hours straight now.

you use NEO & DASH as a standard? Those coins are pure shit compared to LINK lmao

Holy shit you are retarded. Go check CMC again and re-evaluate what you just said