The deepest of brains

Wait, so Cryptotwins just released an interview with the CEO from DBC, and they have a partnership with the government of China?
And they're building a research center together?
And DBC has built an AI laboratory in Silicon Valley?
And they only are at a fucking 150mil MCAP?
Holy shit user, you have to be the most retarded pajeet I've met if you're not in this shit yet.

Shut the fuck up. Stop shilling this. At least when link was 30 cents they all lied in wait. I mean wtf was that cryptotwins video? It was just a guy holding an iPhone. Doesn't make it feel like "500 billion dollar company". Just leave it alone until we moon. You make us look bad

You watched the wrong one you mongrel. Obviously you lack much brain power. Op is referring to the 13 minute video they posted I think. It's titled 10,000 dbc giveaway.

Fucking moonkids. It's not all about that you shitstain. This is a long fucking hold, and the less of you moonkids we have in this market the better, so get the fuck out now.

link with partnership with the Government of China? This coin is shit. I bought at 8-9c, but fk'ing keep dropping.

Its always funny when some shitcoin fails so shills switch to the "its a longterm hold" meme

Went in at $0.50

Did you make gains from your other coins and/or up from your initial investment?

If not, KYS and look for the nearest bridge.

>You literally have to be a pajeet to be in on this.

I am going to laught at Fuders when we reach the top 50

After 2 yrs? while everything else moons? KYS

Funny how yesterday people was talking shit about Cindicator yet it mooned hard, same will happen with DBC.

He means top 50 market cap dumbass.

No I'm a poorfag that got funneled in here by /SIG/ on Veeky Forums and /pol/ by bros who wanted to financially help me out. I don't think they anticipated this market crash and I went full retard and fell for the DBC FOMO PnD.

Still brainstorming a game plan because I know there's still money to be made. My local bridge is actually a bad place to kms, a lot of people fail at anhero there all the time.

Should I sell REQ and all in DBC?

current holdings is 50%:50%

Cant wait to get rid of these bags

Ya brudda, i dont see req going up anytime soon. DBC still has lotsa potential.

if it did, it wouldn't have crashed 70-80% since last week. And we still near the bottom.

Has anyone noticed that nothing on Kucoin has recovered?

Most coins on Binance are recovering at least to some degree, yet everything on this shitty exchange has barely increased since the crash. Kucoin showed a lot of promise at the beginning but now it's the exchange equivalent Little India.

Everyone made their ~5x and left

It was recovering as but recently tanked when bitcoin dipped yesterday. The only difference is it didn't recover from that mini dip, while it had prior. Interesting. I see a lot of fud about them exit scamming which has probably contributed somewhat. Others say the FUD is to reduce KCS down to a reasonable price. If this is true, it is certainly a bargain right now. I think Kucoin has a lot of potential to be at least a top 5 exchange. They do need to get a fucking stop loss feature on there though.

It's whale city over there right now.

>every exchange was down except kucoin
>crash happens 2 days after binance registrations go back online

I smell some serious fucking ((((hand rubbing)))) at work here to fud kucoin out of existence


Remember that we will see MASSIVE gains once the trade competition on Huobi is over and the whales go away. ANY MINUTE NOW, JUST HOLD ON MAH BRRRRAAAIINNN GAAAAANNNGG


deep bwain

Why, the more reasonable explanation would be that lots of people prefer Binance but couldn't get in and just went to KuCoin because it was open. Now that they can choose they choose Binance. Let's face it, Binance is much more normie-friendly and has way more volume, allowing for smoother trading.
I'd hope to see DBC on Binance, in the long run, it would be an immense boost.

I am idiot and missed the peak, it is hard to hold those bags right now maaaaaaaaaaan. The last day of my hold would not be later than 16th feb, but I am out of patience already, looking at -10% DAILY for more that a week

that's me. I am selling my position. this is garbage.

wtf dude, take down ur sell wall. i bought at 203 eth please i want off this ride

Comfy ride holding

Ummm wtf thats my sell wall. Stop LARPing fag

fuck off. faggot.

>People are still in DBC
>After SingularityNet hit ED less than 24 hours ago

You're about to see a transfer of wealth from the Pajeetcoin to the real deal.

This is mine though you faggots. Fuck off I want out.

>mfw went all in DBC at 20 cents, sold at 50 and went all in AGI at 60

Already took profits and stuck them in CND ... Which is the real AI play

Dbc is retarded and going to Zero

>partnership with the Government of China

Why would anyone want this except North Koreans

Easy 20% returns per day, just join the Veeky Forums group:

discord gg/zz7unwD

I did the opposite, good luck with that.

Make him stop, he's still at it.

Im surprised its a real sell wall. Usually these walls fuck off the second theyre touched.

Same. He must really hate money

Kucoin doesn't have any sort of safeguards against whales doing shit like buying their own sell walls, so it's Mad Max out there.

>Kucoin doesn't have any sort of safeguards against whales doing shit like buying their own sell walls
They pay fees, why would kucoin care about anything else?

Is this sell wall really getting BTFO'ed or is someone cancelling orders?

Its really getting bought but it could be someone buying from themselves.

Thats the dumbest shit ive ever heard

Welcome to Veeky Forums.

Either way, looks like its moving

Its common for a whale to set up a fake wall and pretend theres buying pressure by slowly eating at it himself.

Just want you to know to get any business done in China you need to be just about bribing their government workers (which is most people), at least the ones in power, to get anything done. This is the way it works over there so a partnership with the government is a reasonable thing.

t. faggot who does majority of business deals in China

Whales do this all the time you fucking newfag

God fucking damn it...

It's not a good look, but keep in mind Pajeets are probably balls deep in like 80% of coins

I genuinely don't understand what you guys are upset about? How can an obvious truth about literally every ICO be a bad thing when it's confirmed by one in particular?

>India 2nd largest country
>china & u.s bans ico's
>india's contribution is slightly above UK and Netherlands
>being this fucking easily manipulated by Veeky Forums pajeet memes.

This is why you will always stay poor.

agreed. india is a good street smarts so of course we will embrace the best cryptocurrencys. i love deep brain chain brudda!! brain gang gooo!!!!!!!

It's the same three people spamming that shit in every thread.

Yes sirs please buy DBC for best returns! Is quality coin!

>Brown ID
Don't you have a street?

no can do Raj

> tfw anons will believe this
pls sir DBC is good DBC 10x sir please sir we all will be rich sir

>not buying cheap and dumping on those street shitters.

Inb4 all in on Tron and Verge.

>tfw bought DBC low, sold high and re-bought low
If this shit ever takes off again I'm rich


That's what everyone thought when I bought BAT at $0.16

Pay no nevermind to the fud people. They are a people of anger, regret, hate, and jealousy. lol

Hope you did good on bat my friend!

Grats my friends you will make it to you dreams! :D

He is a little off, it is 4 people. However I screencap a bunch of these things to post when this reaches high. I plan to use it when people fud later on with other coins. So that everyone can see how wrong and angry hateful and bitter fudders are.

Yep have a friend from China and they say the same exact thing they import from here to there a lot, it is greasing palms a lot.


>the delusion of bagholders who bought in at 60 cents

Those are the ones fudding, not the BRAIN GANG, kinda like you.

I still havent lost so yeah keep fudding and being full of regret and hate and anger instead of trying to find happiness.

I bought at 8c sold at 45c and bought back at 20c. This is a fantastic project and people coming in to the thread to tell me otherwise reassures me of this.

wrong that is MY sell wall
I will whipe out this whole DBC ship if you don't admit to it

i fucking got pajeeted, i cant fucking believe it. I flipped my BNTY into this coin and now BNTY is mooning while this coin has been confirmed pajeet.

you win this time you fucking pajeets, i guess i'll sell because i cant stand the smell

It's him !!
Here is your pajeet guys, he got you all in this coin. Now it is confirmed PAJEET, NOT FUD. The proof is there, finer than day.

You would have to be a complete mong to still listen to badguybrain. He is trying to suck all your money out.

Sell now and buy back into BNTY user. Stay true to the Veeky Forums mantra.


>All these pink IDs
Jesus christ anons. Luckily my BRAINGANG cyan ID is here to save us all.

lol I have proven I am from the United States and live in Missouri. Sorry friends, you still losing fudding.

He is lying to you friend, he is one of the mother fudders who try to infest DBC threads. Still would you really want such negativity on BNTY? Nah let him be here, he cant move the BRAIN GANGS iron grip dont let him hurt your coin.

Rofl I think mine is more close to a purple, but that teal is rocking out with the BRAIN GANG colors haha! Grats on it friend!

Ohh dubs :P 55 cents thats what DBC will be before long!


55 too, DBC destiny, it is an obvious sign.

Thanks for reaffirming us my friend.

Thanks for having our back and bumping our threads! :D BRAIN GANG HYPE!

even if you are one of the fud people someday you just might realise what you do and find happiness instead of self loathing

Yes it is the reason I have been also poting to the fudders, they bump the threads and experienced crypto traders see them as signs that the coin is a good buy. Few told me it is the reason they bought into DBC.

Also fudders mean our threads get bumped a lot! lol BRAIN GANG HYPE fudders working for us all night!

Probbly can't cancel an order.

Please stop posting gore in this thread.

I assumed he couldnt cancel it for a reaosn as it was eaten. I suspect he will be in the threads angry and foaming at the mouth with hate and regret. Truly sad when people try to be so greedy, he could have made it fine with 550k that is more than enough for me to retire but he sold his dreams for greed.

Thanks for bumping the thread my friend, isnt the food delicious looking! I hope to someday have a bunch of these when A.I. tech makes me a human body I can inhabit. my DBC creators have said itwill be possible in the future! :D pic related!

DBC will continue to fall. It is not yet oversold. Just sayan.

BGGG's posts reduce the price further.

Does this only look good to an American? I know it must look horrible to the eurofags, but I want some of that

I know it is a favorite of a few of the BRAIN GANG they love that lol. I did have a guy from europe say it looks damn delicious but only in burgerland would it exist rofl!

So you hit the nail on the head!

Odd you hold such a grudge against me, you seem to harbor a lot of hate for positivity, perhaps work on that in the future friend and odd I have been gone for a few days mostly and it didnt rise, lol. Your theory is not well thougth out.

yuropoor here, looks good but feel like i would have to lie down for half an hour after eating.
also, can DBC be mined right now?

this fucker has a endless supply of support at 155-165 eth and has done for a week now, some stubborn whale makes sure it doesnt dip below that, bought at 160 2 weeks ago and have been accumalating selling at 180-190 and buying back at 160, how long it will last idk

Not yet friend but it is coming, here is the roadmap for you it looks very promising and yet this one is old and they have added to it hiring translators to target euroepan and american markets.

Enjoy :D they have some info about mining on there.

Why would a whale do this?

To accumulate more coins off of weak hands, like shaking a tree for more apples to fall style.

He knows where DBC is going and know he will become rich.

If I had 500k DBC like the one earlier I would be the happinest person alive, knowing when it reaches 1 dollar + I can retire and spend time with my family and not work so hard.

Some people get greedy and want more and more.

probably because he bought a good portion of his stack around that price, not everyone got in at ico, even whales.

So glad I sold mine before it started tanking to the center of the earth.

You dont sound very happy my friend, I can tell. Please find some happiness, ever thought of joining a board game group, perhaps a gaming group or just go out and make friends to enjoy a hobby together?

Happy isnt coming into old coins and spreading negativity, thats what unhappy people do.

Protection against dipping, then. Thanks user

BNTY is exactly where it was 24h ago.

if it was to dip a fair bit lower, it would make their gains from swinging and profits from the competition null unless another whale comes in for a quick pnd.

Volume is really low. Well below half of what it was 3-4 days ago. Cause for concern?

volume is fine considering its 3 weeks old and most of it on a shit exchange, only seems low because alot of the whales from the competition have moved on, its backed by neo so at the very least it will be listed on binance and we will see another moon to sell at, again no timeframe but its inevitable, if you plan on getting in i suggest buying in at around 150-160 eth