I'm not trying to FUD, but just keep an eye on BTC...

I'm not trying to FUD, but just keep an eye on BTC, 6h StochRSI is showing it's overbought and it doesn't seem to be able to break this channel.

I'm not saying it's going to dip in next 24 hours, but it sure looks like it.

Also: tradingview.com/chart/BTCUSD/N6DVTFt3-BTC-19-1-2018/

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yes, interesting, but what does the horoscope say for today?

Faggot ta lines don't apply to this market.

I'm just warning you to keep an eye on it, I'm not saying what exactly will happen as nobody knows for sure. However, you can clearly see what the trend is right now and what is happening, so make your own decision on how you are going to play from this situation.

they may or may not...
it reduces your possibilities
i'd rather have a 1 in 5 chance to get it right than buying completely random and HODL DURR

I'm already waiting just to press 'margin buy' or 'margin short'

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Yes, my intention is not to tell you what you are going to do. All I'm saying is that the current situation isn't looking too god for BTC and to be careful. If I'm right you can quick sell when it starts to dip and save 20%+ and buy the dip, gaining even more.

Or you can HOLD and just wait a little bit longer and recover loses.

I can't time the market, but I can get a feel of where it generally wants to goand which trend it follows.. looking at this, that's all.

so it's either going to go up or down. intriguing

Yes, it's eaither you lose 20%+ more by holding, or short/tether and not lose anything, but gain even more.

Now you tell me what seems like a better/rational/profitable option?

Log into wallet and go to device settings.
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RSI can be a decent indicator and I appreciate your approach about being honest and not saying something is a fact because you did TA on it. It's not a bad thing to try and increase your odds if you wanna swing trade. But the thing is that most of Veeky Forums is just straight up ignoring TA because of the obnoxious TA FUD-fags. And personally I'm not gonna be moving my alts anywhere, they can do whatever but I'm gonna hold them as long as I keep believing they have a good thing going.

we're also in another ascending wedge, one of the most reliable signs of another fall

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In the device settings you can change the device name and homescreen.

At least they shill good unknown coins, before anyone finds them somehow lol

It will stay between 10k and 11750 forever.
It has finally become a stable currency.

Thanks based user, I'll hold

This will never be a stable currency.

The goal is simple, acquire more BTC as soon and as much as you can and HOLD.

That's not how it works you idiot. You will lose profits you would otherwise have had if it goes up instead of falling. If you could never lose anything by shorting then no-one would ever do anything but short.

When it falls, it falls hard and fast, when it pumps it does it gently and slowly.

There's been few times it pumped up and crashed alts with it, but when it climbs, it climbs like a true gentleman where you don't see a 20% pump in span of 2 hours, as it does when it crashes.

should work, log into your trezor and click on device name (next to 'connected device') and go to homescreen

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>mfw Veeky Forums has discussion involving IQ over 75

Thanks dood

I'm out of the market for the day, looking to scary. gl.

Yeah, about to break the line, I hope you are safe anons.

margin selling!!! m8

what was ur exit price?

Just make the channel a little thinner then it will. Problem solved. Market saved.


Don't be a dick. People are literally losing thousands by not locking in their prices.


Maybe you're right? Maybe we shouldn't be tricking people into thinking price locking is just a meme? What if someone unironically believes you cannot lock prices in a smart contract?

>1 in 5
>there are more than 2 possiblities
dude . . .it either goes up or down. if your estimated success rate is 20% you should do the fucking opposite.

new candle started outside trendline, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA incoming probably.

You are clinging onto the wrong thing. What he meant was that TA reduces your possibilities of what can or can't happen. That's all. You have an edge.

Price was 11700$ when I made this thread warning you of possible dip, given what TA was showing. Look where it is now.

How did I knew? Because TA was showing that this is the scenario that is going to be played out most likely.

Don't take it too personally, some of us like the TA threads even if we don't say it.

That's how I actually got into TA.

Saw 99% of Veeky Forums fudding it, then I gave it a try and see what the so big deal is about and woila. Now I'm here.

You read any books on ta?

Nah, just watched few youtube videos, draw a lot on my own and watched what others draw.

Everything made sense in my head pretty quickly to be honest. I don't daytrade, but I do watch what the fuck BTC is doing on daily basis and pull out in these situations when I feel danger ahead.

Anyway, I think Murphys TA book is a big recommendation by many. Gonna read it soon, have it downloaded already.

Here's a gift for (you)


The thing is, people write bots to adhere to TA. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Ty, I'm not really obssesing myself over with some advanced stuff. I do enjoy drawing TA and so on, but don't see myself really making a living as a trader.

After crypto gains I'll put some money into real stocks, but it seems like whole US stock market is in one big bubble right now and will crash hard in next few years or even sooner lol.

Ty anyway, will check stuff out.

Really hoping it goes to 8k or lower and doesn't bounce off 10k

>Here's a gift for (you)

stop pushing this autistic shit meme further nigger

it's over sold on the 1 day though

That doesn't mean it can't drop like a rock for next 2-3 days even more.

this dude gets it, if you want to do ta, atleast look at diffrent time frames.

yep, its certainly not going up soon

Oh my god, I did, I know it is oversold on 1 day timeframe. Do you know how long does 1 day timeframe takes to turn around? Not to mention it can bounce off down, since on shorter timeframes it's going down.

1 day is loooooooooooooooooong time to look at in future, not 2-3 days.

Looking at the 1 day chart, the last time volume was this low, it was around 7k USD. STOCH RSI saying over sold as well. So going by these two indicators, I dare say the king is going to go on quite the run. Which would coincide nicely with the closing of the annual January crash.

Of course, but still noteworthy to point out

I made this thread so people could save 20% and buy the dip, not look ahead 7 days from now.

Found another TA.

Can I trust all these TA? I'm considering of cashing out 20%. Is this a good cash out amount, or should I cash out more?

BTC recently broke one of its strongest supports: 55 ema on the daily chart and fell over $3000 in one day. But BTC breaks 55 ema a couple times in a year. If it goes down now it can break the 100 ma which I don't even know when it broke last time.

Good let shitcoin MK1 die already.