Veeky Forums is dead

Alright, so after seeing this thread (OP), it's official this place is dead. It's filled with nothing but Pajeets and poor stupid students who don't even know such a basic larp when they see it. Where is the Veeky Forums lifeboat exactly? Where should I go to find a place that isn't filled with children (not going to Reddit).

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Veeky Forums is the idiot savant board for crypto from what I've found. Sure there's a lot of garbage here but a lot of the moon missions were shilled here first.

No, it USED to be those things now it's just 90% shilling children and pajeets and the 10% are the people who used to make this board good giving back for old times sake. Look at this thread and tell me there is hope. (OP)

any anime related thread is a good bet for finding actually valuable advice or discussions

shhh dont tell them, I'm not done weeb posting yet

the anime girl will always be the best repellant towards normen and reddit

>dat bulge

Should we start making crypto-crypto generals in /a/?

Are you new? Begging and fakegiveaway threads are old lol
Good thing they're banned now

i gave up on actually discussing internet money anywhere
it's all false hope and hyping up useless shit with no redeeming factors
it's like this everywhere unfortunately
>hey i got 10$ how do i tunr them into a gorrillion???
>hello sir my chilrun

No I'm not new, but I've never seen that many jump on such an obvious larp so fast. It's a sinking ship at this point.

>using kizuna as an argument
no, /a/ related crypto posts on Veeky Forums
anime related finance board on an anime website afterall

This, even though this board is filled with pajeets and low-IQ conspiracy freaks, occasional gems are found here and there

That is an absolutely ancient Veeky Forums meme holy fuck.

thread theme

it's all yours my friend

This is now a Veeky Forums /a/ thread


How many of these are men?

>that amazing feel when your OC gets reposted


No problem anonkun!

I want to give you an amazing feel too.

All of them are beautiful women (male)

This is yours? Very nice user, I really liked it! My favorite this week besides the Monika Veeky Forums memes

what do you think illya would invest in
bat, right?
probably she doesnt think two girls are unnatural since she's a yuri herself

i only really changed the text box
this is the original, for /v/ posting

do you happen to know the doujin/manga?

i fucking hate lesbians so much

They need to introduce a pajeet filtering system. It might be flags or ip ban over this niggers. I listeden to /biz couple of times and lost about 5k. Stay away from here.

t. homosexual
grow some fucking taste you subhuman

Reminder Monika is now the queen of Veeky Forums

Momoyuri Gakuen - Himitsu No Soap-Bu R | The Momoyuri Academy Secret Soapland Club R


so are there any other chans with a biz we can escape to?

Source for the original? I tried reverse image search, found dumps of several different mango and unrelated /v/ threads.


I'm a faggot, you had already answered in the thread.

Can confirm. The comfiest threads. Fully red*it-free

yuru camp is turning out to be probably the comfiest anime ever

>ywn protect this smile

Well the bottom right says 焔すばる so maybe look there?
>pretending to like anime without being fluent in Japanese

Well, Singapore >>> Japan, OP. :^)
>Where is the Veeky Forums lifeboat exactly?
8's Veeky Forums

Go to a retirement home you pussy. What kind of dude bitches and moans about a fuckin website. I think you’re the problem here...

Veeky Forums is fucking great, we have memes, anime, pajeets hate, we have fucking everything, exclusive moon missions

it is beautiful

We're all going to make it bros

>8's Veeky Forums
>Cryptocurrency discussions are to go to the sticky; additional threads made outside of it will be locked.
What did they mean by this?

By original I meant the translated doujin too, as opposed to his image with an edited text to work as a meme. Found it on e-hentai, thank you.

You animefags realize that based on the anime you seem to obsess over you're also genuine pedophiles.

Kill yourselves.

Red*it is that way.

yes, you're new. there's no fucking way you were here before december and never saw a thread like that until today

You should become an hero like the world needs you to.

What are you talking about? I've been on Veeky Forums since the last June and I guarantee you this board went downhill real fast since around November.

I've been here for years n*wfag-kun I was posting in the original pink wojack thread back when shit like ETH being $40 was the peak.

well ive been on Veeky Forums since 2015 and let me tell you it went to shit last year in June

whats you're point

Calm down there moralfag, there just drawings. It's to keep you out anyway.


>I'll say he's from reddit
>that means my multiple gigabytes of nothing but little girls in sexual situations totally doesn't make me a pedophile
Can you at least be honest with yourself user? If you weren't a pedophile but just an anime fan surely there would be at least one adult by now

Doesn't bother me, people do as they do. I just want them to know that there's no innocent explanation for the types of anime they save, they're just pedophiles

No (you)s for you, red*it-kun.

Not him but here you go

it cant be helped


>Watches cartoon that upsets morlafag sensibilities
Calm down, we both know you just take your anger out on stupid shit like this because you don't have the balls to go after the real shit causing you problems. Be an hero user, go blow up a mosque or Storm (Roof) a ghetto.

That's cool, doesn't take away the previous posters genuine pedophilia

>not liking honey badger

>wake up
>see this
wat do?

>reacts this viscerally to being called a pedo
user you're not helping your case. Sit back and relax with some hot lolis (if I call them lolis it's not the same as children so it's okay to obsess over them being fucked)

I've always hated when animeposters leak out onto other boards, but I think this kind of thing might be necessary. You faggot weebs may be the only thing that can save Veeky Forums.


holy shit the file name, I swear the image is from google
no hurt pls

Nice try angloscum, but we know it's the anglo menace that ruined the board (like always)
50% of posts are made by anglo filth in the USA, another 10% with the angocuck commonwealth.

The loli scourge is nothing to laugh at anons. They must be stopped. Be safe and dont talk to small children.

no hes right guys
this is Veeky Forums

please post OL instead thanks

You need to fucking leave and never come back.

>genuine pedophilia
>imaginary victims
literally what

If you're an animefag it's already over. Might as well go all the way down the rabbit hole.

>pedophilia requires a victim
Sure is Pedo Defence Force here

>Onomatopoeia is literally "homo".


Who keeps doing that?

It's not, but you realize that's the justification a Pedo would try to use right?

what do you mean you dont have any office lady images

you disgust me

discord dot gg/djz8Pwn

Good talks/discussions, not a pajeet pump & dump. The general chat gets some shit shilling sometimes, but those people get kicked fast enough.

Oh look at the normie being scared

How sweet

Problem is Veeky Forums use to have gems on the daily. Now it's literally a shit show.


it requires someone to be sexualised, no?
an imaginary drawn 2d character shouldnt be normalized with real people and jacking it to lewd cartoon kids isnt pedophilia, its not being homosexual
puffy vulva

Nothing to be scared of, I'm just putting a mirror in front of you so you can face the blunt reality that you are a pedophile.

No, that's a feminine benis bulge.

its a bear market

the gems you are used to were not real gems
they were just riding the crypto hype



Definition of pedophilia. : sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object;
It doesn't say real children, it doesn't say 3d children, children. If you obsess over sexualized cartoons of female children you're a pedophile.

I'm not a scared normie, I'm not butt hurt, I'm just pointing out facts.

more weeb posting

>reddit spacing


Look mom, I'm being a therapist on the Internet again! Cause' cyber bullying is bad! That's what the TV tells me!

t. normie

sauce plz

GUYS at least try to make your posts Veeky Forums related

I desperately need more OL images now fucking post some