Tether is about to get fucked in the ass by the US government

Tether is about to get fucked in the ass by the US government.

>Joint Statement by SEC and CFTC Enforcement Directors Regarding Virtual Currency Enforcement Actions
>"When market participants engage in fraud under the guise of offering digital instruments – whether characterized as virtual currencies, coins, tokens, or the like – the SEC and the CFTC will look beyond form, examine the substance of the activity and prosecute violations of the federal securities and commodities laws. The Divisions of Enforcement for the SEC and CFTC will continue to address violations and bring actions to stop and prevent fraud in the offer and sale of digital instruments."

Expect a Bitcoin crash shortly.


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btc will go below $100 if this tether shit blows up.

so glad i sold my 3 btc. cant wait to rebuy hundreds of them.

(((they))) are FUDing again
go on Veeky Forums. fall for it. good little goyim

>it's real


Never felt better to be a nocoiner. Get fucked cattle.

SEC and CFTC don't have jurisdiction in Hong Kong
but keep spreading you bullshit

Enjoy losing it all bro. It's not FUD - it's legit.

>m-muh third world crypto baron

This doesn't seem aimed at tether per se. They're saying the entire market will be treated under securities act.

I'm thinking it might be related to BICONNNNNNEEEEEEEEE. But the measures taken could affect the whole market.

what retard? how are US regulators going to investigate an exchange based in Hong Kong that explicitly denies US based investors from opening accounts
go ahead faggot. i know you sold the dip

The fuck is the SEC gonna do lmao

They already blew smoke last year

(34 minutes ago)


If the SEC is deciding to bring the hammer down on crypto, it's not going to end well.

they'll send them a letter expressing their anger and frustration.
but pajeets want to misinform because they sold the dip.
IRON HANDS next time street shitters

What are the implications if crypto is treated under the securities act?


Life in prison for the Bitconnect schemers, for one.

yeah the SEC also tells them to stop insider trading and we both know how that goes

Enjoy the fight against the evil imperialist US government. This is what you signed up for, didn't you? Get allahuackbar'd, greedy faggots.

>calls crypto holders cattle
>has his wealth stored in Jew toilet paper aka fiat
Sure bud

we need jibrel network and their jUSD right fucking now

>ctrl + f
doesn't mention one word of BTC or Tether. OP you are the definition of an absolute fucking moron. seriously, I'm not kidding, please kill yourself. like seriously, off yourself. Do it, please? Just die
you're a fucking moron also. See you at $60k BTC halfway through 2018. Off yourself.
pretty much this
you're a fucking moron as well

Stock and bonds, baby. True and tested for 100 years. Backed by fire and gunpowder. Enjoy your frozen assets. When I see you on the street I'll make sure to throw a dime.

why arent indians banned from trading ?
honestly why arent they banned from vpns and this website aswell.
why are they even allowed to migrate. they are gipsies
in the original sense of the word.

Oh wow that 1.25X return is going to do you so well when you retire and you need a 10 dollar bill to buy a gallon of milk due to inflation.

Can you imagine hat will happen when they get the all clear. Bitcoin will fly to 25k

wow, the amount of salt you proejct is astonishing. just buy some crypto already you salty jew fucking crybaby. It's not too late for you bitch. Enjoy your .05 % quarterly returns

oldbiztard detected
the anger gives it away
dude just let them learn the hard way, the fomo will be like we've never seen before

bro he sold he dip. and now he'll feel jubilant if a catastrophe befalls crypto. the idiot thinks he'll be buying BTC on the low. he has no idea that what he's asking for is a nuclear winter that could extend long enough for governments all over the world to ban it completely so they can issue their own blockchain bullshit.
fuck any piece of shit on /biz that supports government intervention. get out of crypto completely and go place your money with Fidelity or Vanguard

>Enjoy your frozen assets.
Please carefully reconsider what you just said sir.

those people who got in on the jibrel ico are gonna be some of the luckiest fuckers in the entire world

Good question. No one knows but a bunch of SullCrom and Cadwalader lawyers will make up what the new market compliance is

Can anyone tell me the registered address and directors of the company behind Bitfinex or Tether?

lol gib money

I don't see anything about tether there

biz under coordinated establishment assault by no coiner jackoffs, tether FUD threads, all coins are useless threads, don't reply let them 404

>muh secure .5% gains after 10 years!!!

he has no idea how it's going to end when the DOW plummets this year. or early next year
you asshole talk extensively of bubbles and fraud. look no further beyond wall street.
cheap debt and expensive equity for almost a decade now. do you really think it'll persist. NO. two things are coming soon. WAR and a recession. i expect capital flight to quality that will lead to huge amounts of money coming into crypto especially if the theater of war will be SEA. we all saw how high BTC was trading when that midget fired his little science project into the sea of Japan.

So they are doing their job? Very newsworthy.

>tether up

fuck off you faggots I already sold your shitcoin when it didn't gain for an ENTIRE MONTH

200% non-US jurisdictions.

>he didn't lock his tethers at 1.05 dollars

fucking newcoiner plebs

it's literally just a statement

>Jews instructed to get out
>investigations on USD mills and ponzis (dumb money)
>user decides to become an hero for the market

Good goy. Someone is supposed to bear the loss after all for the jews to win.

Right, but do you know their actual address in HK, or the director's name?

Mr. Google knows
ask him

1600 Gook McMuhammad ave. apartment 66b

ring the bell

oh fuck yes

Sounds like they're going after bitconnect.
2018 year of the privacy coin.

Nope, he doesn't :)

Bitshares bitassets like bitcny and bitusd going to replace tether soon and god damn it will make birshares holders rich.

It doesn't matter if you have Tether or BTC now. You need to HODL like HELL. This will NOT be a pleasant ride.

This thread is full of plebiscites.

Oh SEC cares about this, but about the over-manipulated stocks like MU they don't give 2 shits.

what are you getting at pajeet

Please file!

>trusting a company that doesn't show registered address on their website or anywhere else
the butthurt will be glorious desu
Also if you're so smart you should know their Taiwan bank can't wire funds anywhere outside Taiwan lel. Google is your friend.

Tether isn't "printed". It goes up when BTC crashes because people sell BTC into tether until the crash ends, ya fucks.

Also, last time people started making a bunch of tether FUD threads like this, BTC went on its bullrun.....CME future for January close on 1/24 :) use that info wisely

why do americunts have to ruin everything?

>war in SEA
with china? nope

he sold the dip
what was it? 10k, 9.5k

poor baby

The main conspiracy theory is that the same people that are "printing" tether are the same people buying BTC with it.

>he sold the dip
How can one sell the dip of a currency that can't be cashed out? Tell me friend where can I get USD in exchange for USDT? I will "cash out the dip" if you give me that info.

Not sure I communicated my point.
All I was trying to say is that crypto can't be frozen while fiat can, and that's the last accusation you should make.

well how else would they be buying BTC if a counterparty doesn't sell it to them.
guess that that counter party is?1?!?!?!
it's YOU! the one that tethers up during a dip
then they sell BTC for FIAT and voila USDT is backed by USD!



I will hodl as soon as I get more assets. 3 dollars in btc is not good. But when it crashes, it will rise again. Hopefully not regulated.

It's "backed" at least partially by cryptos, which was admitted by an insider on leddit. This means that if BTC plummets 75%, 75% of Tether's backing is gone. This has probably happened already by the way and they're becoming insolvent.

I read someone ask "What benefit does Tether have from propping the market up, they make money either way"

well take a look at this thread: reddit.com/r/bitfinex/comments/7r8z3w/bitfinex_froze_my_account_with_over_1_million/

Now imagine a run on the market. Imagine thousands of high or even millions of users attempting to withdraw from a completely inflated made up pool of money. The $100m printed a day is a risk for them, but a market crash would mean insolvency.

Is it illegal? Yes, but the Tether/Bitfenix ownership is opaque to the point where keeping the party going at all costs is less risky than what insolvency would bring. As long as the market is ticking over the mask can stay on.

Did we all forget this so soon?: pbs.twimg.com/media/DStqTrwX4AEL2eZ.jpg Is that the action to be taken by a company that is confident in its legitimate dealings, one that has already actively refused an audit?

They're actively attempting to disconnect themselves from any association with the country that their currency is supposed to be 1:1 representing. They know what they're doing constitutes fraud, and will do anything to dissuade the government responsible for the currency they're pegged to from looking under the rug.

The responses to anyone bringing up Tether are signs of fear and nervousness. They're giant red flags. People don't want to talk about it and if you're playing the game, maybe that's the best idea. Just know we're all sitting on a timebomb that makes MT GOX look like a firecracker.

@ kraken you can exchange usd/usdt

then you tethered at 9k. same difference
or you sold through coinbase, gemini or one of your eurotrash exchanges

btc whales are based. they control it, i have faith in them.

oh no! finex will have to pay 75k usd in penalties!
Suspend crypto!

Only muds are concerned. Everybody else, happy trading (^_^)

Explain me why this is a bad thing? All the weak hands money will go back to Bitcoin.

Fuck off Whale nigger, I'M NOT SELLING

sage this fucking faggot. he's been creating FUD for days.

In 13 days Jibrel hits exchanges. Jibrel supports EUR and USD. A lot of people will try to exchange their tether with Jcash. What happens next?

This, SEC fines are a fucking joke. How many times haven't he likes off Goldman gotten fined like a few million for having manipulated their way to several billions

Ahuzat Bayit St 1
Tel Aviv, Israel

This. It's gonna crash crypto and it won't recover for years.

This is good for bitcoin!

Sure, people have bought tether for 450 million the last 4 days. omnichest.info/lookupadd.aspx?address=3MbYQMMmSkC3AgWkj9FMo5LsPTW1zBTwXL

I see nothing wrong here, just the SEC doing its job. I hope they keep it up.

It gets even better.
Some bitfinex staff made a post claiming the the poor guy's account had been unfrozen assuming no one would bother to verify that. That was promptly denied by the user.

>fast peer-to-peer
>low fees

Man, when was that picture made 2016?

You're telling me to buy stocks now that the next crash is imminent

It's still still on their front page, you can check it for yourself.

Fucking kikes you’ll never get my btc