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>the cryptocalypse is finally here

You can’t ban crypto currencies.
Hardware wallets
We don’t need your fucking bank


>theres a Good Morning Britain.


>it's a store of value
>we don't need the value

Its OK, only communists states will ban it, because freedom is a threat to totalitarianism.

>huurrr r dudururrrrppppr huruuuuuuuuuurrrrr ooovurrrrr

Bitcoin was created for this exact moment.
It was designed from the get-go as a liberating financial tool for the freedom loving individual to resist economic oppression by tyrannical totalitarian governments.

>how do you keep consumers safe?

This fucking reptilian piece of shit.

>crypto currency was created to overcome it's own ban

Bitcoin... the Zyklon B of the modern age

it's the year of dex's and privacy coins lads.

Banning it will make it stronger.

Crypto was created to give people the freedom that goverments want to ban

As if I needed another reason to hate that crusty fucking bitch. Merkel is such a joke. Germans have fallen so far.

ahh yes express is a highly reputable bastion of journalistic integrity mhmm

read the article, there's nothing there apart from some suggestion that Macron or Merkel will bring up the topic of cryptocurrency regulation at the next G20 summit.

everything else is clearly made up with no references or names, and even the G20 thing isn't necessarily true

We'll see what the markets say about this.

Well, maybe currency will be banned, but most utility coins will be permitted, most likely.

Exactly they even say that China has banned it multiple times throughout. Such a shit rag

lmao ant this is coming from a frog

>everything else is clearly made up with no references or names, and even the G20 thing isn't necessarily true

So all major news organisations are lying as well as the German and French finance ministers?

This is not only on the express dumbass, regulations are coming, what part of that don't you understand?

>dang, white people found a way to get wealthy using technology they invented...
>we might not be able to genocide them if they have capital to raise a resistance...
>well, lets ban this shit and get it over with

What actually happened is that Merkel and Macron PROPOSED to heavily regulate cryptocurrencies to the G20.
If the EU accepts this proposal, they won't pull through with it until many years later.
Remember the Brexit? Yeah. Like that, only slower.


Germans want this. This is what they want. They picked this. They chose this.


This. We have at least more 2-3 years to make it.

This is not only on the Express you literal retard. This is happening whether you want to believe it or not.

who even cares what failed states like germany and france are going to do, really?

Fucking retards falling for this bait. Governments all over the world have tried banning crypto and have failed over and over again. How many times has China "banned" crypto now? Besides, with all the bullshit going on in the world right now, you think any reputable world leader would give half a shit about muh magic internet money beanz? The stupidity on this board really astounds me sometimes.

What the fuck is your problem, man? Are you a salty no coiner?

The only 4 countries that matter in crypto are China, SK, Japan and the US

What the fuck?


> reuters article exists
> posts link to express

We saw what the markets said about China. Some panic, then bullrun after bullrun. I'm quite content with such prospects.

The US is just as irrelevant as the EU is


US? Dont make me laugh. Bigger faggots than China.

Merkel can't even form a government and might be history come Sunday. That's how much Germans "want this".

shut the fuck up, chink

go back to your hive

>"We will regulate/ban cryptocurrency" says increasingly nervous government for the thousand time this decade

Who cares

Do not compare, a huge bureaucracy machine devours country or some virtual nerd coins.

Of course it would be fucking Merkel. Probably seize your profits to give to ackmed and abdul too.

are you upset that she doesn't want to be standing there like a mongoloid kid waving a flag?

2 hours ago

"PBoC Reportedly Orders Payment Services to Stop Serving Crypto Traders"

Are you blind or purposely ignoring what is happening before your eyes?

by keeping them poor i guess. and if they do manage to find some way to not be poor, ban it so they lose their investment too. that'll keep em safe!

Hear knocking on door.
It's the police.
"We have information that you are using Bitcoins."
No Bitcoins here.
"Bitcoins are illegal. We are searching your house for QR codes."

This is why you keep your buttcoins tattoed above your arsehole.

tough fucking shit.. the train has left long ago.
how many years they spent ignoring it
then saying it's a fraud and mocking it
now they start attacking it.
like the saying goes
.....then we win.

Why is that the only source on this? Smells fake.

Of course they give a shit. Do you not realise "the shit" happening in western europe is engineered from top to bottom? Socialist regimes rely on you being a slave to the state, having the degree of economic freedom cryptocurrency represents is unacceptable to them.

that is gold

not even news carry on

If you believe the tabloids then crypto is already illegal literally everywhere.


2 hours ago

Another company trading Bitcoin charged with fraud, do you really not see what is happening?

Yeah. Look at the places in the world where Bitcoin gets real world use. African countries, Venesuala, basically post-apolcoplytic shitholes. Bitcoin is designed to survive total collapse so long as there is an internet and someone mining it.

Bitcoin its self needs to die or Segwit and LN need to be scrapped. But Crypto its self is going to be a dominate force in the world and communism and the banking cartel can stop it now.

based tbqh

>cuck sandnigger lover spotted

>regulations = ban
god the news is so jewish

It's a fucking clickbait. Other sources only talk about regulations. Fucking MSM fudding again.

Lol. Thats not true. They just want to look at taxes and how they can prevent people from scams

This, its just a clickbait title, regulations were inevatible

You cant even regulate crypto. You can regulate the exchanges but crypto its self is Global.

I clearly see that I am going to get rich as fuck out of the upcoming crash.

So I don’t have to pay taxes now?

No. I'm all in on Ven so I don't give a shit. They gave it a thumbs up on CCTV before this article came out.

someone please post this in their comment section!

"The Governments are scared. They are losing their control of the money supply. Governments have been able to inflate or deflate fiat currency at will, which hasn't been backed by gold in decades. People have longed for a medium of exchange that is stable and in their hands. Something decentralized, that does not inflate or deflate, and which no one power controls. A currency of the people for the people.The more they try to regulate or ban it, the more they show their hand that they want to enslave and control you. They do not want you to have your financial future in your own hands. Let big brother keep you working for them for the rest of your life while your best years pass you by."

My fucking sides.

Fuck you tho, you know what he meant.

Fake guys.. biggest fake news ever

It's not fake guises, stop.
Frog here, Bruno Lemaire (French Minister of the Economy) confirmed that he will submit crypto with his german counterpart to his G20 overlords. google "Bruno Lemaire G20"

"You have to keep the Treasury in the countries satisfied and keep consumers safe"


d-did someone say...zcl+btcp?
pls no bully
i just want to make it
let's buy zcl!



What ban?

>total collapse
>still internet
I don't have a big enough laf on my phone.

>fake news
As annoying as Trump saying it every 5 seconds, he isn't wrong about the news spreading half truths and complete lies for sales.

Macron is a Rothschild's banker, they can bring whole crypto market down with one move easily, they have infinite resources.

Why is Merkel such shit? I disagree with everything she does.

because I can understand why she doesn't want to wave a flag? okay Hitler :^)

What you don't understand is you can't regulate crypto. You just fucking can't. Until they close every offshore bank and every crypto exchange, the market won't even take a dip.

>you have to keep the Jews happy and the goys poor
Why is gambling legal if you want to keep consumers safe.

>Rotschilds bow to the Bogdanoffs
>Bogdanoffs rule France with an iron but fair fist
not so fast

It is illegal to celebrate being german in germany.
Waving a german flag is associated with nazism and can get you to jail.

1. Who listen's to Macron? Kek. France is the weakest economy in Northwest-Europe. Half the French population still think like they live in the Napoleon era. So no worries there.
2. Deutsche Bank and the other Frankfurt banking jews have probably asked Merkel to do something about this innovative idea of cryptocurrencies because it's endangering their way of doing business.
3. You can't regulate it. VPN, Wallets, Proxies etc. etc.


You cannot regulate, but you can shut it down. How would you like a death sentence to anyone involved in crypto in every country controlled by bankers?

Morons realized that it can't be easily regulated so they start thinking they should ban it.

It'll tell you what is their plans:
>FUCK guises we can't collect taxes efficiently on those cryptos
>We only care about tax evasion but let's tell the masses that crypto is dangerous because funding of terrorism, child abuse and the usual excuses to rob people of their privacy and freedom
>So let's ban it guises, it'll allow us to figure out how to tax it efficiently
>Once we can tax it efficiently we unban it

Screencap this, this is how it will go down.

France would literally make people pay taxes for breathing if they could get away with it.


You are a fucking moron OP and your FUD is out in full force I see with your shit sensationalist claims. BTC regulation does not equal bans. The media over hypes this to grab headlines and sell media to dumb fuck consumers such as yourself. Sorry you didn't buy into crypto, I know you are salty about missing out on the gains. You have two options: A) kill yourself because you have lost out on so much money OR B) stop being such a fucking pussy whining ass little bitch, shut the fuck up and buy some crypto already and jump on the bandwagon of the future you fucking moron. Blockchain technology has a massive future ahead of it, you are the one that is blind to all of this. But keep sucking the jew media cock if that helps you feel safe at night while the government robs you. Stupid cuck

fuck hes calling right now

You can't realistically ban the software, but you can ban fiat conversion. In the best case scenario the result might actually be a positive one: a whole shadow economy that's crypto-only. It would untie cryptocurrency from fiat.

Kel read the article. The charges are correct if the accusations are true.

Never trust christians, theyre all traitors as they have no connection to race or land besides israel

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This is the wrong way to hang somebody.

Burgers invented blockchain you ungrateful faggot.

The internet will survive a total collapse. Its not an easy thing to get rid of.


I’m sitting here comfy in Switzerland, in the cryptovalley
Our politicians are actively supporting cryptos, come at us bro
Glad we’re not part of the EU

>but you can ban fiat conversion
You do know, that you can cash out in literally in any bank on Philippines, Panama and Pacific islands and they won't even report on you so you don't pay any taxes?

Are you saying they are closing the offshore banking industry? You're retarded.

>Unironically calling someone "Hitler"
This has to be high level b8