Am I the only broke politically correct democrat on here? Do any of them ever make it to lamboland?

xlm is good but i would drop xvg,rdd,and doge and add BAT and ADA to your portfolio

Reminder that mining crypto contributes to global warming due to excessive electricity consumption and raises sea levels and drowns pajeets in bangladesh

Being a leftie and into crypto is literally incompatible

You are not alone.

I'm not a liberal but I'm definitely very far off from the /pol/ autism spectrum. I think the Crypto field is libertarian/anarcho-capitalist by definition though. Side note, there are tons of disgustingly wealthy Democrats that sort of use the "political correctness" as a sort of currency/tool in their circles - look at Hillary's biggest backers for an obvious example. The fuckers were absolutely loaded and used the Democratic Party as their puppet, that's partly why the backlash was so severe after her loss.

I also recommend picking up BAT, although I see it as a long term hold (1 year+)

no because they're too cucked to make the right moves

damn man, drop rdd en xvg. add Fun and/or BAT.

SJW as fuck, $230k in crypto. Having some money has absolutely no effect on my understanding of the abusive nature of power.

I'm by all means a SJW mixed race immigrant liberal

I work in the media, the literal liberal media, and make ironic anti-capitalist jokes on fb

but i love money and don't give many shits about energy consumption for cryptos. I do think it's bad though but i mainly shrug

not your generic landlocked state/country acne ridden reactionary beta autist /pol/tard

cucks always lose in the end

>Radical centrists detected
Have fun getting rekt by both extremes and the wealthy (((liberals))). You are the bottom of the barrel, the literal punching ball of the next 60 years. Be ready to kill yourself

libcucks are all hypocritical faggots, im so happy i dont have to deal with disgusting retards like you in real life

GTFO nigger

Hey guys anyone here part of team blue uhhh team red is winning I know right uhhhh

Kill yourslves faggots.

i always wish people like visit some post Communist country so you understand how stupid you are if you are young 15-20 i can understand that you are somehow naive but if you are older then its just sad


You will never make it with that portfolio

Sure, man. Just remember that the "other side" are aa bunch of 2 dimensional stereotypes that go against everything that is good in the world, while people on your side are a nuanced and interesting bunch of humans.

>go against everything that is good in the world,

>honestly believing that the Western left wing is communist
>honestly subscribing to a 1950's understanding of the world

they are even worse.. hell even communist here hate them but enjoy you social program and brainwashing and don't forget if you have some options on anything keep it rather for yourself...

I prefer politically correct (not TOO politically correct like tumblr) democrats to the retards that browse this sub. You will make it user.

then why are you here?

>only invests in shitcoins under $5 with 30+ billion in circulation


>Doesn't know about post scarcity.

Kill yourselves nigger-kikes

Pink wojaks and to know which coins to stay away from.

>muh abusive nature of power
>lets centralize power even further!!!


>The left
>Participating in Anarcho-capitalism

this board*

Sorry, I'm from Reddit.

At least you're engaging with the content instead of just attacking strawmen.

Conservatives make money off of stupid liberals so liberals make laws to steal it back

It's cute how upset retards get when you say that you refuse to identify with some idiotic cookie-cut firebrand of politics.

>"muh identity"
>muh beliefs

Lol, all of that was chosen for you and shilled to you and you drank the Kool-aid. If anybody spends time to actually think for themselves, there's little chance they'll identify 100% with the Republicans or Democrats.

>Identity politics
>virtue signalling
>policing words

Strange, I don't get how you can be proud of these things.

Well you've won and you got your identity politics, good luck.

>Conservatives lower taxes and require more self responsibility

>there's little chance they'll identify 100% with the Republicans or Democrats.

>politically correct democrat on here

You hate capitalism and markets so fucking much you should not be allowed to profit off crypto.

All of you leftist faggots should be taxed 100% since you like that shit so much.

>we hate identity politics so we're going to adopt an extreme version of identity politics

Well shareblue enough played. If you like to talk politics This board is for moon hunting

you have less than 1k so why r u holding high market cap coins.. do you want to stay poor faggot? sell that shit right fucking now and buy int, bhp and sphtx

if you're dealing with this small amount of money, just go all in on one coin. keeps your attention intact and will be less stressful in the long-run, espec if you can get more funds to buy dips.
also, zcl.

>all left wingers are American SJW democrat fags
It's nice living outside of that incredibly black and white system.
You know success is about adaptation right? An entirely free market is not the best way to adapt, but neither is iron-fisted market control. There must be shades of grey.

This isn't /pol/, just a reminder

Lmfao, either b8 or you’re an incredibly hideous soyboy nigger faggot. Kill yourself

being left is logically incompatible with speculating in an unregulated market screwing over the weakest
hate progressives all you want, but many of them are genuine in their beliefs
of course, this means the ones we have here are the most mentally bankrupt. anyone who can get through the giant cognitive dissonance of leftist + crypto can likely justify anything up to genocide

Kinda hard to drive a lambo and demand 90% tax rates to pay tribute to Israel. Unless you're Bernie Sanders, at least. No refunds, goyim.

His folio is fine. Every coin will be 10x a year from now. He could be a NEET for a year on 10K. He could wake up and jerk off to new, high quality porn. The life.

Sad larp, sad stealth politics thread. Fucking kill yourself you obsessed faggots.

i have 600k and im a communist, fuck liberals desu lol

Is that why you're here investing in these nationalist, anti-globalist coins?

Stop being so greedy user, money is for everyone, not just you! Stop being so selfish and give that money to the less fortunate.

Normie get out

me too. and im a woman.



I updated my sad portfolio, thanks for the business advice, I know you offensive republicans are good at this

If you were so concerned about social justice you should give away all your money to charity.

But you’re just a self righteous hypocrite piece of shit like every other liberal.

You'll never make it faggot. The world currency is going to be controlled by Nazi's - Watcha' gun' do about it?