Does anyone here bet on sports?

Does anyone here bet on sports?

no, i'm white.

>betting on sports
fuck of normie scum

I bet on everything you can give me odds for.

Is there an actual brainlet pink wojak?

KEK I'm a mudslime and this made me laugh, my retarded mudslime friends bet on sports while i secretly make mad crypto gainz

I used to do the odd football bet here and there, but since I got into shitcoin roulette I've left the bookies behind

I have this if this counts

Betting is haram in Islam.

Buy HORSE so you can bet on crypto.



Cough cough fun fair cough cough


i am so offended, plz tell me more.

best way to make money sports betting (unless you are high level programmer with intimate understanding of both statistics and the game itself, which let's be honest you aren't) is to book your retarded junkie friends action

give me 15mins


Isn't sport betting most popular in the Nordic countries like Sweden and Finland when you look per capita? They have shit ton of companies for it too.

This was meant for


Every now and then with btc on bovada won a nice amount on the mayweather McGregor fight but nfl took those gains away insane year

best way to bet on sports is buy WGR

I actually am - I developed a system to consistently beat the spread and generate about 15% ROI every quarter