POE accumulation

someone doesn't want POE to rise

I was just thinking the same thing...

After is 2X'd from .06 I knew some whales wanted it. There's supposedly some news coming out on the 24th so they're trying to accumulate before the hype hits.

Frost app alpha release on 21st according to a dev tweet.

so glad i got out at .000126 eth
gonna buy back in when it drops below .000110

Someone's mad lmfao

they added another one

not mad, already sold all of my POE
buying back in the dip

He clearly knows what's up and is trying to get more you retard

lmfao, w(h)ew lad

that tweet was deleted though

Its here, waiting for that sweet spot to rebuy

>someone doesn't want POE to rise


what does this graph mean?
how could he make POE not rise?

Overwhelming buyers causing the price to drop

Google depth charts and come back. Actually don't come back, just go back to plebbit.


overwhelming how?

I'll have a look at depth charts, thanks.

Just fuck off and don't come back

Or someone wants to sell a lot of POE, ever thought of that?

Not enough people to buy up the selling orders plummets the price as it reduces perceived demand.
Leave the newfag be, if he fucks up think about you taking his money.

POE's project is solid and is getting coverage now. Whales are trying to keep prices low until normalfags hear of it so they can accumulate.

if they actually want to sell they would've either placed a market order (but they're not stupid), placed a lot of smaller limit orders, or placed a stop limit order

so the wall is created by placing a sell order for a huge amount of POE? can't there still be other sell orders I could fulfill?

you can fulfill other sell orders, but only the ones lower then the sell wall will get fulfilled

ok, that makes sense. how could the one who placed this order benefit from this sell-wall?

Think of it like this. I just sold 11160 POE at the start of the dip. Now as it crashes I can buy more POE at the bottom, thus I'm accumulating. As the price goes up again I'm making even more money since I now have more coins.

Sell wall popping up at 1k Sats we've got definitive manipulation.

for this to work you need to know when it's dipping tho, and then sell a huge amount but also still have a huge amount to create the sell-wall, in order to buy the dip with the profits from selling right?


If you have enough you can manipulate it yourself, but you just need to look at the coins patterns in the candles as well as the buy/sell walls
Buyers market soon, sorry. It'll go up but now its gonna dip a bit.

>OP trying to trick Veeky Forumstards into buying his bags

yeah, it's creators

so you detect when someone is manipulating, and then just ride along? could this be automated? also, how long does a sell-wall last? will it go away only when it's bought?

thanks for the info, btw

>Buying now

yes that's what us poorfags do
usually a wall lasts until it's removed, sometimes the buying pressure gets high enough that a sell wall gets bought through

why don't the creators want the price to rise?

Too early

so a wall could be bought by multiple buy-orders at that price? or does it require a single order to fulfill? and by removed, you mean by the one who placed it?

yeah makes sense
have you read their "whitepaper"? lmao

Exactly, if they let it rise now in their current state they'll be seen as a pajeet coin and forever will be trash. If they can have more time they can refine their project. Either way we can make some money here.

multiple orders is usually what happens, because what lunatic is going to spend almost a million on this? by removed i mean taken down by the person/persons who placed it yes


If I have a million I would definitely spend on this, the safest way to make it 10 millions.

1) take a look at their team
2) read their whitepaper
3) tell me how this will ever reach 1$

more tips if you want to get into trading
read up on RSI, MACD, stochastic RSI, wavetrend oscilators, and bollinger bands

100 BTC wall and 1000 ETH wall. Thats almost 2million usd. Definitely the team behind the wall. Or some big ass whale. kek

thanks, I'll look them all up. I'm interested in automatic market analysis and trading based on these findings

I bought in above the wall price


Whaled again

This is getting intense

thx for these

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