How do we stop this scam?

This shit is the worst scam imaginable, these guys have literally printed 400 milllion in fake money in the last 4 days.

It works like this:
create 100 million fake tether out of your ass, but real bitcoin with it, sell bitcoin for actual USD and leave bagholders with your worthless Tether token.
You know what happens when people try to redeem their tether tokesn for BTC or USD or ETH? They get scammed because Tether doesn't have 1.6 billion USD in their reserver (their current marketcap).
This is literally the most impressive scam crypto, or maybe the world, has ever seen. You can print money basically.
When this coin gets found out it will be twice as bad as Mt.Gox

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For fucks sake, keep your money off exchanges and store your shit in cold storage.

we all knew this shit already, but what can we do against it?

Jibrel Network will save us

So just like US Federal Reserve?

don't buy tether:
woops, now they can't use tether for anything since they can't sell it - and if they try to turn it into actual fiat, the exchanges will end up having to tell them to fuck off


Just like the feds

fuck off

another tether thread
Attention, anyone dumb enough to believe this fud should just sell now and unfortunately fomo in later.

same no coiner faggot launching all tether fud threads ignore let it it 404

i think most of Veeky Forums faggots are aware of this scam and don't buy this shit, but what is about the normies? we make money on normies backs', but this normies will make us poor again if we don't watch out.

It ok. Everyone just switches to a new coin like this ICO.

yeah but the USD is backed by the bullet in the back of your head if you don't accept it.
Tether is backed by the shit of the pajeets who profit of it

a country's GDP actually means something, services and commodities. it can scale in relative terms but it can never be worthless.

crypto is based on nothing. people going threw arbitrary hashes on GPUs. it's not just that it's worthless, it doesn't even represent worth. It's an elaborate emperor's new clothes operation that we've all bought into cause it makes us rich.

Its like playing GTA5 , I have $10 million virtual money...use cheat code and get $100 million more...

why do you care so much about the printing of Tether? its fake. just like all digital coins. just like all fiat. Know you enemy and use it to to your advantage.


Stop saying this nonsense. USD is backed by at least 300 million people wanting it. You're free to not accept USD and live on a self-sufficient commune if you wish.

ye of course, it is a meme.
Well, not entirely of course, look at what happened to Saddam and Ghadaffi when they decided they didn't want to use it anymore.

And in the very unlikely scenario that for some reason no one would use USD anymore but cryptocurrency, the US governement (owned by bankers under the 'lobbyist' meme (kek americans are so gullible)), would immedeatly make crypto illegal since it is not stored on a bank account like USD and all banks would go broke (well, they're already broke it would just become apparent).

Wow dude thanks for this super fresh info!

Finally! Multiple Tether FUD threads showing up every hour.
Last time we had this BTC went X3 in 3 weeks.

Finally the dip is over. Thanks tether fuders.

BTC 20k eom.

1.7 billion usd market cap brudi, FUD needs to happen. I see "tethering up" threads here every day and especially people acting positive when this shitcoin gets printed again

This market doesn't need Tether to grow, lots of normies still need to fall for crypto, we don't need artificial price increasing with some worthless shitcoin that will eventually crash the market

Why is bitfinex Reddit page literally filled with people complaining about not getting their money when cashing out? Are they all lying?


It really will. Their jCash will save us from tether crashing the market.

This. Just use jCash.


tether is making you rich by driving up the prices of all cryptos you idiot. it's also saved the market from all out crashes. it's also fighting fiatb y using their own weapon against them - fiat. it's even fucking DESTROYING wall street shorters.

stop the tether FUD

I think a lot of exchanges are having fiat shortages.

We don't. Tether is the ultimate fake it till you make it. Just pray to god that enough money to make a few billion look like chump change is actually pumped into Crypto before people realize that Tether cannot make every token with a USD.

omg how is that possible???

You invest in Jibrel.

BTC/tether is backed by HODL meme so most people will never sell making tether safe

>You can print money basically.
literally ripple, eth and all eth tokens, and every other clone that allows token creation

>a scam is okay when we're profiting off it

On the day Tether collapses, what are the charts going to look like? I think within the first few hours, BTC and ETH will skyrocket as people on Tether exchanges run for the exits. Obviously all of crypto will plummet shortly afterwards, but I'm curious how long that spike up will last, and how high it'll go.

>You know what happens when people try to redeem their tether tokesn for BTC or USD or ETH

Does anyone actually try to redeem their tether for USD? You have to be a verified costumer to do that. Who is in the position to do so?

And when someone tries to redeem if for BTC/ETH - why would that be a problem? As long as people believe 1USDT = 1USD it'll work

sure it's a scam but I don't see how it would pop, if they get audited they can probably just bribe their fellow chinks can't they? and no one can exchange USDT to USD anyway

or am I retarded and missing something

If/when Tether collapses, you simply won't be able to exchange it for BTC/ETH/etc. No one will want to buy it, at least at remotely reasonable prices.