Tfw I found the eth killer

>1.000.000 transactions pr. minute
>0.001 dollar fees
>autonomous smartcontracts ( java as language )
>completely new consensus algorithm ( DPoS + BFT )

You've helped be find gems in the past, so I wanted to return the favor.
This is literally blockchain 3.0.

They've already got the alpha ready for the public on the 25th of January.
The alpha should be able to handle 250-500.000 tx pr second. FUCKING 10 TIMES AS FAST AS VISA. ( and faster than any blockchain )
The Alpha code will be published on github after release ( because they were in the process of getting patented ).

Blockchain will be launched by June.
So if you're not onboard this moon mission by then, you must hate money.

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Not minutes.

Is this Linda?

coin name?

NEO, and ETH are already implementing something to do this.
So is OMG.

Its not impressive anymore.

whats the coin !?!??????????????????????????????????

Credits blockchain

Oh fuck my digits... guess I gotta buy this one

What does this pattern mean?

>those fucking digits
What the fuuuuuck I gotta buy this but I'm all in on REQ AAAAAHHHHH

>those digits

Fuck it, buying 100k

Great name. Where to buy?


Muh. High performance blockchain is better. They're promising a minimum of 1 million tx/second with a high of 16 million tx/second. They have a partnership with unionpay (chinese visa). Custom hardware specifically to squeeze more transactions from the tech. Look into it OP.

brb, buying 100k



Untested. Nice one paijeeet

Holy fuck that website, LMAO. Wouldn't be surprised if it said "TEN BAJILLION TPS".


>women on the team


You mean matrix?

Oh fuck that shit. Unless you like poz loads of social justice smeared all over your face.

They don't even have a working product. Credits Alpha is releasing in 5 days. Plus its gonna be scalable up to 10 mil tx pr second.

Signed up for the whitelist, seems neat. I've had good luck with slavcoins in the past.

lol see for yourself in 5 days. You can test their alpha capable of 250-500 thousand tx. Which in of itself is 10x higher than visa.

Final product is 20x faster than visa.

What do we do????

They probably have not stress tested in high loads.

They can't emulate billions of transfers per day

HAHAHAHA 'matrix' scam. They are gonna solve the scalability problem with an AI, instead of creating a more effecient blockchain.

Sounds like bit- ( LET THE BOT DO THE WORK AND YOU BECOME RICH )- Connect

>russian team
yeah, no thanks. I'd rather skip this one.

>java as language


Literally a shit tier programming language that's being phased out because it's slow and full of security issues. Unless they develop a smart contact API in a real programming language or a simple interpreted language like JavaScript, this is going nowhere.

Mate this will be raped with RADIX, in Q3, credits don't have any working product yet the still developing..

RADIX have working product and sharding and event you techinically can pay merchant when the accepct one..

Having said that, credits will be a boom for sure..

They are made on interpreted JavaScript, not Java. My bad

And they do have API

It’s not on any exchange

They are made on interpreted java with API

It's not yet on exchanges. Whitelisting closes tomorrow. Ico starts 1st.

But it's going to be open platform. So you can make your own smartcontracts on JavaScript.

I don't get it
What's the fucking coin name?


It's still in ICO stage. Gonna be on exchanges immidiately once it's over.


look it up, im serious

I don't get how custom hardware can speed up a block chain. Bitcoin already has custom hardware (ASICs), it doesn't speed up transaction times because the difficulty increase neutralizes any performance gains - by design

>Russian devs
I don't know OP

Too slavic to succeed

My vice with them too, hate russians. But they are a real registered company, with real 30+ employees. Plus they are presenting at multiple conventions atm. ( Miami Bitcoin Convention 2018 just yesterday ). So I'm absolutely convinced they are legit.

If the alpha works as it should, it's bound to blow up. I would reccomend whitelisting, and seeing the alpha for yourself the 25th and then deciding to donate.

Thats what I'm gonna do. I literally don't have any bags to shill you, it's an ICO.

Sorry OP, but Universa is right around the corner

I am extremely grateful for this early tip on such a promising project. I will purchase at least one hundred thousand coins at once. Thank you and farewell.

>Ethereum killer
>erc20 token

delete this

They are swapping in June when the blockchain is launched.

are you a brainlet user?

was going to do that anyway desu. too greedy

>java as language
hello pajeet

little fish
8k in various coins
40% btc, 25%neo, 15%eth, 10%icx, 10% various small coins

What do you mean swapping? Am I going to be able to trade my erc20 credit shittoken for the Own Blockchain version? Explain

>slow and full of security issues
>instead use javascript

advisor: John Mc Monkey


Thoth confirms Credits blockchain will take us to lamboland. BRB going all in.

yea it's a joke of a project. didn't come close to their ICO goal and they're so far behind on their roadmap it's ridiculous. will be dead in a couple months guaranteed

hm at least two languages of the page are
translated from a 12year old, smells slightly fishy?

super coin by 2020

1mil per minute? Nigga we doin 1 mil+ per second over here. Also we can use the ethereum and neo virtual machine. Oh and partnership with unionpay, bigger than visa and mastercard conbined. But you didn't hear that from me anons

thats what I thought too.

Per second

Interpreted java with API

They are launching their mainnet ( own blockchain, like ETH, NEO etc. ) in June. Everyone that holds an ERC-20 token will have them swapped 1:1 for a CS token on it's own blockchain.

You can test their alpha the 25th.

Easy 20% returns per day, just join the Veeky Forums group:

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kek that dev team.
Scam confirmed.

Yeah they were translated by some bounty guy who fucked them on the translation. Their website is being updated soon, they are aware of all the spelling mistakes.

Pr second*, read my post beneath the first.

Pfft, the real golden ticket was minted years ago.
>high coin cap
>set to mine blocks for 15,000 years
>innovative hash algorithm has been scheduled for one year after the fork shakes up bags
Keep dreaming guise

It doesn't matter how many transactions per second you can do if no one wants to use it, look at ETH the reason it is a juggernaught is beacuse a large number of developers work on the project. I see many "coins" aiming to revolutionize the payment industry but if they have no devs working on the project it will go nowhere and will be worthless in a few years.

It doesn't matter how many transactions per second you can do if no one wants to use it, look at BTC, the reason it is a juggernaught is beacuse a large number of developers work on the project. I see many "coins" aiming to revolutionize the payment industry but if they have no devs working on the project it will go nowhere and will be worthless in a few years.