Iexec rlc

Get ready

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More like top 5 m8. Good news, exodus ir normie friendly wallet



Wow I just came

Slack nigga. RLC is gonna be 25x by may

Excellent. RLC is still so undervalued it's absurd.

All TA signals are telling me that it's going to be pumped, expect at least 3x from now in short term


awww sheiiit


what is the difference between exodus and mew for exemple ?

Very normie friendly

fuck yeah!

Does it store all ERC20 tokens?

Thank god not a single fucking agatha

and they have to be on shapeshift



I just went 50% in, been keeping my eye on this project.

all $50?!


Where are the super technical blog posts? I'm in RLC but never know how to find this stuff. Surely its not the blog on their main website?


At wich price you went in RLC mates ?

8000 sats, 12000 sats, 14000 sats, and 15000 on the recent dip.


Long time ago at 50 cents, but bought more the other day.

I'm all in on LINK until 2019, should I put half my stack in RLC?

Better go all in! You might regret it after may

Both are incredibly strong holds, user.

Waiting for ZCL to finally fucking fork so I can add to my RLC position. Only hold 3,500 rn. Will I make it Veeky Forums?

how much ZCL you holding? and why the fuck is no one talking about the fork? LOL

Green dubs, we're getting the pump.
19k sats, 20k sats

what does this coin do?

ha exactly the same here :)

102 of these fuckers. Date announcement should be early Feb

RLC is at least a 100 dollar coin eventually, user. Your stack is quite healthy. Only about 1500 here.

God damn, awesome. What'd you get in at? I hadn't even heard of Zclassic, no one mentions it here it seems. A normie of all people told me about it, and the fork.

I actually FOMO'd in at 100 right after the first bull run, added more at 80 and 115 at the last dip. I think bitcoin private will genuinely be the most useful fork so far; I could easily see the black markets picking it up because it has the tech and the brand name

this is literally your last chance

What is Exodus?
RLC holder here.

Yeah no dip incoming

Normie friendly coin. When it takes of in may normies will most prob use it

Sory, wallet not a coin

Check the PoCo.

But why would normies use RLC? It's supposed to be powering other shitcoins and possibly big corporations. I can't see RLC servicing normies at all.

Normies want to speculate too.
Anyway the non crypto partnership has been pushed for next week.

Source? Cant find it in slack

It has been implied, pic related he said this would happen this week then he now said this will be before the end of the month.

Thanks user did not realize that

Should have all ind. yesterday!

So how many other coins use exodus as well? And where can I find this info

Is it to late to jump in? I only have 42 :(

Not too late, the bitcoin crash have put this at a discount.

not too late - when it hit binance it spiked to $5, you'd still be considered early up to that price

What's exciting is that Exodus thinks RLC could be a top 50 coin

Learning how to use google?

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Keke surpised this shitcoin isn't dead yet.

Are you implying there will be no more dip ?

If the partnership and the Dapp challenge results are good then it's possible this is the last time you will see it under $5.
Technically and business wise it's much more advanced than Golem, imo Shopin and Request will be blockchain unicorns in no time.

tfw got 10.5K will I make it?

The smallest of my 5 holds, I am an RLClet but I just doubled my stack. Best of luck goys

Stop being a dick

Look at the volume guys, some whale is consistently buying weak handed bags from idiots.

Want to buy 100 more but my transfer is taking so long REEeErDdDDreEeee

nothing more infuriating than waiting for a transfer
>After 3 confirmations we will credit your account
>15 confirmations
>account not credited

Tfw I could have sold my rlc for 8 bucks bought back in at 2 bucks and I'd have 500k rlc right now. :(

how about you use Ripple next time, takes literlly seconds

This. Seems like fewer and fewer people are willing to sell so those whale buys are slowly driving the price up

glad i bought some of this shit on the dip. thinking i might dump REQ for more

$10 for you to make it user?

Unironically good way to move funds quickly

Goals always change. When I hit 1 mill my new goal will readjust

just increased my stack by 800 RLC to a total of 6100. Will probably buy 900 more if it dips and hodl it until at least v3