Today's REQ news: REQ abandons roadmap in hopes that community will save them


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Fuck! big if true.


just sold 100k

"Today in REQ: we're rolling out decentralized boy pucci"

Is this a bait? The dev team will continue working on the project, they just want to accelerate the process by creating a reward fund.

today's op news: pure unbridled free-range faggot

The way I read it they want the community to develope their shit and give them grants to do it. Now that they made money in their if I and they actually have money to pay for the work to be done they are trying to hire people to write their programs for them through grants. I doubt they even have anyone who can more than make a webpage at this point.

>Now that they made money in their if I and they
>in their if I and they
Makes sense, thanks.

so you actually admitted you can't read.

Yeah I'm on my phone fuck me

Can you retards at least put the the source with every statement you do?
I know this is bait, but whatever.

>hey you disgusting indians, make shit for us for pennies

good plan if you are selling to normies, bad plan if your investors are tech savy and know what the end result will be

>calls others retards
>doesn't follow news sources for coins he owns or cares about

good luck buddy

Jesus, what a trainwreck. Get out and let the deluded ones take your bags.

the team has over 120m worth of Ethereum from ICO. Their developer tokens are worth well over 100m. That's 220m in funds and they are allocating 10% of it to pay pajeets to complete 90% of what this project was supposed to be.

Hope they pick the right pajeets

Time for bed ranjeet

Are they seriously offloading 90 percent of their work for to bunch of pajeets? They weren't given 120 million just to outsource. What a fucking sham, how deluded do you have to be to think this is a good idea.

read the list. Literally everything they had originally planned for this project.


Did you fuckers even read the statement?

>FUDs a coin
>doesn't put the source
I already knew about the REQ biweekly update you fucking nigger, and I know damn well that it's not whatever the retard that is OP says it is.

now you learn the true laziness of baguettes. That's why I pulled out of Request when I was 10x. Fuck those baguettes. Lazy fucks

Learn to read between the lines, clown.

this shit is gonna dump hard, everyone loved this coin on this subreddit before the update.

selling this baguettecoin scam at 1 dollar was the best decision of my life

>they wrote a roadmap
>made an ico
>getting loads of cash
deluded reqies

>on this subreddit
>reddit have to go back

I think this is a good idea. How thin do you want to spread a small team like that? This is in essence a hiring move for teams who will only worry about one small part of the big picture, and nothing else. The main thing is that it all flows through Request. I think this is really good.

Rofl what is this weak FUD. If you actually believe they are abandoning the roadmap, please sell now.

If you think this is bad, then you are saying building dapps for ETH or NEO is bad. It's the whole fucking point to tap into the framework/platform they are providing.

>I-i-i-it's ironic!
Nice argument and nice source for what OP says. Kys


>t. guy who didn't sell at 1.20

Basically they want to use the funds to reward app developers that can integrate REQ into other platforms. Makes sense to me, this will let them roll out faster.

wtf? well they do say all of those things can be developed either in house or outsourced. but still weird as fuck

their grant money is pretty low too, all theyre gonna get is eastern european programmers and pajeets

hav fun managing 20 different codebases by 20 different teams, i might actually sell my req stack over this

for that they would need a platform to build on

Oh get off it you fucking faggot. If you don't at least idly browse your coins subreddit for news and insights you're killing yourself. Get the fuck out of here with MUH SPECIAL INTERNET SECRETARY CLUB LEL WE ARE LEEGUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN fucking faggot

They spent all the other money on new houses in signapoore and on their vacation lel

You retards got fleeced

Have they released anything at all except the ico coins?

yeah they released that prototype request button. Probably one line of code

and JS libraries so they can get the reddit cultists to do their work for them

You realize that NEO did this as well right? The NEO wallet was made by external developers after NEO set up a fund just like this. Hell the fucking rebrand from antshares to NEO was community guided.

You are fucking retarded if you think this is a bad sign. But most people here are too new to remember 6 months ago so they will see this as a bearish sign.

They don't have to manage anything externally. This is like Google API's. They are offering a mechanism you can plug in to, like, they are providing a plug... you have to make your own plug that connects into. They are not responsible for the other end of the plug... merely keep providing and expanding the service.

how do I know youre not just fudding to get cheaper coins?

now give me money
i promise you to find guys that build paypal on blockchain ok?

ugh let's just admit that there were 15 threads yesterday talking about how the news would at least slightly bump REQ

and now it's down even more. let's not pretend we aren't disappointed. this is starting to sound like the people who are glad tether printed 100 million more dollhairs

>shit news
>all this fud
>only down 4 cents

nice FUD

Why would they do something like that,hmmm!

its down 11% vs ether you idiot

Are you retarded. I hold REQ since ICO. And this was ALWAYS the case. I even warned people to sell their REQ yesterday as it would drop today. And I am also warning you people RIGHT NOW to sell it and buy back in 1 week when it has bled some more.

Holy shit people REQ has been doing this dance every 2 weeks for 3 months now already. I would expect you guys to know about it by now

>REQ moons 3 days before biweekly friday news
>If good news REQ moons further
>If mediocre or bad news REQ drops for the next 2 weeks

C'mon people.

You faggots who think subcontracting is an automatic red flag are just doxing yourselves as basement dwelling neets with 0 understanding of how business works

and youre outing yourself as someone who has no idea how software development work

enjoy your pajeet-designed paypal system, hope you like having a terrible, shitty, fractured experience

it will be the linux of paypal systems, enjoy troubleshooting the app with your right hand, as you wipe the shit out of your ass with your left hand you fucking smelly pajeet

true, also - this is how you create an ecosystem.

And what is the incentive to keep your app up to date and to keep improving it and remove new bugs? Where does that money come from? The way it looks from the announcement development teams will get 20-100k dollars to develop one of these bits, and then what? For these teams to keep on developing they have to be paid, are REQ going to pay 30 different development teams over the world?

Do you think that Google pays people for using their API's? Ofcourse not. The incentive is that you get to use the fucking service Google, or in this case Request Network.

so on top of these pajeets developing the software, they also have to find their own ways to make it profitable, fucking great

i thought this was going to be the next paypal but no way in hell

People want decentralization, Coin offers people money to build on their platform, people get upset because devs running away with their money. ???

>paypal killer
>outsourced for 30 million
AHHAHAHAHAHAH, people are deluded enough to defend this.

That's what you got from the announcement?

Don't come bitching to us when this moons in 4 days. Idiot.

We told you to buy LINK instead. You didn't listen.


who is s/he?

Why would you want decentralization of development for mission critical structure that manages your money? The only times when decentralized development works well is when you have well known highly experienced developers who have proven their salt in decades past. Hiring some random pajeets and mischa from poland to develop your core software for chump change is retarded

Agatha or threemilk
she is a girl sadly

Is that your only non-argument? Neo is completely different it was not designed to be a payment system to replace paypal.

Outsourcing development to random teams spread over the globe worked oh so well for Coss.

Hilarious that REQtards were so excited for the big announcement today and thought it was gonna moon

I dont think you understand what they're out sourcing. They arent outsourcing the main part of their platform. and the best way to achieve mass adoption is by getting as many people as possible to work on the project so it appeals to as many people as possible.

You stupid assholes look at the 30m chart, it's already turning around. We're nearly at the bottom of the bowl, it'll be back up to 5600+ by 11p est

>the best way to achieve mass adoption is by getting as many people as possible to work on the project so it appeals to as many people as possible.
That's not at all how this works. It's good to have that as an alternative but without a very well functioning core software base you will never have mainstream adoption. Have you ever used linux? They're outsourcing pretty much everything except the backend, did you read the announcement?

only the people who's first update while holding thought that

Pfff, Link dumps 10% on good news.

It was in the wihitepaper since the beginning, there is no change.
The only news is the fund, not the fact that it's supposed to be a decentralized ecosystem. The team will develop every point of the roadmap, unless a strong project let them decentralize that part and double down on the rest.
They are actually giving away money and future fees to make their project better, and some idiot will believe this FUD instead of going all in.

read ^ fucking idiot.

You have to go back redditor

There is no reason for this shitcoin to exist if it's not going to be the next paypal, give me one reason why I would use request tokens to make a payment if its going to be just as bothersome as to do it as with any other crypto, navigating shitty buggy 3rd world apps to do it

new generation of bag holders KEK , ill enjoy moon missions meanwhile REQ will bleed itself back to 1 sat.

I sold of 90% of my stack, the more I read about this memecoin the more I realize it is useless.

biggest let down in my crypto career, getting JUST'd on every side

I've sold all my ripples for req and now you're telling me it's not going to be paypal 2.0?

I need a clear conclusion on this. Is this project dead??

yes sell now!!!!

What happened

its not dead but it looks like development is headed to the coss model, hire random third world retards to build mission critical infrastructure

Good, bad or neutral? And what does that do to the price mid term (two months)?

All it took was literally 4 seconds of Google.
Here's what reddit says

>REQ's ambitious roadmap remains the same. The main team is still responsible for building out the core network features which everybody will rely on.

>With the Request fund they are creating an incentive to draw developers to the request ecosystem.They are essentially wanting to become the equivalent of Ethereum to the commerce/accounting/auditing sector. This was the whole goal from the beginning, and is why they are so much more than just PayPal 2.0. The network will slowly draw in a bigger development community which in the end is the key to success and adoption by users.

>How some people are interpreting this as Request not wanting to develop out the product themselves, I have no idea.

basically there's nothing to worry about, stop believing FUD

checking their github is reason for worry
it might get some artificial boost short term, but this looks like massive disappointment

it's dead. cut your losses NOW and SELL!

>. If you don't at least idly browse your coins subreddit for news and insights you're killing yourself.

What if I just invest and sit on it for 6+ months
what would I need reddit for?

>They are essentially wanting to become the equivalent of Ethereum to the commerce/accounting/auditing sector.
What can REQ do that ethereum or neo cant do with smart contracts? What's the purpose of yet another ecosystem?

short term probably wont affect it but long term it worried

Maybe muzzies aren't so bad.

>Here's what reddit says

soygoys in denial, dead end

Honestly probably not much, but this is for the growth of the Request Network and not necessarily to compete with ETH/NEO. REQ itself does it's own thing but a strong community is good for growth of any coin.

yeah pls sell your bags, when they release mainnet in the next few weeks you will all buy back @ ATH kek

It sounds like another useless shitcoin to me. The whole selling point was that it was going to be a normie friendly paypal replacement that would take any fiat or crypto.

This sounds more like yet-another-middleware, but this time even the wallets and payment apps will be developed by third world pajeets.

>buy in at $.12
>sell at $.80
>price continues to drop
>market as a whole about to implode
Nah. I think I'll just hold fiat for the next few weeks as everything tanks then double or triple my stack with ease.

REQ is still a solid project, but the writing is on the wall that the price will continue to dip. Why hold onto an asset that will clearly continue to fall when you can store your money is something more stable then buy back at a lower price?

perhaps i want to sell in a year with long term capital gains rates rather than buy and sell this coin 200 times this year

>implying you can time the market

meant for