>Be me
>Wondering why mCap is dropping from 598 after a good day of growth from 550
>Check USA time
>Oh no
>The weakest hands in the universe are waking up

You faggots need to be nuked.

Sell your shitcoins and never come back you limp-wristed soyboy nation.

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American here
Start a war with us if you're so mad
Good luck

war is so 20th century faggot, the chinks will overtake you regardless

OP is mad that he bought at the top again

I’ll push your shit in and give your gf VD what are you gonna do about it little boy

No thanks, you do a good job killing yourselves already.


Lol, I love how you guys like to blame other countries for your losses. If you really knew what was going on you'd have money in reserve waiting for the countries with weak hands to wake up so you could buy at a discount. This is just the blame game.

>what are you gonna do about it

How about I'm never coming near your AIDS-ridden faggot nation.


The entire world has been for the last 40 years. You retards are always 2 steps away from fucking-up everything and taking us with you.

Just stick to making twitch streams. You're good at being cucks playing children's games at least.

Americans are driven by fear - Fear of robbers, fear of the goverment, healthcare etc etc.

Now they fear that crypto has failed - panic selling incoming

We are going to build a huge sell wall and make america great again


Country is ran by baby boomers. Doesn't mean we wouldn't push your shit in, alongside any country you ally with.

Lol it’s 1 o clock in burgerland you retarded europoors, the issue is you dumb faggots are getting home from work, happens every day you europoors come home to skim 3 dollars to feed your family for a year off rice

See graph

Also BTFO eurocuck

>You retards are always 2 steps away from fucking-up everything and taking us with you.

Why do you act like the world was some peacful place before the US existed?

Fact: If the US falls then the world would enter the Second Dark Age.

>n no u

>Implying every nation doesn't have nukes pointed at you

It's been fun watching your faggot-nation choke yourself on SJW culture, jewery and immigrants but if you try any shit we will wipe you to stone age, fucker.

love how you ameritards still think your huge military is actually useful lmao

You dumb fucking sand nigger, US has more nukes than every other country combined X10, sans Russia, you don't scare anyone.

What was that you third world fuck? Get off our American website then bitch. Also, most likely your shithole is even below pajeetland in military ranking ahahaha btfo

Jesus christ you are so fucking dumb.


>debating about military and world power
>hurrrr military doesn’t matter
>my country will fight with pitchforks and goats
Jesus you’re not even trying anymore

>spending money on military industrial complex instead of healthcare, education, technology...
im american but please shut the fuck up, you are making all americans look stupid.

>American website
>Owned by a Jap
>Based off a Japanese imageboard

You have to go and please do not reproduce.

Europe earns our gains, so Americans can cash out.

You obviously know how this works by now, OP. It's your own damn fault if you don't put in the bare minimum effort to capitalize on it.

>Be American
>wake up and check Blockfolio
>Heavy breathing because it’s very exhausting to pick up the phone
>oh shit I gained sweet 6%
>start breathing even more because your fat fueled heart starts to rush
>drive to Mc Donald’s in your scooter and spend the earned money on your 24 breakfast cheesburgers
Weakest and fattest hands on earth

No shit you retard just like in Europe
>hurrrr sure no it’s americans
You fucking inbred shitskin

military spending is like your only claim to greatness

>moot founder
Hurrrrr Japanese

>hurrr healthcare
>hurrr education
Sitting just fine with healthcare and education. Nice meme. Also check those educational rankings who is just above us

are you retarded?

Here in the mid west we would break your weak ass nigger loving eurocuck jaw for looking at us the wrong way (with that euro queer eye)

europe has at best 3 timezones. we are well behaved in our time slot. with the burgers, at any given time in the day, you can be sure they are selling.

guys plz stop argue 4 me kthnx

>they’re takin our internet monies!

Sure you would big boy. Right after your jacked off to BBC-Porn that your cuckholding nation loves so much.

literally what the fuck are you even talking about dipshit, you spent 50% of your budget on the military to do what? keep contractors in business? meanwhile
>majority of your population cant even see a doctor without taking a loan out
>kids going to school and people going about their day get gunned down like dogs
>half of your population will probably kill themselves due to white guilt and cutting their dicks off to turn into a woman

the real war is done economically anyway, and the chinks will surpass you soon enough

This is BS. China has been dumping their bags on us everyday for like two weeks. When Americans sell the board is overrun by le 56% meme. Fuck you Yuropoors.

i wouldnt mind sharia law desu
with my crypto gains i can get a nice harem and let them work for me.

When did USA ever win a war for this to be a threat? Hint: wars against yourself don't count.


see you fuck mods - this is exactly why we need flags

OP is fucking shit eating pajeet mad for losing his butcorn due to Europe regulation FUD today

the state of /biz aka the new /pol. thanks for deteriorating the board threatening each other with war and nukes you dumb cucks

and we're going to make India pay for it


Shut the fuck up you dumb nigger. More countries than Pajeet and eurofags think you are trash. I am from the greatest shitposting nation on earth.

>Accuse your enemies of that which you are guilty. - Vladmir Stalin

We're onto your shit, commie Eurofucks.

>states bullshit with no actual backing
>has trucks of peace in his country
>suicide rates in Europe infinitely higher than USA
Dude you’re making europoors look even worse. Stop speaking you retard and let a eurocuck with knowledge speak

>happens every day you europoors come home to skim 3 dollars to feed your family

take your xanax pills and shut the fuck up already you little pussy ass annoying bitch

so you only respond to the meme about white guilt and your faggot tranny population? n1 dude

I stopped listening to your bullshit at that exact line. I actually thought you’re hamster wheel internet shut off due to non payment. You better sell at a loss to keep it running like you eurofaggots do.
>say something French

Oh look it's a Europe vs USA cock measuring contest thread again.

Disagregate the niggers and spics and we are top 5 in the world.

why don't you tell us where you posting from you shit eating turk cocksuking 3rdworlder ?


Our best states (Mass, New Jersey, Connecticut, and California) are about the same size or far greater than those other shitty countries on the list, and they consistently rank top 5 education wise.

Hahaha they never do, not one time has a eurocuck posted their actual country of origin

true dat

they have kangaroos in India?

stopped reading when you couldnt use the correct your, im not even a eurofag anyway idiot lmao

>I’m not from eurocuck but I won’t say where I’m from because it’s a shithole

If USA is enough to cause the price to crash so much, then it's also the reason why the price was that high to begin with.

You already lost when that idiot got voted into office because the Russian pushed for it. You are already ruined.

Whiter than you, muhammed.

im from australia, america is the shithole comparatively

moving the goal posts is the only way you can win
classic burgermind not sullied by intelligent thought

God damn is today a special day or something? Are we being raided? 90% plebbit faggot threads and /pol/esque threads today wtf. Fucking yuropoor faggots either way.


i too can make arbitrary rules to keep the european promissed land ahead

price locking thread is even better

>Americans are so rootless they refer to their race as """""white""""" being formal about it they still wont call themselves european but "caucasian"
lmao how pathetic, even blacks know theyre from africa

Ahahaha ok man when you stop dying from spiders and snakes and get your shitty economy back up you can speak to the rest of the world
>muh kangaroo bucks

it's very hard for OP to be proud of his country when his mother & sister gangbanged and raped by turk/somali kurds next door while he completely disarmed by his goverment shitposts on here while buying and loving all American inventions he's using daily.

>OP is just another acne cursed NEET teen from some random ravaged shithole excuse for islamic immigration invasion who's bullied at school

Fuck off you dumb abo nigger. Go sniff some petrol lololol


>mistaking your life with a movie
Americans are a meme. The real world's degenerate joke no1 for decades: everybody laughs at them, nobody takes them serious, everybody pretends he does until we don't anymore.
The only thing keeping these weaklings from getting annihilated by the next vietnamese rice farmers is tech, air support and their shamelessness.
They own 5 or whatever firearms per head, still the most paranoid nation in existence, that should tell you everything about the american mindset.
These faggots aren't cowboys, but obese mouthbreathing caricatures these days.

1 person has died from a spider bite in the last 40 years, and like 1-2 die a year from snake bites try again

yawn you too fat niga you wouldnt even be alive right now if not for us
>probably be daily raped by commies working in uranium mines with no WWW and microwave stupid little bitch ass fagot lol

hahaha, go home crackhead

Why don’t you come on over to America and spout out some of that shit
>hurrr America is dangerous they have guns and shoot people
>hurrr they are weaklings
Bro, you can’t even stop contradicting your arguments anymore. Quit being a eurocuck beta faggot and stop talking like you’d actually say shit to anyone not behind your keyboard Muhammad.

It's not their fault, they can't hold anything with their fat hands full of ketchup.

australia is a prison it's not a country you dumb fucking uneducated abbo faggot

>when the most dangerous part about your country is arachnids.
Better gather your sneks n roos if you ever go to war kangaroo jack

this must be bait.

Am I on biz or did I accidentally go to pol?

They are basically the same anymore

Haven't laughed this hard in weeks.

And I'm a Burger myself.

lol weak hands you say ?
>get fucked by your local muslim gang next street


Hahaha ya it’s almost like he rewrote what I said just about Americans. Sneaky eurocucks

>muh commies
You are stuck in the past user, there are no commies no more.
tbqh you basically are a nation of braindead peasants getting milked by another swamp each decade.
I come from the stock market, why do you think the FED needed basically years to train you chimps to not crash the market for a MUH 0.25% RATE HIKE while the dollar appreciated like 30% in the time you were getting used to the idea of the dollar being 0.25% stronger?
American mr market clearly is a thicc mongoloid.

harems are highly impractical

>guns = toughness
That's exactly my point.
You know what they say about the loudest of the bunch right?

why do burgers love cuck porn so much?


Fists are fine too, it’s just ironic how you all in one breath scammer thinking it’s so scary in USA then call burgers weaklings lol. Best part is I’m a Canada leaf, been to USA literally 20 times and not one issue

Actually, it is you that is already ruined. KEK

lmfao are there really people this retarded walking around every day?

feels good to be a sudamerican
>economy so shit you NEED crypto
>government so retarded they don't even know about it
>you have nothing lo lose. Adamantium hands.

Then why send your children here for college? I'll wait.

Nope, not really a fair comparison to compare the US to European states and asian ones since the US is far larger in land and population, democratic, and has a diverse population in all aspects.

Additionally, the economies of these states (New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California) and their demographics are much more similar to those in Europe/Asia.