>calling monero a meme

it's maybe the most useful and used coin of every single one on that list faggot. every DNM from now on will use it

Lol yeah op let me just tell you the three coins you picked were the best choice


>no LINK



>tier 3


Where is Tron?

>nice bait

>tier 3

I'm so sorry user, here I fixed it

> Being this retarded

> Tier I: Will exist
ETH, NEO, ICX, BTC, XLM, MOD, WTC, AION, KNC, ENG, ADA (if it ever comes to fruition), OMG, XMR, FCT, ARK

> Tier II: Promising

> Tier III: Memes

>No Ven

Tier 0

>most useful
>most used

Cardano LUL


y-you.. you.. you m-motherf...


Tier 0 The Cringe


>god tier
Btc, Xmr, Eth
>top tier
Xlm, Ltc, Bch
>promising tier
Neo, lsk, bat, ven, wabi, drgn, omg, req, rdn, zrx, kmd
>hidden gem tier
sky, link

>not on a list=shitcoin


>Ripple Tier 1
>Monero Tier 3

Go back to fagbook

not btc = shitcoin


Every other coin

bet 75percent of your memefolio is ada or tron

>unironically liking Ripple

XMR is not a meme

By your own logic and caveat, wouldn't ADA be tier 2? Are you just a fan?

>bitcoin tier 3
Yet the whole market depends on it thriving. Explain this

Anyone who is seriously holding Verge should get the fuck away from this board because I dont wanna do anything with retards.

>coming to Veeky Forums to avoid retards

Fixed it for you.
Your welcome!

OP was waiting for LINK to get an actual vector logo and not some PNG fag shit

Checked. Delicious

>digits of despair

>calls LINK hidden gem
>LINK is probably the most shilled shitcoin on Veeky Forums ever



itt: the latest of late adopters


>LINK is probably the most shilled shitcoin on Veeky Forums ever

>market research thread
Abandon board

god damn youre a fucking retard

How did you know my portafolio?

Anyone got the webm with the american psycho "new card" scene with chainlink?

>not a scam

>a meme

got your back bud

Holy crap that was a fast delivery, thanks man, couldn't find it on google. Been searching for half an hour.

U missed one

this is great

I am:
40% XLM
30% BAT
15% XMR
15% FUN

rate me

>Being anywhere above tier negative 1 trillion

>EOS not a pillar


100% NEO



just because you joined 1 month ago doesn't make you crypto expert nor you can state which coin isn't the most shilled AS IN FACT LINK is the most shilled coin on here of all times.

I have no problems with newfags, everyone starts somewhere but vocal cuckolds like you should keep their little fucking $4000 MAX portfolio closed.

>Tier 1:


>Tier 2:

everything else

You are literally retarded OP, pic related it’s you

whats so bad about XVG? i dont hold any but i must of missed whatever they did wrong. fill me in


People who shill REQ, but think LINK is a just a meme, are the most retarded people on Veeky Forums

If ETH will exist ZRX will exist.

The whole point of this thread was to troll people in calling Monero and others (including bitcoin itself) a meme. Good job 10/10 bait

Not XMR = shitcoin

Dogecoin is the real deal.

RLC should be tier 2, if not tier 1. Exodus wallet co. said today that RLC will be top 50 in their RLC announcement

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>people now believe LINK is just a shitty meme

good work boys

>XMR upgrades protocol, transactions cheapear than BTC
>XMR reaches 1st in marketcap

XMR is easily the most patrician of the coins.

Completely wrong.
It should be:

Top tier:
Mid tier:
Shit tier:
everything else in that image

That's the pre mined coin, right?

unironically the best ranking int he thread
this is good as well but needs DRGN

move ripple and xlm down to the tier below 4

neo up to 1

>XLM down to the tier below 4
wew you must not like money

Honestly what’s the deal with XLM?

I bought it on like 1/1 then it rocketed and I sold right around ath then I’ve just watched it bleed.

What’s 2018 and beyond look like for the coin and more importantly Stellar as a whole company


Threads like this make me hopeful. I'm 40% ven, 20% eth and 40% neo. Keep doubting myself but fortunately holding is not a problem.

its the Ripple version 'good guys'

wheres link?

>no ZRX
>no ENG

This is trash, you're trash, begone normie

I’m almost the same my dude. Nice

IBM is pushing this shit hard to all its consulting clients, pretty much attempting them to move everything into the cloud and the blockchain as a way to make the claim that they've "revolutionized" the way we do modern business. I can't say much, mostly because it's not in my realm of application, but I do know that they're not going to give up on this coin until it accomplishes what they want to accomplish. They're digging themselves out of the dirt using this coin, so frankly, it's do-or-die for them on Stellar being successful.

Plus, the FairX exchange has the possibility of completely dismantling all exchanges by offering the potential to buy into alts with straight fiat, as well as many other pairs that would be absurd to see anywhere else. This platform will be running on Stellar, so it's a safe bet to HODL until then at the least to ride it out. Veeky Forums thinks normie money is here now, they haven't seen anything yet. FairX could potentially send this shit to the next galaxy. Regardless, that's going to be news worth selling, and, for what it's worth, Teeka called buys up to $1.50 so that might be a sign now that the initial pump and dump from that call is over, coupled with the crash sale earlier this week.

> other imbeciles liking the same trash I like encourages me to buy more trash

Ripple is worse that bitconnect

Ok with this in mind - what kind of growth are we looking at for 2018 and beyond?

I know your super secret coin only you own makes you feel important, but if others have faith in the same products as I do, it bolster the faith in my research. I'm not an autist who thinks he's smarter than everyone so confirmation is nice.

no CRED or INS?

>tier 3
>tier 1

This is the most autistic thing I've seen from this board in a long time.

>no INT
>no UFR

why would ripple amount to anything when everyone using it's network isn't using it's coin except for shitty poc's they needed to enter? It's a great meme coin because it'll go from 0.8 to 1.6 in 8 hours over fud and fomo, but seriously, it has no value.

Stellar is great, but you missed out on the 10000% and it's now sitting at a top market cap where it'll at most make you 10x, but that's 10x at a major risk.


Take this with a grain of salt, which should be obvious considering crypto is all about speculation and good timing:
>Teeka says to buy up to $1.50 pre-crash, assuming he believed this was capable of a bullrun in the future (not sure what his hold call was)
>IBM pushing this shit out of their asses like a motherfucker but nonchalantly not mentioning that it's XLM that they're backing (they'll use the buzzwords "blockchain" and "decentralized," but they don't have any tricks up their sleeves themselves or support other crypto, they're just shilling the capabilities of XLM without outright mentioning it)
>Large supply compared to marketcap, but we also don't know how far the threshold can be pushed, especially now with BTC losing dominance and taking everything down with it

XLM has half the supply as XRP and about 1/6th the marketcap, so hypothetically, XLM could even out with XRP at around $4 (using XRP's current market cap, if we used it's ATH market cap, XLM could be on par at around $5). Those are relatively generous, but with FairX dropping, and if that actually does well and takes off with IBM behind the scenes, those would not be unreasonable EOY estimates provided the market as a whole doesn't get BTFO. We need a great shitcoin purge to rid ourselves of all these garbage ass coins that are raising the market value for absolutely no reason.


My holdings XRP, NEO, VEN and ADA. I regret buying the XRP so yeah I agree with your hopefuls.


>ripple and xlm tier 1
go away schlomo, no ones falling for your scams here.

>I regret buying the XRP
this is where you learn what we call "the patrician's hold"
I pawned off 90% of my bags when it normie-peaked but I'm definitely holding on to this for a while (inb4 muh jewcoin). This went from 0.006 to 3.65 at its highest in a year, don't underestimate its power to stay in the game in the long run, it's not a shitcoin that's going to disappear.

ADA will be tier 1
XMR/OMG tier 2
XRP tier 3

where is TRX?