Please Wake Up!!!

I'm tired of you sleeping bud.

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Can't wake up

>This happens every January
Right user?



Hey WhaleBro, are you still hodling strong?









Should we meme each other until this shit moons?


i had sex with charlie

huge dick guys

buy buy buy

Please wake up please please wake up please



It's honestly incredible people still hold Litecoin. Lol one guy told me that the way the price will increase is to spend their Litecoin. He told me this is "supporting the network" idk which meme he was sold but he got fucked up in some type of echo chamber. He is a prime example of what the Litecoin community is like. Fucking deluded. Their king Charlie sold the TOP literally called TOP look at price now? If you would stop with the HODL meme for one second and use your fucking brain you could have 2x or 5x'd your little Ltc stack. But no. Litecoin + Facebook r-right? Fucking deluded.

If only green wojak is the one who is holding pepe...


>mfw Charlie is crypto OG and knows more about the game than anyone not named satoshi
>mfw he's working to develop the coin and tech for implementation into actual commerce
>mfw he talks shit on other coins because he can
>mfw when people say btc's lightning network update will make ltc irrelevant but in all reality ltc will retain the advantage ratio
>mfw ltc is shilled on biz but it only gives the coin more notoriety
>mfw when i'm typing this out but it will only be read by basement dwellers and 13 year olds

Doesn't he always smile?

thx just bought 100k

>ltc will retain the advantage ratio
Please explain this user

i'm not your roseanne go do your own homework

i'll be your dan connor though

This is too much for Tyrone


Tyrone will be all over this

LTC is doomed

Bad news, Tyrone is an American

if the line is green but still has a downward trajectory, do we still fuck your mother?

Tyrone's mother is in jail user

>the absolute state of LTC bagholders

do the right thing anons

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i got people on the inside

Make sure to slip a ledger nano in your inside man's anus.

easy pajeet.